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Lorenzo to Shauna -- Stop Bitchin' About S. Beach

4/12/2008 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lorenzo Lamas got into a screaming match with Shauna Sand this week over her decision to move her botoxed face and family to South Beach.

Lorenzo's lawyer, Cary Goldstein, Lorenzo told Shauna if she even dares to try, he will be in court before she even boards the plane. Lorenzo feels he's the only "stable influence" in the family (we can't argue with that) and does not want his kids living with her thousands of miles away from him. Lorenzo has pretty much had full physical custody of the kids for more than a month now, while Shauna does her thing.

You ask what her thing is? We're told she's frustrated by the L.A. scene and feels South Beach will give her much-needed Miami heat.

Launch photosThis would be a devastating blow to the cosmetic surgery industry in Beverly Hills.


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2383 days ago

She looks great    

Hate to spoil the misogynistic fun, but Lorenzo Lamas looks Botoxed in person, too.

2383 days ago


One less slut in L.A.

2383 days ago


Maybe if changed her presentaion from "Look at me and my slutty clear heels) to more age appropiate...she would find someone.

2383 days ago


MEN of AMERICA: This is what happens when you marry strictly for legs and body, face, etc. Get a chick that thinks of the kids and you, can cook, and looks pretty good on the outside. Don't make the looks first. Sense of humor is good too, along with slow hands.

2383 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

hey he picked her

2383 days ago


To #7 The way I see it, you are so right. He picked her. He married her and had kids with her. What do these knuckle heads expect? I recall watching a program about rock stars wives and girlfriends. It was pretty interesting. But what I found most interesting was the comment by one aging rocker who is still married to the same woman. He said "these guys marry strippers and centerfolds and then wonder why in the hell it didn't work? Of course it didn't work! She's a stripper and she takes her clothes off for men." You would think that Lamas had more brains but obviously he thought with the wrong part of his anatomy when he met shauna. They have a name for men like him.....Meathead, dead from the neck up!

2383 days ago


Maybe she's not planning on taking the kids with her? Anyone ask her that?

2383 days ago


Yeah as much as used to like him, he picked her and he had to know what she was like underneath her pretty face and bod!

Exactly how many women HAS he married and had kids with? A lot if I remember correctly! Obviously he's not the marrying kind and he sure can pick 'em.

That IS what you get when you go for looks alone though like the others here said. BRAINS and at least an iota of decency are GOOD THINGS, Lorenzo and all men!

This woman has neither and her looks are gone now because of her constant surgery/Botox whatever and the way she dresses! I feel sorry for her kids. Can you imagine having a mom who acts and dresses like this woman? How can they ever date and bring guys home to meet "mama"??? You know what the guys will think and want to do with this woman who wants to act like a teenager or 20 something!

She needs to straighten her act up for her kids if not for herself and start acting and dressing decently. AND act her age!

It's NOT attractive what you're doing to yourself and certainly not to your children, Shauna. Get your act together for THEM if not for yourself!

Lorenzo! You're not such a hot role-model yourself! I used to think you had a lot going for you and some class but after some of the women you've married and lived with? I don't think that much anymore.

Next time, choose a real woman with values, decency, morals and brains who likes being her age. They can be attractive too you know!

The only one of his wives that I thought was all of the above was the daughter of his (then) co-star, Abbey Dalton on Falcon Crest way back when. He married Abbey's daughter and she always looked great and seemed to have her head and life together but that marriage (like most of his) didn't last long. Guess she was too decent and smart for him!

2383 days ago


Oops, I should have proofread my other post 'cause I left out "I" used to like him in the very first sentence!

Gee, and I actually HAVE a brain! Just not typing very well today apparently lol

2383 days ago


Shauna has just enough of the slutty slam pig look to her, welcome to Florida......

2383 days ago


Come to think about it, what happend 2 his wife from REnegade? She was so pretty and actually nice. Maybe they can get back together and she can be a better example to his kids then the bio mom! LOL j/k! what is her name? Sorry i can't remember.

2383 days ago


Lorenzo Lamas is full of himself. talk about him a little. Who cares if someone gets botox..nothing wrong with keeping up your looks, if you can afford it!

2383 days ago


Obviously, Lorenzo 's parents didn't teach him values. His daddy was Fernando Lamas, and I forget who mommy is. Kathleen Kinmont was the only decent woman he married. If I remember, he also had a kid out of wedlock by Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy movies). Lorenzo, think with the head on top of your shoulders, NOT the one in your pants. And Shauna, for the love of God, by some decent clothes, lose the number of your plastic surgeon, and think about the example you are setting for your own daughters. Matter of fact, both of you need to think about those girls. Oh, and Shauna, start wearing decent shoes. Lose the only look like another Hollywood hooker.

2383 days ago


Botox is fine as long as it make you look good. Shauna looks so fake she is SOOOOOOOOO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke

2382 days ago
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