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Dr. Phil -- Screwed from the Bottom

4/13/2008 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Phil's legal document wielding, cash-carrying, tough guy was not a supervising producer on the show. He was not an assistant producer. He was not a producer. He was not even close to being a producer. He was a production assistant. Think intern with a paycheck.
Here's the way it all went down: The good Doc's executive staff sent a seasoned producer down to Florida, along with a P.A. to chase the story of 8 teens who allegedly beat a classmate on tape. We're told the folks back home were horrified when they saw Mr. Large-and-In-Charge putting the smackdown on local reporters after springing 17-year-old Mercades Nichols from the pokey. We're told execs on the show were pissed that the experienced producer allowed the P.A. to be in a position to embarrass the show in front of the cameras.

The bigger question -- who hatched the plan to pay the bail for the woman accused of kidnapping and videotaping the brutal beating? The show issued a statement saying certain staff members "went beyond their guidelines," but the buzz on the Paramount lot is that it would be impossible for the producer to pay the $3,300 for the bail and put up $33,000 in collateral without the full knowledge and approval of higher-ups on the show.

The plan could have been pulled off, but after the P.A. mouthed off publicly, Phil's battleship was sunk somewhere off the Florida coast.

We contacted Phil's people an hour ago, who responded by saying they "have no additional comment."


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FOUR SEASONS......yes, I think it was them who did .." See you in September"....anyways....Baseball Junkie you are a wealth of knowledge....what happens in Sept????....NOT playoffs!!!!....isn't baseball like goes on forever???????...grrrrrrr...mother of 4 boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wrong hahaha.

See You in September was sung by The Happenings, not The Four Seasons.

Back on topic.

Fortunately, I have never watched Oprah, Rachael Ray or Dr. Phil. I have never felt the need to listen to any of those individuals. I like to think independently, not go along with the crowd. These are talk show people. Unless you know them personally, how can anyone in the general audience or the viewers at home possibly be able to relate to them.

2362 days ago


I completely agree with most of the posts on this board. Dr. Phil McGraw is all about rating and the $$$$, he does not care about helping people unless there is a spin for him. I cannot believe he (people he employs on his behalf) bailed out that AWFUL AWFUL young person, t his girl was the ring leader in a beating of a harmless young woman.

Screw you Dr. Phil. Oprah...I hope you pull your $$$$$. Dr. Phil made 90 million dollars last year....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
Take your money and PLEASE GO AWAY! We don't need your kind of help.

2361 days ago


There should be a boycott of this show. Dr. Phil and his low life unexperienced producers or whomever they think they are should be revealed as the "true bottom feeders" that they really are. We should all write the network and the advertising sponsors of Dr. Phil's show.

2361 days ago


Dr. Phil..................What the hell were you thinking?

I believe you have done it now! You have made so much money and your MORALS have gone down the toliet!

2361 days ago

Abe Martin    

I was sickened by the cover story in this week's Parade Magazine that reports that Dr. Phil earns $90 million per year. What exactly does he get paid for? Not for practicing psychology. He holds a Ph.D. from a third rate Texas University and is not a licensed practioner. Not for helping the. . .uhhh. . . "guests" on his show, who often really do need professional intervention but instead get offered his Texas pap instead. And certainly not for his extraordinarily clumsy attempts at intervention on behalf of serious ill celebrities such as Britney. And now he is interjecting his fat as*, into the criminal process. (Oh, my that's not right. His staff, without his knowledge, has taken it upon itself to fly to Florida to bail out the ringleader of a girl gang that beat a girl senseless.)

No, he gets paid for further enriching Harpo Enterprises, which has one significant owner, Oprah Winfrey. Time and time again we have had to watch while he and other talk show hosts, from Ricky Lake, to Jerry Springer, to Maury Povich have lined their wallets while victimizing and endangering people. And what do we have to now, with that alleged piece of Florida teenage trash out on the streets. Do you really believe the girl who was pounded and her family feel safe?

Oprah. Fire this jerk. He is starting to make you SMELL really bad.

2361 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

"78. I found this link on the Dr. Phil Website. It's the Ask Dr. Phil A Question. Why don't we all go into it and ask him why is he such a douchbag!

