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Heath's Will -- No Joke

3/27/2008 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the 2003 will of Heath Ledger. It leaves 50% to his sisters and the remainder to his parents.
Read the docs
The supporting docs list $145,000 in assets, though we've reported Heath had a lot more -- in the millions.

As previously reported, Heath's daughter, Matilda, was not mentioned in the original will. But we're told she'll be well taken care of.

Read it for yourself.


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H B Rider    

TMZ, this is weeks old news you are regurging. Get on the ball already and report something worth reading. Rehashing old news, reshowing botched plastic surgery pics of celebs....OLD NEWS. Harvey, do a better job!

2402 days ago

He's Boring now    


like brokeback in the butt

2402 days ago


Matilda was not mentioned in the Will because she did not exist at that time.
Young people never think they are going to die at a young age and therefore, often fail to change their Wills, change their beneficiaries, etc.

2402 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Matilda will be represented by Gloria Allred. She will sue the Ledger family for alienation of affection and fraud. She will ask for 25 million.

Sorry, it's just the cynic in me talking.

2402 days ago


Most states and countries have laws protecting "pretermitted" children and/or wives; that is, children and/or marriages that were not born/not anticipated when the will was executed. A pretermitted child/wife usually has to make a petition to get this protection during the administration of the will.
Why no one in the media mentions this information and merely says "Matilda will be taken care of" is beyond me. If any of these so called journalists really wanted to do their jobs rather than regurgitate something they heard/read in another media source is beyond me.

2402 days ago

Agent E    

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2402 days ago


Why is it that every time it is mentioned that Matilda was not in Heath's will, they make sure to say that she will be taken care of? I am pretty sure that her mother, Michelle Williams, is fully capable of taking care of her own child. She has made plenty of money. I am sick of the implication that Michelle Williams is needing this money from Heath when she is a fully independent woman that has made her own money.

2402 days ago


Matilda will be taken care of allright-The family will give her a McDonald`s Happy Meal every week if she is lucky!!!

2402 days ago


So no more info that we already didn't know

2402 days ago


Oh My Gosh-TMZ, I used to be entertained by your site, but anymore you don't do anything more than report news that has been out for weeks or show dumb-ass pics of has-beens that no one gives a crap about. You posted a story about this yesterday. Talk about beating a dead horse...oh, excuse me, you have a copy of the will. Big deal. START REPORTING SOME ACTUAL NEWS!

2402 days ago


Famous last words, "she'll be taken care of." I was told I could have "whatever I wanted." Next, lawyers were hired and I couldn't even get a return phone call. If Matilda gets anything, her mother will have to fight for every last cent.

2402 days ago


I'm with you, Maren. I also think this when I read about the child being left penniless. Her mother should be fully able to take care of Matilda. If money comes from her father's estate, great. Capable women should not have to 'hope' for money to 'show up'. Not saying that Michelle is like this, I hope she isn't.

2402 days ago


There's something wrong about reporting on a private matter like this and making a buck.

2402 days ago


Give the baby her money. Not that her mother can't support her, but, give her the money. He's people shouldn't get what they were expexcting. Anyway don't they have clause that take care of any unborn children and/or grandchildren!!!!(in Austrailla. That's how my will is set up!!

2402 days ago


Okay so that was the 2003 will. Give out the 145,000 it mentions to the associated family members .....and then the rest of his estate goes in trust for Matilda!
Now was that so hard?

2402 days ago
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