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Hey Brandy, Ignorance of the Lawn is No Excuse!

3/21/2008 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So it's not a vehicular homicide or anything, but Brandy's in a legal tangle with her ex-landscaper.

In court papers filed in L.A. Small Claims Court, Raymond Soriano Landscape claims the singer owes them $3,576 on work they did from July 2007 through February 2008.

Trial is set April 22.

UPDATE: A rep for Brandy tells us that there is a simple reason for the non-payment-- they never got the bill. We're told the bills were being sent to the incorrect address. Now that they are aware of the issue, they say they will be paying the unpaid item immediately.


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Oh good grief. What is wrong with these (celeb wannabe's) people. If you hire someone to do some work for you, you have to PAY them.

2405 days ago


She is such a loser. Why isn't she in jail for murder?

Remember when she was on Punked? Over and over she asked the cop "don't you know who I am?" Like you can't arrest me I'm Brandy the celebrity.

2405 days ago


does she still record? I haven't really heard anything about her since she...well, you know...

2405 days ago


what a bitch

2405 days ago

brit supporter    

why should she have to pay? Reverse Slavery is the flavor of the moment!!! Wake up white folks...payback is just dandy...or is that just Brandy?

2405 days ago



2405 days ago


#8 richard pierce

How lame are you to steal a line from Tori Spellings book. I'm embarrassed for you.

2405 days ago


You guys really need to start de-interlacing the stills taken from video.

2405 days ago

brit supporter    

Aretha and Whiteny did not pay taxes or mortgage payments....Bobby Brown ripped off the white limo driver and now Brandy rips off the white gardners....Oprah stole a white womans idea for a new many white celeberities are ripping off black people? Reverse slavery is an understatement.....sounds like more than that to me!!!

2405 days ago


keep the bad pics of celebs . i think its hilarious.

2405 days ago


White people racist in 2008? Aint gonna happen! Why are black people so defensive? Have you ever noticed how white people hath to sooo watch what they say around blacks an how they pretty much kiss ass to blacks! Im sooo sick of hearing black people call us racist! Blacks are the ones who are the "RACIST"!!! Big time! Why do you have your own orginazations? But yet you complain about seperation? How do you explain it? Like Miss Black America ect. And to brandedbad's comment " why should she have to pay? Reverse Slavery is the flavor of the moment!!! Wake up white folks...payback is just dandy...or is that just Brandy?" Slavery? HOw long ago was that? Did you go through it? Did your relatives? How long ago was that? Get over it!
I think whites have apologized for long enough!!! This is why it doesnt end!!!! I think or should I say I know "blacks" tell there kids as soon as there old enough how bad whites are an alll about slavery...welll duh there gonna grow up Hating on Whites!
This is where the problems starts!!!! But dont tell there kids how good we are to them how we build them homes for humanity how we pass laws for them but yet we are such bad people! Look how they talk about us in there movies, call us Honkys make fun of us like crazy! God forbid in our comedys we made fun of them! Im jus sick as hell about the RACE CARD! And I just herd this there not putting the reall facts in History books....whites didnt even start slavery!!! Guess who did? Blacks! They were selling each other!!!! Lets jus get over the Race thing an realize noone is better than anyone we are ALL the same! Two arms legs soul heart ect.. Its the 200's lets jus alll get along an stop Hating on each other!

2405 days ago


HEY HOW ABOUT.... Cute Utertes Needs Touching

2405 days ago

Regina Gale    

If Hillary cant run 4 president alot of mt family/friends/myself are voting 4 MCcain. Im not voting 4 a racist and that is what Obama and his wife and company are. Im UAW so far UAW isnt backijng any democrat yet. Yes it will b a dem. UAW never backs rrepulicans, that OK. I know alot of UAW people dont care what UAW says we weill vote r MCcain if Obamas running. U can take that 2 the bank. 1 og my best friends is black, shes UAW and black but sge wouldnt back Obama eiyher!!!! Obamas allies are filled with hate. Hope him and his skanky wife move 2 Africa when he looses election! As they soo hate white people. I couls see a white person running wgo mingles with the KKK.

2405 days ago


reading these post are always funny to me...i think some of you just post without thinking...brandy a nobody...we're you alive in the 90's brandy was one of the biggest celeb's she been in the industry for over 10 yrs and has been consistent with great talent in everything she's ever done...and thats a fact..look up her sales..look up her accomplishements...before you call someone a c list celeb just becuz they've taken a break or you dont know about them..probaly becuz you dont listen to her genre of music...but lets stop being so ignorant..its really not cool at all

2405 days ago


No matter how the rep spins it consider this: You employ someone to do something for you and you don't pay because you never received a bill? After a certain period of time goes by and you don't receive a bill don't you check with the company and find out where it is? You know you owe it - do you think the charges disappear or a bill paying fairy godmother comes in and takes care of it? What a lame reason. We had a similar situation in our area where they had computer problems with people's water bills. By the time they got it straight people owed hundreds and some a thousand or so in back bills. The people are crying about how they never got a bill - get real - you used the water, you are used to getting a water bill and when it doesn't come in several months or a year don't you get just a little curious as to why not?? DUH!

Also - you guys talking about the reverse racism have hit the nail on the head! It's time the whites stopped being wusses and stop being abused by these minorities. I cringe when I see these whites lapping up behind Obama. They do not know what hell this country will go through if they help him get in. Unbelievable. I guess they think it's fashionable to be for the blacks.

2405 days ago
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