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TMZ to Dr. Phil: Show Me The Money!

4/12/2008 11:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We have exclusivity -- WTF does that mean?!? Check out video of Dr. Phil's so-called "producer," shot by FOX in Tampa, as one of the teens charged with allegedly videotaping a brutal beating was released from jail.

While this guy claims "exclusivity," TMZ has learned that collateral for this chick's five figure bail was backed -- in full -- by something equal to that amount. We're told this is usually done in cash, a mortgage on a house, land or cars. So who put up that scratch? This dude?? We doubt it.

Dr. Phil's statement suggests some sort of rogue producer went down to Florida and went "beyond their guidelines." We're not buying it.

Here's how it works ...

We're told the bail was $33,000. In order to bail the teen out, the bondsman or woman would get 10% in cash, and the rest must be guaranteed by collateral. That's a lot of dough! So who approved the money? We're told some higher up -- Terry Wood (the big boss at CBS/Paramount TV) or even Dr. Phil himself -- would have to OK that kind of cash ... not some freelancer who "went beyond the guidelines."

Here's the rub: there's a gag order on all involved in the case -- including the Polk County Sheriff's Office. So all that cash spent -- and Dr. Phil can't get squat out of anybody involved. Oops.

A rep for the show told us "Please reread the statement we gave you. Nothing you are imagining it says or implies is true."


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Maui Girl    

Howz that werkin for ya?

2382 days ago


The Dr is more messed up than his patients. This sick #$%^ needs some ego rehab.

2382 days ago


I hope he goes down for this those girls need to sit in jail for life. Dumb bitches. Show your face here and we'll see whos taping beating YOUR ass. Dr Phil you have stooped to an all time low just for ratings!! Trash!!

2382 days ago


Sick bastard.

2382 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Slimeball quack.

Keep up the heat on this bozo TMZ. Phil is a pig, and his nasty wife is not much better. They both disgust me. If it walks like a duck. etc...
Gee, phil, your big scoop blow up in your face? Azzhole.

2382 days ago



2382 days ago


hes a sick bald man

2382 days ago



2382 days ago

She looks great    

Most doctors are more messed up than the patient. They're just people who went to grad school to make a lot of money.

Sanctioned for unethical behavior (1989)

The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists imposed disciplinary sanctions on McGraw on January 27, 1989 for an inappropriate "dual relationship" reported in 1988 by a therapy client/employee from 1984. McGraw was ordered by the Board to take an ethics class, pass a jurisprudence exam, complete a physical evaluation, undergo a psychological evaluation and have his practice supervised for one year in order to continue his private practice in Texas. McGraw admits to giving the client a "job" at his office (which is not allowed), but denied carrying on a sexual relationship with the 19-year-old, who says their relationship was "sexually inappropriate."[30][3][12] As of 2008, McGraw has not completed the conditions imposed by the Board of Examiners of Psychologists,[31] and he is not licensed to practice psychology in Texas, California, or anywhere else.[32]

Weight loss products (2003)

In 2003, McGraw entered the weight-loss business, selling shakes, energy bars, and supplements. These products' labels, which carried the brand name "Shape Up", stated: "These products contain scientifically researched levels of ingredients that can help you change your behavior to take control of your weight." This met with swift criticism from various sources,[2] accusing McGraw (a clinical psychologist, and not a physician) of lacking the expertise to recommend weight-loss products. Facing a Federal Trade Commission investigation into Shape Up's claims, McGraw pulled his supplements off the market in March 2004, and the FTC dropped its probe. In October 2005, several people who used McGraw's products declared an intent to file a class-action lawsuit against him, claiming that although the supplements cost $120 per month they did not stimulate weight loss.[33] McGraw settled the suit in September 2006 for $10.5 million.[34] Most of the settlement ($6 million) will be paid to the plaintiffs in the form of Amway (Quixtar) brand Nutrilite vitamins.[35]

Unauthorized biography (2003)

The Making of Dr. Phil is a biography by Sophia Dembling, a reporter from the Dallas Morning News, and Lisa Gutierrez, a reporter from The Kansas City Star.[3] The book probed McGraw's history, with interviews of his childhood friends and former classmates. The book reported that McGraw used unethical business practices in a gym business early in his career, that he was abusive to his first wife, and was also abusive to his staff, while noting that he overcame adversity through setting goals and was persistent in achieving success. The book received no promotional help from McGraw or his associates.[36]

Porn star problems (2005)

In May, 2005, McGraw, who has been an outspoken critic of pornography, was scammed on his "Bad Influences" show by the infamous twin porn stars, Crystal and Jocelyn Potter. The official Dr. Phil web site was subsequently altered.[37][38] Three months later, Jay McGraw became engaged to Erica Dahm, one of the famous Playboy Playmate triplets.[39] Dr. Phil was Best Man at the wedding, which was held at his home in Beverly Hills.[40]

McGraw's first marriage and subsequent divorce was not publicized until a 2002 Newsweek cover story.[9] The "secret first wife of Dr. Phil" was ex-cheerleader and homecoming queen Debbie Higgins McCall, who married McGraw in 1970. According to her, Phil was domineering and would not allow her to participate in the family business, a health spa. Instead, she was confined to domestic duties, which included lifting weights to improve her bustline.[54]

McGraw had multiple affairs with other women. McCall stated, "When I confronted him about his infidelities he didn't deny these girls and told me that it had nothing to do with his feelings toward me, to grow up, that's the way it was in the world." The relationship ended when she left him in 1973.[54]

McGraw soon began dating a 20-year old college student, Robin Jo Jameson, whom he married almost three years later. The day of the wedding, she dropped out of school, quit her job and became a stay-at-home wife. Three years later, she became a stay-at-home mom when son Jay was born in 1979. Jay remained an only child until age 7, when Jordan was born in 1986.[55]

Since 2001, the McGraw family has lived in Beverly Hills, California in a home valued at over $10 million.[56]

2382 days ago

Teen Violence!!!!!!!!!!    

I can't believe he bailed out one of those girls!!! I was so glad to hear that they were being charged as adults! 14 to 17 of age, I could care less... Third graders were planning on attacking their teacher for god sakes! He's all about attention and ratings! HE"S NOT A REAL DOCTOR!!! HES A FAKE! I don't watch the show and never will and I say at this point for the ones that do... STOP! Make the ratings fall in protest for this! Those girls deserve every bit of what they are getting and what is to come to them. Let them get the crap beat out of them in prison! See how they like it!

2382 days ago

Chuck @ The Detroit Times    

Isn't he always full of crap?

2382 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

wiki, thanks for the info. I could probably have googled it all but this is faster and I might not have found all of it.

Go Sox

2382 days ago


Dr. Phil is an absolute disgrace for bailing that girl out of jail. That's why all these stupid kids are taping these fights, because they want attention. This girl should be sitting in jail, not appearing on national television like she's some kind of celebrity. He's claiming he had no idea his producer bailed the girl out, but we all know better. I hope his show gets cancelled because he's a shady person.

2382 days ago


Instead of paying to bail out the animals who carried out the attack, maybe Dr. Phil should consider helping the victim's family with some of their medical bills for the injuries she suffered?

2382 days ago



2382 days ago
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