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Diddy to L.A. Times: Told Ya So!!!

3/26/2008 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean "Diddy" Combs' attorney tried to talk the L.A. Times out of publishing an article last week that said his client had advanced knowledge of an attack on Tupac Shakur. But they did it anyway, and now the story is blowing up in their face -- and Diddy is pissed.
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The story ran first on the L.A. Times' web site on March 17, and was then published two days later in the paper. When Diddy's attorney, Howard Weitzman, read the story online, he sent a letter to the Times asking them to "refrain from reprinting [the article] and that the false accusation be immediately be retracted." The paper did nothing.

Diddy's lawyer tells TMZ, "The Times completely ignored my letter, did nothing to correct their defamatory article, and never held the reporter, Chuck Philips, to the Code of Ethics the paper supposedly had set for its writers. We will continue to seek a retraction and to pursue appropriate remedies given the egregious and reckless conduct of Mr. Philips and the L.A. Times."

The authenticity of documents that were a focal point of the story have been brought into question by TheSmokingGun. The Times has said they will launch an internal investigation into the matter.


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2212 days ago

Joy 2 D World    

Who cares if he's pissed? Someone once said, "If you act like a piece of trash, people will treat you like one."

2212 days ago

H B Rider    

A newspaper running a damaging story without confirming the source as reliable? What is this world coming to? I suppose we will start having stories about political figures having sex with hookers! Oh wait, we have that already!

2212 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

No matter what is true or false, I don't trust Diddy. Anyone who would make millions of $ off of their dead "friend" is just disgusting and shows no character.

2212 days ago

Conspiracy Island    

Biggie and Tupac are alive and well on Conspiracy Island. Check it out.

2212 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Given the number of senseless gang murders, shootings, rapes, arsons, and littany of other crimes reported daily in the LA Tmes for the last three decades. Perhaps, before making Mr. Combs a target for every thug wannabe in America regardless of their half-wit retractraction. They should have checked their source a guy in jail for fraud and perjury - who is psychologically ill and believes he knows everyone in Hollywood.

2212 days ago

Buck Ofama    


2212 days ago


as sure as a frog's ass is water tight, he did it, we know he did it, and soon enough everyone else will too

2212 days ago


Did he actually say that or does he copy someone else's lines when he talks too?

2212 days ago


Ha Ha!

Your music genre is passe'!

2212 days ago


Just another Black rapper THING!

2212 days ago


Brattus Rattuss let me give you a little lesson on common sense. You and your friend little Johnny open a lemonade stand in a rough part of town. (Which by the way produces the best lemonade ever made). Then one day Little Johnny gets shot while selling lemonade. This creates more hype over the "best Lemonade Ever" ,and now you continue to sell the lemonade. This continues to make money for you, and Little Johnny's family is taken care of forever.

What was he suppossed to do, walk away from a multi million dollar business, any normal person would keep the business open.

When Roy Kroc died, should they have closed all of the McDonalds?

2212 days ago

Just being Me!    

Better to be pissed off, than pissed on Diddy, unless you are R.Kelly! Get over it! when you lie down with Dogs you get fleas. Not like Diddy's a choir boy or anything. Oh wait, he never gets involved with Gun battles or anything right? (Just as J.Lo, not to ne called J.Lo anymore) Imagine the Karma...

2212 days ago


If your from Los Angeles and were around when Tupac and Biggie were alive you know that this is a true story and that's why Diddy is upset. This is not the first time the Times have reported this story in relation to Tupac's murder. It makes me mad that he plays like he's so innocent!

2212 days ago

I really don't care what you think!    

yapper slapper go and grabber

2212 days ago
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