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Richie Off the Wagon -- Popped For DUI

3/26/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Richie Sambora was arrested for DUI in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Law enforcement sources tell us the Bon Jovi guitarist was pulled over by the Laguna Beach PD just before 11:00 PM last night. Cops say they observed him driving erratically in a black Hummer and pulled him over. He failed numerous field sobriety tests and was detained for DUI.

At the station, a cooperative Sambora opted to take a blood test rather than blow into a breathalyzer. Laguna Beach PD tells TMZ there's no indication of drugs.

Sambora was released around 4:00 AM this morning.

In 2007, Richie had not one, but two stints in rehab.

A spokesperson for Bon Jovi had no comment.

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This is very sad but it could have been much worse. He is just lucky that he was pulled over and that he did not cause an accident and kill his own daughter and other innocent people. Guess he will be going back to rehab.

2401 days ago


did i still in my dream???????
i can't believe it!!!!!!!!

2401 days ago

little runaway    

I hope you get all the help you need, Richie!


2400 days ago

mary smth    

sambora is obviously going thru some problems to be drinking in the first place, alcoholism is a disease. at least he doesn't sit home hiding his identity an blogging about what you must look like sitting on your fat ass in front of your compter commenting on his life instead of going out and getting a life for yourself.

2400 days ago

Angie B    

First of all, he's 48 and NOT 59 like one of you idiots posted a while back. Second, how dare you worry about the possibility of a concert being cancelled when a man's LIFE is at stake!! Richie is ill, he has a disease called alcoholism. I'm praying for him. I pray that he takes the time to really get the help he needs, not just a quick fix so that he can get back out on the road. If it takes cancelling the rest of the tour so he can do that, then I think that's what Jon and the guys need to do. I don't want Richie to end up dead or end up killing somebody. While I'm disappointed in what happened, especially if it turns out to be true that Ava was in the car with him, I hope the California judicial system is fair and shows mercy when handing down the punishment. I've been a fan for 25 years and I will continue to be a fan. Richie, Jon, David, and Tico need our support, love, and prayers right now.

2400 days ago


I hope he doesn't get canned like Alec John Such...

2400 days ago


I hope he gets help ASAP..between this and he rmother being suicidal, I feel sorry for Ava the most!

2400 days ago


Boy, mug shots are not very forgiving. Rich need to address the problem he has for the sake of Ava. He needs to stop using rehab for just detoxing purposes. He needs to get treatment and stay there and get sober once and for all.
Be careful Rich, Jon just may toss you out.

2400 days ago


Boy, mug shots are not very forgiving. Rich need to address the
problem he has for the sake of Ava. He needs to stop using rehab
for just detoxing purposes. He needs to get treatment and stay there
and get sober once and for all.
Be careful Rich, Jon just may toss you out.

PS remember when Richie was drunk as a skunk and could barely sing or play. Jon had to get the violinist to sing backup. Richie pretty much sat there quietly.

2400 days ago

carlie boy boy    

Even the poodle-haired keyboard player in Bon Jovi thinks your hair is messed up!!!! You should have had Tommy Lee drive you home. He has your address. IDIOT!!!!!

2400 days ago


What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Has he been convicted of DUI yet? No. He was arrested for SUSPICION Of Driving Under the Influence. Leave the guy alone. As far as his looks, there are a lot of people out there who are a lot younger than he is who look quite a bit worse than Richie. Hey Richie your true fans are behind you and praying for your recovery! Be strong.

2400 days ago

Kathy S    

The most important thing about this terrible story is that there is a child right in the middle. The next is that the absolute bottom line is alcoholism is a disease. Pure and simple. I dont believe if Ritchie had another dabilitating disease that that would not even make headlines at all. But the thing that most people do not understand about the disease of addiction is that there is NO cure, only recovery, if you are one of the lucky ones. Ritchie should not be made an outcast, instead, he needs prayer and understanding. Spend some time praying for him and not passing judgement. I am sure he loves his daughter very much. I really hope they all can get the help they need and deserve. No matter what the disease is, no one wants to die, or see there loved ones hurt, especially when you know help is out there. Ritchie, there is a wonderful program called AA, everyone there would love to help and support you in your recovery, and they will never pass judgement. Good Luck Kathy S

2400 days ago


Bon Jovi should quit touring and thinking they can charge huge amounts for their tickets. They just spend their money on big homes and alot of expensive toys. Any charity is for tax deductions or publicity only. They don't care about fans or people.

2400 days ago


this really blows my mind. what this all comes down to is that people no matter who they are the should NEVER drink and drive. bon jovi has been my life but richie should know better just like anyone else that drinks and drive. its a shame thats someone will have to get killed before the law will do anything to these singers and actors. Grown up you all!!!!!!!

2400 days ago


Hang in there, Richie, you can beat this disease. You have a wonderful family, bandmates & legions of fans who support you, man......Keep the Faith!

2399 days ago
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