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Brit Sings in Church? Get the Flock Outta Here!

3/22/2008 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A report from overseas says that Britney Spears is going to sing at Mel Gibson's church next month. As funny as it sounds, it just ain't true.
Britney Spears, Mel Gibson
Brit would perform a "gospel-style number" for Mel and his parishioners, according to the Mirror. The paper even quotes a source that says Britney might "have a new song written for her for the occasion."

But Mel's rep tells us there isn't "an ounce of truth to it." Looks like she'll have to find salvation another way.


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Girl can hardly sing live anyways,

2406 days ago

name withheld    

she could just put on her underwear and sing twinkle twinkle little star.................

2406 days ago


When asked what was her 3 favorite hymns she said ,Him Him and Him

2406 days ago


Why won't TMZ (yes, since I'm one of the first you might read this) Why won't you
STOP using that picture of Brit?
You are so unkind to some people. Damned of they do and damned if
they don't. Give her a break!
Retire the picture!!!

2406 days ago


Mel is Catholic and maybe Catholic churches do things differently in California, but I can't imagine any Catholic church having a pop tart come in and sing a specially crafted gospel song. Most Catholic churches are pretty traditional musically but as I said, maybe they do things differently on the West Coast.

"Looks like she'll have to find salvation another way." I guess that was supposed to be humorous in a snarky kind of way but even if she was singing at Mel's church, she'd still be finding salvation another way, TMZ.

2406 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Mel & Brittney , sitting in a tree , k.i.s.s.i.n.g.--first comes love, then comes marriage , then comes Brittney and a baby carriage ! lol They would have the cutest baby in the world , MEls blue eyes , Brittneys , uh , thinking, thinking, well she's kinda cute , or was when she was young.

2406 days ago

Sadee in Tn    

I would love to hear her sing in church.

2406 days ago


I wouldn't want to be in that church while she is there It's bound to be struck by lightning.

2406 days ago


I think its for that show pop fiction. Mel hates tha papz too... he did that movie. Im just saying.

2406 days ago


Everytime I think bout her singing, I hear the girl from 'Meet The Spartans'. Hahahahaha!!! "Hhmmm, Hmmmm, Huuuuu!!" And Mel, West Coast Catholic churches put someone that downed 15 Red Bulls to sleep juss as any other Catholic church in any other part of the country would. No difference here.

2406 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Idiot can't even lip sycn to her own, pre-manufactured music! Unless they put a lip sync system in church, this is just another chinese orphan rumor!

2406 days ago


LOOK OUT!!! the brister is about to rock the house! well it's not like she couldn't, or wouldn't, hell church is a good place to warm up a set of vocal cords. church does this heathen good, why not the she heathen also?

2406 days ago

it takes a molester    

Let's see, she could start out by attempting to sing, "Hey It's Britney Bitches".

2406 days ago


pop fiction

2406 days ago

5 cent    

Yes,! It's true! Britney is going to sing in Mel's Church! I saw them installing the lipsyncing equipment today.

She's also placed an ad on Craiglist for back up dancer auditions next week (only hunks need apply!) and asked that backstage there be 6 bottles of Evian (chilled to precisely 43 degrees), a box of 12 Ding Dongs, a box of 12 Twinkies, a box of 24 Reeses Peanut Butter cups, 45 packages of Wrigley's Spearment gum, 5 In and Out Burgers (Cannibal style), 6 Diet Pepai (no ice), 6 Carl's Jr Western Bacon Cheesburgers (extra sauce), 4 Starbucks Grande mocka latte's, 6 Starbucks tall coffee Frappicino's (with whipped cream), a jar of Cheez Whiz, and a large bottle of Wishbone ranch dressing (reduced calorie but NOT low calorie).

She requested a case of Smirnoff but my understanding was that Mel's church now has an "alcohol free" policy following his latest "driving incident" in Malibu.

2406 days ago
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