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Record Execs Think Hernandez Still Muy Caliente!

3/13/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David HernandezDon't let his early exit from "Idol" fool you -- David Hernandez is still hot ... and we don't mean those stripper pics!

TMZ spoke to several H-Wood record execs who are still dying to work with David. We're told the thinking is.... strike while the iron is hot and release a quick single rather than wait and release a full album. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

As TMZ first reported, the biggie publishing companies singled out David Hernandez and David Archuleta early on and told songwriters to create tunes tailored for them.


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2381 days ago


Show me his stripper pictures & I will believe you. As of now, it's just heresay...

2381 days ago

SD Guy    

To number 28 made the comparison to Frenchie. The difference is photographs. Frenchie and the other girl who was tossed off the show had pictures that went public. Other than the few pics of him shirtless at a bar there have been no nude photos of him to surface that I have seen and quite frankly don't you think they would have surfaced by now if there had been nude pics or lap dances photos? As to your inane comments about him being effeminate, they do not even rate response. Back to your doublewide where you belong.

2381 days ago


We all now it wasn't the lack of talent that got him booted off - It's sad we're still judging people - like we have the right. It's sad - just sad.

2381 days ago


I agreed with Simon and thought his performance was corny. He seems like a cruise ship performer.

In fairness this week is the first week I watched the show so I haven't seen him do anything else but he didn't exactly motivate me to be interested whereas I have checked out some of the other contestants.

2381 days ago


I don't care if he can sing. I wanns see him strip. I'm the first in line. Go David!

2381 days ago

jim goosh    

Oh and # 36. Do you really know of any strip clubs, fully nude or otherwise, that allow cameras to be used. Give me a break. Stop trying to push your own agenda into the mainstream. He should have been dropped for that like Frenchie was, and not supposedly voted off. You'e not in the music biz and have no idea whar your talkin about

2381 days ago

Carman B    

I WAS SO MAD David got the boot last night!!! Kristy Lee Cook needed to be voted off... I would buy an album or definately a single tomorrow if it were available! DAVID YOU RULE, don't let the haters get you down! Lots of love from Illinois!

2381 days ago

SD Guy    

To 41.....The hypocrisy of your argument is staggering.....So you are saying that the mainstream viewpoint is that people should vote against him based upon past activity that has yet to be proven??? My friend, that is the ignorant mentality that is truly at the heart of everything that is wrong with this country. No dear Pecklesnooch, the true mainstream let's facts not hearsay dictate what happens. Even the Idol producers would appear to have applied that standard. Whilst in my humble opinion he was not nearly as good as the remaining contestants, he was certainly better than the girl.

2381 days ago


I'm in Europe, and if he would release here "Papa is a rolling stone" Me and many others would buy it in a sec. Who cares what the man does with his own a... or what he does for a living? He's REALLY talented. Grow up people, americans can be so narrow-minded sometimes! Relax, if you don't like the guy, just don't buy his music, as simple as that.

2380 days ago

Claire Voyant    

I feel bad about this...the guy had a sleek sound and was gung ho...(no ho jokes)...the light went out in him week by week...he was distracted, disheartened and defensive...I hope he turns it around and finds the right niche for his work...finds some deeper meaning in this whole thing and let's it show in his craft.

2380 days ago


David Hernandez is amazing. Fabulous voice and stage presence. Loved him!! Couldn't care less about his past or if he is gay....Yes, get him a record deal..........Don't listen to the small minds and the biggots.........Record him NOW!!!!!!!!

2380 days ago


David was by far the contestant with one of the best voices and certainly the most charismatic. Hope this is all true because I cant' wait for a single or CD to come out !!

2380 days ago


If AI audience choose the worst singer of the night, it has got to be David A since he forgot his lyrics 4 times!!! The judges were lying through their teeth when they said these are the correct bottom three! I like David A a lot but if we were solely judging these contestants on singing (as the judges keep on repeating this is a singing competition not a popularity contest), then I say David A should have gotten kicked off. David H got kicked off is a reflection of this show is a popularity NOT a singing contest. He definitely was not the worst of the bunch. It was not his best night but definitely not bad enough to be kicked off if we use the worst singer of the night barometer. Best of luck David H and be proud of who you are. Be true to yourself.

2380 days ago


David Cook should win idol and will get a record oontract. They had to have gotten the David's mixed up. David Cook has the BEST recordiing voice, and I can hear him on radio. He is a perfect fit....and cute.

2379 days ago
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