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How Low Can

LiLo's Ex Go?

3/20/2008 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So there's a couple o' still pics zooming around the Internet today....purportedly from a sex tape featuring Lindsay Lohan and ex-ex-ex-ex-boyfriend Calum Best. ...aka scumbag.

But no one would be surprised if Best, renowned on more than one continent for douchebaggery, was responsible for hawking a tape. What do you think?

BTW, It's a felony in California to surreptitiously record someone where there's a reasonable expectation of privacy.

UPDATE: A rep for Best tells Us it's not him,

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One douchebag deserves another.

2370 days ago


How come these are always blurry...can't remember the last time a camera was that bad...

2370 days ago



2370 days ago


9. How is she a skank? So what, she has sex! Don't you? I do, and not we have not made a tape. But that's not to say we haven't discussed it. It's just sad that intimate, private moments are blown out of proportion! I have never personally seen Paris's sex tape, Pamela Anderson's or anybody else's. But I promise you they are just people that care about the person they are with and enjoy intimate moments with them. Just like we all do. They are human!! So what they are famous, does that mean they have sex differently too?!? Really, give me a break and grow up!!!

Posted at 1:27PM on Mar 20th 2008 by Um...

Whoo Hoo! I agree 100%.

2370 days ago


Why is everyone being so hard on this girl. There are a lot of people in their late teens and early twenties who demonstrate some pretty outragous behavior. Booze, drugs, sex, etc. It's pretty common. And then, most of them, out-grow it and go on to become great, productive members of society. That by no means make what they did ok, it is clearly morally wrong. But hea, sometimes human nature prevails and makes young people do things they later regret all in the name sake of "experiementing." Give them a break; they're young. My God, if my parents could see some off the stuff I did in my early 20's, I would probably be disinherited. But 20 years later, I have grown to be very respected and happily married with a family. That doesn't make someone a "skank" or a "whore". She is just a young woman who is learning to find her way and experiementing. She made mistakes, haven't we all. Hopefully she won't repeat them.

2370 days ago


WOW everyone's comments are crazy...I may not agree with somethings that she does and I don't think she;s the best role model out there but come on! you guys say these thing like you have never done anything in your life! Most of the people that left comments probably have slept with more people than they can count on their toes and fingers together so get over yourselfs!

2370 days ago


You people just amaze me. She's just an actress. I can't believe how many people here are upset about this. Hey, if you don't like it, don't read the story. But, here you are, reading the story and commenting on it. How pathetic is you life?

Me? I like Lindsey. The fact that she has sex doesn't change my opinion. All the stuff about her personal life, who cares!

2370 days ago


Somebody was right. Little black box, her hands aren't that full.

2370 days ago

Audra Klida    

Oh good GOD here we go does one actually bleeping go about making a sex tape that you don't know you are making...oh, I didn't know I was being recorded..blah, blah, blah .....then why you are smiling at the camera you stupid B*t#h??? Give me a break...Paris has one, Kim K, now the loser chick from the least Pam and Tommy were like yeah we made it - and you can have a copy for $29.95.....

2370 days ago

G spot    


2370 days ago


spirited dona says-- lindsay lohan is a beauty, vibrant, and gaelic! she is stuck with guys who think if a woman wants to make love twice in a row she;s a sex vixen. will she ever find someone not stuck in the 50's like the republican party? stay tuned!

2370 days ago


okay first things first, for that dumbass Tabz who calls lindsey a skank because shes had a lot of sex with a lot of different people...uhm how the hell would you know exactly ? isnt that just a classic example of childish bashing ? and for what ?
hell, lindsey is hot and id honored to get a " herbie" from her....and IF this is her, SO F'IN WHAT ? why are you accusing her of being a whorebag anyways ? what proof do you have besides maybe believeing too much of the absolute bs that sites like this report anyways.....
and before you say anything, I am here because I clicked the aol news link that said " li-los sex tape "...hell, i was hoping to get a peek ! i admit I'm a perv and I love sex, and just because someone else loves it too does not make them a whore or mean that they are sleeping with everybody....get a clue..
maybe you just need to get some ? GROW UP !

2370 days ago


ONTD is reporting: A grainy screen shot from a video supposedly of Lindsay Lohan giving Calum Best a bj has been proven to be a fake. An eagle eyed porn fiend reader sent in a link to the video from which the picture came (XTube, very NSFW). The poorly shot vid was added two months ago and contains two other clips beneath it which pretty much refutes the claim that it’s Lindsay. In reality, it’s just some girl blowing a dude watching tv. Great, I got a boner for nothing. Then again, there’s still that penis in her mouth and Lindsay loves that so I guess I’m on the fence with this one.

2370 days ago

richard pierce    


2370 days ago


? I here ya. Who cares.

2370 days ago
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