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Out with the Old, In with the New ... Girlfriend

3/27/2008 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Simmons and Porschla ColemanThe same day estranged wife Kimora Lee Simmons filed for divorce, music mogul Russell Simmons stepped out in NYC with his gorgeous girlfriend, Porschla Coleman. Upgrade you!

In 2003, Porschla won the model competition on "Star Search."

Divorce never looked so good.


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Never inked up!    


OMG!!!!!!!! You are killing me! Talk about patting ones self on the back until its broken!

Heres the difference, let me lay some knowledge on you about men and women.

We gals have this little soul in us that ALLOWS us to go beyond a man looks. Attraction for us is based on many things. We like your hands, we like it if your funny. We love confidence and a man who stands up for himself. Sometimes depending, your job may make us want to jump you! The way you carry yourself, the way you treat OTHER women.

We are strange creatures. This is why you really don't deserve a metal on this one. Its MUCH easier for a knock out to woman be with someone who is not so much a knock out. Not they other way around.

Guys are TOTALLY different. Most are shallow until they are in their 30's when they realize what they REALLY want of a woman in bed, at home, with kids. They seem to have enough balls to finally tell their homeboys if you will, "Hey, I don't care what you guys think, I love her."

Also, what is with the fat thing. I see MANY chubby men with very good looking girls. So come on, and lighten up a little.

2399 days ago


Why is everybody so hard on Kimora? She was a successful international model and a TEENAGER (15) when that grown man (30 something) put the moves on her. She married him and bore his two children. She also endured many many many infidelities from him. And she helped him with the family business. But nobody expected her to be such a good business woman and it was SHE who grew BabyPhat to its heights. They stayed married mostly because they didn't want to drag the kids through the mess of separating the assets and Kimora has always been respectful and openly grateful to Russ. On her show she says that he is her friend and her mentor. My guess is that the divorce is taking place because she is getting serious with Djimon.

So why hate on her so much? Okay she is obnoxious and spoiled, but I really believe a lot of that is an act because she is the face of her "brand", BabyPhat so she has maintain her street/bling bling persona at all times on camera. But I really admire how she is a hands on mother who is, with earnestness, raising her girls to take over the immense empire that they will inherit from both parents. And she is much classier than she lets on. Having traveled the world since the age of 13, Kimora is pretty cosmopolitan and fluent in French, which I'm sure is great with her new French beau. Stop hating everybody. Hate people who actually do something to you, wish everybody else well because we're all just trying to survive the best we can.

2399 days ago


I thought Russ was doing Miley Cyrus? Everyone else is!

2399 days ago


thank god he dumped that loud mouth kimora she uses the word fab so much its witten all over her face shes misable.
he deserves a quit woman and his new one looks it.

2399 days ago

30 something    

She is lovely, and he is brilliant. Brains are very attractive, Age means nothing, if he is a interesting, intellegent, and kind, what else could a girl ask for?

2398 days ago


Classier than his ex. Good for him!

2398 days ago



2398 days ago


i watched them on the first cribs and it was obvious that kimora was bullying her husband.. on the second cribs when they moved to that gastly place with the gold toilet seats it was all over bar the shouting.. her shouting him down .. but of course rusell simmons gets the babes cos he is rich ..its that simple..dont feel sorry for him..all men as bastards when it comes to getting some tail.. rich or poor its the SAME GAME THEY ENGAGE IN..

2396 days ago


I AGREE WITH YOU KELLI . we are too hard on kimora a woman i suspect that she has put up with her former husbands play aways ;;the quiet ones are the worst..i should know.! rumour is that kimora is preggers now thats why she is making the divorce moves .... could be true ..her reality show is coming to the uk and i will give it a shot.. at least lets see the vulnerable side to this woman... and she has a good man by her side now.. one who i think stays faithful.. what more could a girl ask for.?.

2396 days ago


Okay, the girl that he is with is not ugly but to me she is cute. I wouldn't go as far and dog Kimora out and say she is not pretty to me nor ugly she looks alright.

2392 days ago
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