Posted at 2:11AM on Apr 14th 2008 by SUEANNE"

Thanks! I also sent them a very thorough letter! LOL

Phil, what an azzhole. No ethic, no sense fo right and wrong, whatever it takes for his lousy show. He's a disgrace to professionals everywhere.

THANK YOU TMZ!!! For keeping on this story, and spreading the word. Be sure to visit his IMDB page as well. Maybe sponsors will drop him of he becomes public enemy number one? I hope so!! His show is done, his 15minutes are up. Time for him to disappear with his disfuncitonal family. He's no better than anyone else.

2361 days ago


I posted this before and I'M POSTING IT AGAIN.........DR. PHIL SHOULD HAVE NEVER TRIED TO LINE UP THE SKANKS WHO DID THE BEATING!!!! He should have contacted THE VICTIM TO APPEAR ON HIS SHOW!!! He did nothing more than reward a TRASHY GIRL FOR BAD BEHAVIOR by making it easy for her by bailing her out when otherwise no one in her family had the means to get her trashy butt out!!!

It's time for the DR. PHIL SHOW TO GET YANKED OFF THE AIR!!! One Jerry Springer is ENOUGH!!!

2361 days ago


If they wanted someone on the show, how about paying the medical bills for the victim and having her on the show? Why do they always focus on the criminals, and not the victim. Remember, there is a teenage girl here who has lost sight in one eye and hearing in one ear. What about her?

2361 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

"What can you expect from a family that not only names their daughter after a car, but spells it wrong??"

Mercedes is actually a girl's name. It was a girl's name long before it bacame a car name. It means "merciful." (Ironic, eh?) The Daimler-Mercedes automobile was originally named for the daughter of Emil Jellinek. He painted her name on one car for luck and it snowballed from there.

That being said I'm sure you are correct in your assumption that this no-good, one step removed from the trailer park family DID name their useless child after the car. And yes, they DID spell it wrong.

And yes, they are complete and utter white trash and their attention whore slag offspring should still be in jail.


2361 days ago


Here's another attack on a young girl, but this time its not even teenagers, but 10-11 yrs olds.

All of these perps need to spend some serious time behind bars. No probation, no home confinement, no interference from the parents and grapndparents (that raised them to be CRAP in the first place) Just JAIL TIME and LOTS of it! I don't care how old they are! Throw them away.

2361 days ago


If Dr. Phil REALLY wanted to help why didn't he have his producers go to Florida to see how he could have helped the VICTIM of this brutal attack. I'm done with Dr. Phil. This year's shows have been nothing but "look at me", I am perfect!"
I think HE needs a dose of reality!! Perhaps some of his "experts" from the show could give him some counseling. What a fake!

2361 days ago


I really have to wonder what the f u c k is wrong with all these teenagers and kids today?! I was in high school not that long ago and never did it cross my mind to beat anyone. These kids need an a s s kicking pronto. My siblings and I would never have acted in such a way.

2361 days ago


I have a degree in Clinical Psychology and I am ashamed of Dr. Phil...........not only with this story but in general. I am surprised at his ego.......... ego does not belong in this profession.

2361 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Oh that moral indignation from all over North America, is so logical, NOT! Dr. Phil tried to do a show which was uplifting, intelligent, and educational - and what did that get him - low ratings and a couple of screaming phone calls from the network and his boss Oprah. So, he gave the North American public what they wanted - low brow, unintelligent, and completely ludicrous show topics - and what did that get him - great ratings and a ton of bonuses from the network and Oprah. So, for God's sake, do not blame Dr. Phil or his staff for dragging the gutter to bring North American's what they want to see - if they wanted intelligence, and knowledge - PBS would be top rated and not FOX - and sites like TMZ would not be earning millions of dollars from moron posters, if you want to know who to blame for this and anyother mess in the US, look in the mirror, ask yourself when was the last time you read a book that was not based on pornography, scandal, or sex, and then give your head a shake and yourself a slap! Hey, it is time to turn back to FOX - morons!

2361 days ago

Beauty in the eyes of the beholder    

Can we say Springer? At least Jerry Springer was not dressed as a wolf in a sheep clothing.... Just thinking out loud.

2361 days ago
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