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"Bachelor" & Trump's Has-Been Storm the Beach

4/3/2008 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a cue from the Spencer and Heidi school of photo-ops, the "Bachelor" and Marla Maples giggle and point for the cameras.

Andy Baldwin --not of the Billy, Alec, Criminal, and Goofy-faced Dumbass Baldwins -- but of the went diving for old bones with the Armed Forces clan -- poses hangs out with rumored girlfriend, Marla Maples - you know, the ex Mrs.Trump.


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25. who cares about age anymore. I am 48 and my husband, who by the way looks like Pierce Bronson, is 39

Posted at 9:42PM on Apr 3rd 2008 by sheri11

Pierce Brosnon looks like he's 69 so your husband probably looks about as old as you do.

2372 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

From Trump to Andy Baldwin = definite upgrade.

2371 days ago


So somebody thinks that Marla Maples is a "has-been" simply because she dumped Donald Trump? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! What the HELL type of crap is THAT? She should be given a medal for having the balls to get rid of that masochistic , woman-hating assh*le!!! GO MARLA!!!

2371 days ago


Isn't there just something off about this guy? First, the passion was electric between him and Bevin on The Bachelor, but he chose Tessa, where I saw little passion.

Then, there's the fact that on the show he made it clear he wanted kids. So, he picks 44-year-old Marla Maples? Watch out, Marla, he's probably just with you to keep himself in the spotlight and to show everyone he's got one of The Donald's women.

Finally, there's the fact that he passes himself off as this great humanitarian who devotes most of his time to the Navy and to causes. He just strikes me as a playboy who wants more than his 15 minutes of fame...

2371 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

This is months old. I also thought this was a publicity photo. Who says they are even dating? 'Rumored' girlfriend?!? Please.
If you don't even have a shred of evidence that they are or have ever been an item, then someone should get busy and get the real scoop, because until then, this is a rumored story.

2371 days ago


Andy looks like an upgraded version of Spencer (better smile). Minus the flesh colored chin weirdness.

2371 days ago


Great couple! Go marla ! Andy- wooo hoo!

2371 days ago


So, Marla has moved from husband stealing to cradle robbing. There is no fool like an old fool!!!

2371 days ago


What's the big deal when you see all the old geezers with spouses who are 25 years or more younger than them. If Marla were a man, no one would even be making a big deal about it.

2371 days ago


She's wasting her time. Andy is only trying to keep up the sham. Boys are his gig.

2371 days ago


There's something sickening about this all-but-identical photo shoot with Marla Maples that was executed with beautiful Tessa Horst. It's okay that he may or may not be dating an older woman but he could have been more original in publicizing the relationship or friendship. If this is his way in attempting to even the loss of a developing relationship with Tessa, he never quite figured out how to make the breakthrough down the road. I do think, however, he is better off with Marla Maples as a friend right now as opposed to some of his other options.

Don't know what occurred with Tessa though suspect she discovered his lifestyle too shallow and public for her personal needs. She's "one of a kind" special and he knew it....I feel better about her not having moved to Hawaii where she would have been expected to give up her own personal development and fall into his shadow. It is Andy Baldwin who should have been willing to pursue a different lifestyle on behalf of Tessa. I lived and worked in San Francisco at the same age as Tessa, and it is a wonderful place for a young single woman to discover and develop herself.

Tessa Horst's family can be very proud of their intelligent, beautiful, athletic, and sophisticated daughter!

2371 days ago

Proud Gay    

my gay friends told me they saw andy at gay bars at castro district many years ago. they told me he was very cuddly with other gays. apparently, he was attending medical school then. they told me they weren't surprised when they found out he was a sailor. go figure. what happened to our army. there is a reason we lost the war at iraq. andy's commander referred him as navy's golden boy. i heard he was promoted to a high level job at washington DC. when green card soldiers give their lives for us, the one that we praise is partying.

2371 days ago

no longer a fan of Andy    

Andy--There are still some wannabes that might be in your class: Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. They have money and enjoy being in the spotlight--isn't that at the top of your list of requirements for the perfect wife?

2369 days ago

no longer a fan of Andy    

Maybe this will play out like the Woody Allen story--he will be interested in Mom until daughter gets a little older--and then he will fall for the daughter and have children with her.

2363 days ago
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