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Feds Investigating Docs Who Prescribed to Heath

2/28/2008 12:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that federal drug enforcement agents are investigating at least two MDs who prescribed drugs to Heath Ledger.

Immediately following the actor's death, DEA reportedly subpoenaed several documents from the NYPD and the Medical Examiner to try to determine exactly where Ledger got his cocktail of prescriptions that eventually caused his death. The agents are looking into whether these drugs were properly prescribed by physicians.

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Don't be a fool, nealy everyone as experimented with drugs sometime before, that does not mean he was a drug abuser. And the video I heard about was fraudulent, he wasn't abusing drugs in it. Maybe you are talking about some other video, but you hardly have proof of him abusing drugs regularly, or even what kind of drugs. Slandering someone who's dead without any hard evidence to support your claim is evil. You suck.

2432 days ago

Felonious Monk    

it is so obvious that he was a "Doctor Shopper." Going to multiple Doctors, not telling each Doctor what the others were prescribing, etc.

All these people do is make it harder and harder to get Doctors to properly prescribe medications to people suffering from real chronic pain.

everybody here seems to think they know this guy because they saw a movie he was in, which is pretty laughable. he was just a drug addict who messed up and took to many pills, end of story.

2432 days ago


Sure blame the Dr.'s not the drug addicted screw up!

2432 days ago


TRAGIC.....YOU ARE A MORON! He was not a junkie, he could not sleep! Get a clue! If you dont know what you are talking about, then dont post. Thats why the "drug video" was never shown. He wasnt doing any drugs, so why incriminate him? Thats why entertainment tonight didnt play the video, cuz there is NOT ONE piece of video that exists which actually shows him doing ANY KIND of drugs whatsoever!!! Just cuz he was at a party where drugs were there? You need to get a life! Leave him alone. Why you trying to make him look bad?? IT AINT GONNA WORK!!!!!!! MORON! He was taking the pills he was taking in order to get REST!!!!!!!!

2432 days ago


TRAGIC.....YOU ARE AN UNINFORMED MORON!!!! Get your facts straight. He was not a junkie, he was taking sleeping pills for that EXACT reason........TO GET SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats why ET did not play the "drug video", because there is not a single video that exists where he is actually doing any type of drugs! Just cuz he was at a party where there were drugs? Come ON!!!!! He was not like that. Any there was NOT ONE DROP OF ILLEGAL DRUGS IN HIS SYSTEM AT TIME OF AUTOPSY! Stop trying to smear his name and reputation! LOSER!

2432 days ago


At least he didn't have his attorney getting drugs prescribed in his name and administering them to him.

It's too bad. He was so young and full of promise.

2432 days ago


this is the billionth time i am going to try and post this because tmz keeps denying it:

you can make a coctail of drugs that is lethal. aka 2 pills you take can react negatively to each other and kill you. not because you took to many of them. then again, i didn't take on his toxicology report so i could never know. none of us could know.

if he did overdose and was obtaining the drugs by skipping to different countries overseas and utilizing multiple doctor's (who don't have access to his medical records in other countries possibly) then it is not the doctor's fault and they had no knowledge of his prescription use. also, is the US having to investigate this because he died in NY and therefore the evidence resides with us? i agree with 17 and also whoever brought up that he was hopping around the globe to fill his medicine cabinet.

no one knows for sure what REALLY happened. i can tell you that if he was on downers ALL THE TIME and to the extent everyone is insinuating, there is NO WAY he could have tried to act or be mentally organized enough on set.

2432 days ago

mikki in MI    

I'm so sick of hearing about this guy. People overdose everyday, he had it all, what a dumbas.R.I.P

2432 days ago

bored as hell at work    

#9 Thank you. I couldn't agree more. I was once given 240 80mg oxycontin per month BY A DOCTOR. WHO THE HELL NEEDS THAT MUCH?? yes, i was a drug addict and seeker. Luckily I got the help I needed- the doctor made the problem worse-- and there are a lot of them that will

2432 days ago


This is good news and, hopefully, California continues their investigation into the death of ANS. It's time to end the abuse of psychiatric and other pharmaceutical drugs in our American society!

2432 days ago

He's Boring now    

The poor dreadful souls on here calling others Morons and names here---leads me to believe they are in such denial and over engrossed in emotional loss of a Movie Star that it blinds them to what drugs really do to people. Taking them for sleeping, taking them for pleasure, taking them out of spite, whats the difference if he wasnt taking them nor getting them prescribed legally? There is no difference, drug abuse is more rampant than you are allowing yourselves to see. Now go F yoursleves since you are so pig headed and will stand idle and all ACLU like when a good friend is in need of your help but you refuse to believe it because you havent actually seen something. Jerks like you are why people get found dead in bed alone, they cant turn to friends who are judgemental like you are.

dont bother replying, I have moved on to another site where more open mindedness might help save someones life. Liberal types are the most dangerous in the world---they preach openness but practice something else when it directly effects them.

2432 days ago

Sue Wong    

The Dr's and prescription companies have to take some of the blame. I for one don't even like to take an aspirin but recently my dr prescribed pills because I had too much stomach acid. I call them happy little pills because they made me feel great, like nothing mattered. The dr kept prescribing and I stopped taking them. It makes you wonder if some of these pills aren't doctored to be habit forming. There's just too much money in pharmacuticals. There're people lined up with 1-4 bottles waiting to be refilled at my dr's office whenever I'm there.
Too bad for young.

2432 days ago


YES....what a great idea. Let's blame the doctor's who have given up basically their entire youth (needed to study hard in high school, then actually PAY money to go to college and study even harder, then PAY even more MONEY to go to medical school - not being able to indulge in their own partying due to the high academic standards they much sustain). Then when they actually start out as a doctor, they need to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars in school loans, while paying HUGE malpractice insurance policies. Ya see......they give up so much of their lives to benefit mankind. Then it takes idiots like this to abuse what the doctor has given him. So thank goodness for those high malpractice policies they carry so that when they get sued for doing thier job (helping someone sleep or taking away pain), their own families don't suffer at the hands of idiots like this who try to blame the doctor. And you all wonder why doctor's need to charge so much money. Thank you HL and all the other idiots of the world. It really makes me want to send my kids to medical school.

2432 days ago


You can see Heath's decline in health when you look at pictures of him in the past year. I realized that a while ago---He looked like the classic drug abuser. There is a reason why Michelle Williams left him---I wish she would come out publicly with why she did. Also interview his other loves---The Olsen sister, Naomi Watts, Lindsay Lohan, Gemma Ward... It would do a lot toward the investigation.
I can't imagine that his doctors were giving him pills and he didn't realize it wasn't affecting his health. I believe he got multiple prescriptions from various doctors for various symptoms and self medicated himself to death. I think most intelligent people know you don't mix all those drugs, even if a doctor tells you to.

2432 days ago


yeah btw... CHECK FORBES TOP 500 COMPANIES. THE COMPANIES THAT APPEAR THE MOST TIMES ON THE LIST ARE ALL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES. well, at least that was how it was a year or two ago. maybe there have been improvements made. hmmmm... (goes to the forbes website)...

2432 days ago
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