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'Millionaire Matchmaker'

is the New Heidi Fleiss

3/5/2008 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bravo may want to check out muppet-faced yenta Patti Stanger's credentials, because last night's finale of "Millionaire Matchmaker" featured two successful men on dates with educated women of high pedigree and social standing -- like Playboy cybergirls and escorts!

Cidney (left) was made out to be a wholesome Jewish girl with a Masters in Journalism -- but they forgot to mention she models for Playboy and was something called Cybergirl of the Month. While Cidney accepted a marriage proposal from Vegas real estate mogul Paul Murad after just one date, turns out the couple have already split. Shocker!

On the show "Marcela" was said to be a travel agent, in actuality she looks a lot like "Victoria" (right) from the escort website But you don't have to be a millionaire to date Victoria -- she can be all yours for $300/hour!

TMZ contacted Bravo for comment, but have not heard back.


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51. The one with "Patrick" the guy who wants to be like george clooney. He hooks up with that bleached BLEACHED blond woman with the big boobs and lips. She says he is a model but I swear she is the same lady who was a porn star that took some kid to the prom on HOWARD STERN. Does anyone remember that and can confirm???

You are thinking of the pornstar HOUSTON and while they look alike, it is not her.

Now on the other hand that guy Paul Murad definitely was a cast member of the movie TEAM AMERICA...Dude, who did you eyebrows? MAACO or Earl Scheib?

2430 days ago



Thanks that one has been bugging for awhile, though I still believe that woman is more than a "model"

2430 days ago


I went to High School with Cidney. She was completely nuts and a major whore!!!

Sorry to say that things haven't changed...except the fact that she looks like a Tranny now.

2430 days ago


Patti most likely did NOT do background checks on these girls. I know, because she didnt do one on me and I was one of the girls she fixed up. No, I am not an escort or playmate. I'm a regular girl who was invited by one of my gfs to attend a brunch with the Millionaire's Club hosted by Patti about 7 years ago. My friend was a member and wanted me to come along. I had to send Patti a picture of myself to be invited, and was told it was a speed dating/matchmaking brunch and was free. It was a weekend day and I didn't have anything to do, so I went. It was ok. It was legitimate and over the next few years I was fixed up by Patti on blind dates with her members. They had seen a picture of me from her online dating website, or from a book of female members, and received a verbal description about me, my career, age, if I wanted kids, etc. I probably went out on dates anywhere from one member per year to five, depending upon Patti making the suggestion to her members. I never slept with ANY of them and they were ALL gentlemen. What I did not like, however, was the fact that the women were treated like sex objects by Patti, and we were not allowed to see photos of any of the male members who were interested in going out on first dates with us. They could see us because they were paying Patti, but we could not see the guys. That way the guy would almost always get a "yes" from a female member for a first date..because she had no idea what he looked like in case he was in poor shape, overweight, or very unappealing to most people physically.
They all seemed wealthy but at the end of the day, if I thought they were only interested in me for sex, I would never agree to see them again. When I realized that the reason the women dont have to pay but the men do was because the women dont get to choose who to go out with (they can only say no to a date), and the women dont get to see photos of the men who are asking for a date, I decided it wasn't for me. I kept my photo in her book for a few years and met some nice, interesting guys (such as teh CEO/heir of Nascar, and a few famous movie producers who wanted a "regular" girl with a fulltime job (I earn 6 figures and am college educated), but I dont think I ever went out on more than 3 dates with anyone.

Oh, and the guys on the TV show are alot better looking than most of her male members in general who are really very physically unattractive.

2430 days ago



2430 days ago


come on tmz you're losing your investigative skills. How about Sabrina. She is doing a little more than playboy type videos.

2430 days ago


What so funny is patty talks about perfection in her girls and she is fat pig with hair that looks greasy. She doesn't date
a millionaire... I feel she is to judgemental towards the men and the women. I don't think she has any college degree,
Judge Not Fatty oh I mean Patty..

2430 days ago


She's a whore and so are her girls aren't we all surprised?????????

2430 days ago



No wonder they split!

2430 days ago


A few things:

1 - Is being a "millionaire" still considered a big deal nowadays? I'm an SVP at a media company in LA, late 30s, and I passed that milestone a few months ago just by investing the right way since graduating from college with my first job 17 years ago. Am I special? Pretty much all of my peers and friends in my personal life are in the same place financially. Are we all "rich"?

2 - I doubt any of those women pulls $300 per hour for hooking. A peer of mine was forced to get rid of his Executive Assistant a few months ago because it was uncovered that she was a call girl (escort, hooker, whatever), her "site" was being forwarded around the office and it was becoming a distraction. According to her site (yes, I looked outside of work) she charged $700 AN HOUR. At a happy hour a few weeks after she left, one of the Finance guys was overheard saying he had bargained her down to $200. Ok, so perhaps LA is weird (and Hollyweird is even moreso), but it seems as if that entire lifestyle/career-path ("hooking") is based more upon the "take what you can get" premise.

3 - Blecch, hookers? :-( Isn't anyone scared of diseases anymore? :-(

2430 days ago


Shouldn't they change the name of the shoe to 'Millionaires and their Hookers?"
Go to Amsterdam, the working girls there are better looking, cleaner and safer.

2430 days ago

Republican for Obama    

Sabrina loves girls inbetweena

2430 days ago


So a reality show isn't really "real?" YAAAWWWNNN.... ;-)

2430 days ago


67. I know Cidney, and she IS a wholesome Jewish girl with a Masters in journalism. AND she has posed for Playboy. Big deal. She is hot and smart.

Posted at 11:22PM on Mar 5th 2008 by april
Umm...I think that once you've shown the free world your naked, shaved crotch you've forfeited your right to be called "wholesome." Hey, I have nothing against this chick and I'm not personally offended by what she's done or by porn in general. But I do think that if you do what she did you should at least be realistic and practical about it. I'm not saying Cidney isn't smart (though I guess one could argue that posing for internet porn and then expecting people to take you seriously or value you for your brain and morals isn't exactly a smart move) I'm just saying SHE AINT EXACTLY WHOLESOME!

2430 days ago


That whole show is nasty, sexist, and absurd. Most of the men are pigs - ordering up a custom stepford wife (or booty call) from a menu courtesy of Patti - who have no class or courtesy. I can't decide who is more disgusting - the gold digger women who obviously don't posess an ounce of self-respect or the smarmy, sleazy men who think they can order up a woman the way they do new cars - with all the features they crave. Ick! One thing's for sure - Patti is disgusting. She acts like she cares about love and companionship, like she's providing this great humanitarian service. Please! She treats these arrogant, revolting men like they're gods and treats women like cattle going to market. She's perpetuating the worst qualities in people, be they male or female. Trashy!

2430 days ago
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