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Food Network

Cans 'Impossible' Chef

2/29/2008 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Irvine"Dinner: Impossible" chef Robert Irvine has been fired from the Food Network's kitchen!

After it was discovered that Robert lied about his credentials -- including having designed Princess Diana's wedding cake -- Food Network honchos investigated the situation and today released a statement saying they "have not renewed Robert's contract for future seasons" and "will be looking for a replacement host."

Robert apologized for his actions adding, "I was wrong to exaggerate in statements related to my experiences regarding the Royal Family."


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Lady J    

Whether he lied or not....Dinner Impossible was the best thing that happened on Food Network channel. . No,, I mean no one can take the place of Robert who was the star of the show. Since the Food Network channel has fire him, I find the other line up boring. I am disappointed. I hope you are deluged with fan mail wanting him back on. Lady J

2414 days ago


It is a real shame that "Dinner: Impossible" will no longer be on the Food Network; I personally enjoyed the show, and watched faithfully for a long while. On the flip-side, why Robert Irvine felt the need to lie about his credentials baffles me. He is an excellent chef with or without the embellishment of The Royal Family, and Princess Diana's (RIP) wedding cake.

I'm not a therapist, however . . . . everyone, at one point or another, has embellished/lied about their "status" and/or "achievements." The real question here is, why did Robert Irvine feel the need to lie? The Food Network has a bit of culpability here too; Robert Irvine is NOT the first "star" on their network to have been "let-go" for reasons other than poor camera presence. One would think that The Food Network should do a thorough background investigation/resume verification BEFORE hiring a contractual employee! Right? Right.

Too bad, I truly did enjoy the show.

2353 days ago


I don't care if he lied-I liked the show alot with Robert. I will watch the new one but if it's not to my liking I won't watch it.

2352 days ago


OK, I HOPE THIS POST GOES THRU.Iv been working to help clear Robert and get His good name back, since I hed this happened.Iv tryed damage control, and Iv been up blogging, and trying to help HIM.WE NEED to PRAY FOR HIM AND SUPPORT HIM, HE NEEDS US.HE HAS SAID HE WAS SORRY, AND IM SHURE HE REPENTED FOR ALL OF THIS, THIS IS BETWEEN HIM AND THE GOD OF US ALL.My husband is a chef too.I LOVE THEM BOTH.I havent seen anyone THIS TALENTED in a long long time.He Has helped out people a lot, giving of HIS TIME, and TALENTS, in service to other people, this counts for A LOT.LISTEN< ok, FORGIVE AND FORGET WHAT HE DID. Lets help him.Never EVER KICK A MAN WHEN HES DOWN.We need good men in this life.We need forgiveness.PEACE to you all.I LOVE HIM.HE NEEDS US.lets help him ok??

2406 days ago

adam horn    

I am a chef and i try to never lie in the kitchen. I would rather be thought just a idiot then be thought a idiot and a liar. That being said it is a shame what has happened. His show is one of the few shows iI still watch on food network. I think that America can forgive a little bit of resume embelishing. I also agree with everyone else no more Rachel Ray.

2404 days ago


Big deal
we do not watch him for what he has done but for what he is doing at the time of filming that is just plain stupid to cancel him for embellishing his past we are not looking at flash backs when we watch dinner impossible are we???? get real people and use your brains

2382 days ago


While I agree he should not have lied on his resume, I think it was just plain stupid for Food Network to fire him. It was a popular show and he is still a talented and interesting guy regardless of his past. Can the Food Network administration put on a dinner for that many people in that length of time given tools he had to work with? I very much doubt it. This was one my mom's and my favorite shows on FN and we never missed taping it. I for one don't think it would be the same with some other chef. I think they just need to can the show all together. I'll sure miss it and Robert.

2377 days ago


I like Food Network but they need to learn how to check these things out before they give someone a million dollar show, shame on them. What's next, Rachel Ray is really a chief pretending to be incompetent?

2377 days ago


HA. 146th

2430 days ago


that's a shame...even though he should not have "exaggerated" I thought he was pretty cool....

2430 days ago

Amy Sarantou    

My husband who is a Chef would love to have this job....if anyone out there has any scoop let me know please!!!!!

2430 days ago


I like that show to bad.

2430 days ago


Bummer. I enjoyed him but I think there's something bigger behind it. A small exaggeration is no cause for firing someone. It's not like he lied to Congress or something. Sheesh, political correctness goes ape poop again.

2430 days ago


That's too bad. We all have "embellished" a little on a resume. I enjoyed this show. I'm sure he will find something soon.

2430 days ago


I was just watching his show the other day it was good but he didn't seem to know too much. Anyway that sucks for him never lie!!

2430 days ago
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