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Kristy Lee Cook: Too Hot to Send Home?!

3/13/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristy Lee CookSurprisingly, "Idol" wannabe Kristy Lee Cook didn't get axed after massacring the Beatles' "Eight Days a Week" -- and her good looks may have a lot to do with it!

Sources tell TMZ most of the contestants (and the world) were convinced Kristy was getting the boot last night. After strip daddy David Hernandez was eliminated, we're told several of the contestants were overheard discussing Kristy's survival and the prevailing theory was that she was saved -- not by her vocal talent -- but because "it's too early to send home the hot chick." Can you say Kellie Pickler and Haley Scarnato?!

Another thing working in Kristy's favor is the loyal country music crowd. In the end, her twang may take her farther than her t**s!


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If it was about t*ts..... then I guess they should've kept Kady Malloy!!!

2423 days ago


I hate it when these spammers keep posting links to some blog or website. Can we just get rid of the spammers, TMZ?

2423 days ago

All American Girl    

She sucks! She is very forgettable as Simon would say.

2423 days ago


wtf happened???! People must be tone deaf!

2423 days ago

bsb fan    

Yeah, she ruined "8 Days A Week"

how did people keep her in?

2423 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

I would SO let her do me. Twice.

If she gets caught lip synching, I'd still vote for her, if I voted.

Smokin' hott!

Oh' and Kanyne West is a whiney little b!tch!

2423 days ago


She is cute but not talented at all. I guess that's why she is still on the show. I thought that she should have been voted off 3 weeks ago.

2423 days ago


She stayed because of I'm convinced that's how Sanjaya lasted so long!

2423 days ago


Well, Kristy seems like a nice girl but she's not THAT pretty. I was hoping she would go home because David H. is really a good singer. He knocked it out of the park last week with the song that he sang (Celine Dion) and I hoped he would have another chance to shine. I did, however, get distracted during his performance this week because I kept thinking that since he got his haircut, he looks a little like Ray Romano up there. Weird.

Kristy's performance style is annoying to me. All the crouching, weird posture, flipping the mic from hand to hand...I keep thinking she's channeling Kenny Chesney, which isn't a good thing if you're a girl. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that she looks feminine until she starts posturing around the stage and then she just looks strange, like she needs to take a trip to the restroom.

David A. is very sweet and charming and a wonderful singer, but it just doesn't seem in his best interest for him to win. I've heard disturbing things about his dad and I think David is being pushed like a show dog and is the gravy train of the family. Daddy's just thinking about raking in the big bucks. I feel sorry for little David. He probably had tears in his eyes as he was finishing the song the other night because he knew his dad would be lighting in to him ASAP. Poor kid.

2423 days ago

Brian Evans    

What likely happened here is that a bunch of Christian coalition groups sent a mass email to each other advising them that they should vote against David because he worked at a gay nightclub as a stripper.

That's the kind of mindset certain people have. This guy has a great voice, and it's a true shame. However it gave him some good exposure and hopefully he's got people around him smart enough to help him springboard from his American Idol appearances into something more meaningful.

We unfortunately live in a country that pretends it's tolerant, and although that is a facade, it helps us sleep better.


2423 days ago


I am about finished with this site, it's so disparaging to women it's not even funny - between the "Who would you do?" "Tits" stuff and terms like MILF it's a shame Harvey has gone so downhill. I like tabloid gossip just as much as the next person but TMZ has gone the way of Maxim and all those other magazines. Do any of your writers have teenage girls? No, I thought not, they are all 20 something guys.

2423 days ago

Never Watching the View Again    

Carly, Ramiele, and Syesa are all hotter, imo...So I doubt it's that.

David shouldn't have been sent home, he had an amazing voice - but this girl's out of her league. His past two weeks were completely amazing.

2423 days ago


They should have eliminated the entire bottom 3 plus David Archuleta.

BTW.."t**s", "girls", "twins" it legal to hire 12 yr old boys as writers in California?? Can you at least increase your credibility by calling them "boobies". Good lord.

2423 days ago


DAVID H! I can't believe they sent you home I was so pissed! I just cried. My heart is so broken for you and I've been praying for you to cope with this. Everyone knows Idol is rigged and all these no talent losers they keep putting through is just a ploy to let their selective choice win in the end. I can't believe it this chick hasn't sang one good song all along and that dark haired tattooed mess of a singer needs to GO HOME!

What a bunch of crap man this makes no sense. I bet if our so called 29 million votes were really counted they would show David Hernandez was VOTED THROUGH.

There must be something he can do to get back on. Wasn't there a season when they brought someone back? Isn't there a way to prove our votes really got him through? Come on TMZ FIND OUT FOR US PLEASE. Do it for David H.

I love you David H. I think you ROCK and are so HOT. So what if you strpped look at sicko Madonna screams homosexuality and nobody cares made her more of a star than she was before. Chants BRING DAVID H. BACK! BRING DAVID H. BACK! BRINK DAVID HERNANDEZ BACK! Losers Simon, Paula and Randy, what the crap man. Randy can't sing for crap and Paula what comeback? No. 1 ringtone not album or single. what a loser! Simon, well, need I say more, losers!

2423 days ago

jim goosh    

David Hernandez' girly eyebrow-arching, and femmy faces and expressions finally caught up with him. Sleezy old men may think that faux cheesy "International Male" catalog model pose of his is sexy, but no one else does. I was so happy to see him go cause he didn't think it was gonna be him. And Hernandez, if you're listening, you're over-tweezing your eyebrow BTW and you look ridiculous.

2423 days ago
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