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Richie Off the Wagon -- Popped For DUI

3/26/2008 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Richie Sambora was arrested for DUI in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Law enforcement sources tell us the Bon Jovi guitarist was pulled over by the Laguna Beach PD just before 11:00 PM last night. Cops say they observed him driving erratically in a black Hummer and pulled him over. He failed numerous field sobriety tests and was detained for DUI.

At the station, a cooperative Sambora opted to take a blood test rather than blow into a breathalyzer. Laguna Beach PD tells TMZ there's no indication of drugs.

Sambora was released around 4:00 AM this morning.

In 2007, Richie had not one, but two stints in rehab.

A spokesperson for Bon Jovi had no comment.

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I have tickets for your show at the Honda Center on 4/5/08. I have no problem giving them up if you get some help. 3 innocents in the car and God knows how many on the highway, including yourself. Get a grip man. You've given us all too much to blow it now. Maybe putting your daughter at risk is your bottom, so the only place you can go now is up. We all have are demons, but so many want to help you. All you have to do is ask.

2403 days ago


wtf to all critics

2403 days ago

Nick the Wombat    

I heard Richie used to work on the dock , the Union went on stirke
he got down on his luck ... I guess it's tough.... so tough Hey wait a
minute !!

2403 days ago


did he have his "plastic dashboard jesus" with him that night?! sorry, that was uncalled for. i have been a bon jovi fan since early 1987 and richie was always my fave guy in the band. i hope he realizes a week or two in rehab is not enough. maybe keith urban can talk to him? or jon or richie's mom. somebody has got to get richie to see he needs a lot more help with this addiction.

2402 days ago


First of all, who cares what he looks lke? What do you look like in the morning people? How shallow. I have been and still am a huge fan Richie's and the the band! I just saw them this month in Philly. Jon will help him, not fire him!! I thought he was in great shape better than many 18 yr.olds out there. He is talented and they put on an awesome show! He also is innocent until proven guilty! Did all these uneducated people forget that? No one knows all the details. Let's wait until the court date like we would if it happened to anyone else (non-celebrity). He loves his daughter. He talks about her all the time as does Ava. We don't know 100% that she was with him. I hope to God she wasn't if he truly was intoxicated. I agree, people especially w/money should call a driver, so we need more details. I know I'll be praying for you Richie to get back on track. Your fans in Philly love you and will pray for you to stay sober and safe!!! Don't give up-you're worth it and needed in this life!!!
Remember "Everyone's Broken sometimes in this life.......PS Your fans no you guys are not stuck in the 80's as you evolve and change through this journey!!!!!!!!!

2401 days ago


yeah, it isn't nice to rag on any celebrity, even if it's sometimes fun. i think we "regular" folks get some kind of kick out of seeing these stars with all their money, fame and good looks screw up, or maybe it makes us realize our lives are not so bad? i gave up on watching "gossip" shows and reading tabloid magazines for a lot of years but sometime in 2004, i took an interest in seeing what sorts of things the "beautiful people" were up to and it often seemed to be they were getting into trouble, getting a quickie divorce after a quickie marriage and just generally doing stupid and/or embarrassing things and i admit, it makes me laugh, depending on what they have done. but i sure am glad i am not famous as i wouldn't want the stupid stuff i've done put out there for the world to see!!

2400 days ago


he better live on a prayer

2397 days ago


he better live on a prayer

2397 days ago


What is WITH these celebrities??? If I had the $ you can be damned sure I'd hire a driver!!!! That would be totally cool! But NOOOO, let's just drink our asses off and get behind the wheel, just wait until one of them kills some innocent person. I actually always liked Richie, and I hope he gets the help he needs - he has a young daughter who NEEDS HER FATHER.

2396 days ago


Oh jeesh....I just noticed that you filed this under Wacky and Weird. wtf??? The only thing wacky and weird is that you think this is a story. You know, let me be maternal here for a moment and point out that what Paris Hilton said is true, tho she doesn't practice what she preaches. Dumb is not cute.

2395 days ago


He drinks so much because he knows he sucked playing guitar.

2391 days ago

Granny Pants    

Crackhead just nailed it.

2391 days ago
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