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Kelly Ripa to Priscilla - Oh No You Di'nt!

4/17/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A war as big as the one between LC and Heidi nearly broke out on the set of "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning when the dancing, motor-oiled, Scientolo-grandmama stepped up to the perky one for interrupting Regis.

Kelly looked like she was about to rippa that frozen face off.


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I love Jay Leno    

I used to like watching Regis and Kelly, but honestly, Kelly brings nothing to the table. Whenever a topic like politics or world news comes up, do you ever notice how she never has anything to say about said topic. It's always like, "yes how sad Regee" or "it's to bad" or "I know". Watch for that the next time. But talk about Manolo or Jimmy Choos and her conversations are endless. What about that model strut that she has worn out a year ago. Why does she still do that. It just makes the show look dumb. I don't dislike her, but I feel she would fit better on Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight kind of show, Where you don't have to be so bright. Maybe even TMZ (ouch)!! What ever happened to her comedy Hope and Faith. I never heard about that cancellation. That was pretty quiet.

2350 days ago


Oh, hell no! That Priscilla nobody needs to shut up...she is a NOBODY. Kelly, you are awesome! I probably would've squeezed some motor oil out of her face! Thanks Regis for smoothing it over the best you could! GO KELLY!

2350 days ago

choppy 1    

Kelley may have accidently interupted Regis, but the rude one was Priscilla. It's Kelley's show for crying out loud. Priscilla is a rude, no personality bitch. She absolutely sucked on Dancing With The Stars. Seriously, what kind of star is she??? She was married to Elvis after having sex with him at age 14 and that quite simply is all she is famous for. She needs to get over her stone-faced self.

2350 days ago


Kelly should have knocked the "joker" bi*!h the f*%k out!!h

2350 days ago


Kelly got the last laugh... her silence screamed, "Out of respect for the elderly, even if rude, maybe a touch of dementia, you don't argue with them!

2350 days ago


Good Pricilla, we won't ever have to look at you on Regis and Kelly again. You pretty much sealed that deal! In case you haven't figured it out, Kelly practically gets paid to interrupt Regis. And thank goodness she does because he spends most of his time not knowing what's going on on his own show and messing up celebrity guests' names. Why don't you go back to pretending like you're Elvis's widow...which you're NOT!!! Oh and why don't you find a job being the poster child for anti-cosmetic procedures campaigns. Nasty!!!

2350 days ago


Ok "BIG TRAP" talk about stupid, I'd definately put you in that class as well. Your remarks are so hateful, it really does make you look ignorant. Kelly is liked by so many people and she is for sure a asset to the show.

2350 days ago


Kelly retains her title as queen of the duochebags....

2350 days ago


Watch the video. No matter what your personal feelings are Kelly started to speak first. I don't think there was any disrepect intended on Kellys part to either Regis or their guest.

2350 days ago


To the post that said Kelly was Not pissed. She clearly was offended and you can't tell by the clip here. She didn't ask another questin the entire segment and just smiled and stared at the camera the whole time afterward. She might not have been pissed but she clearly got the jab and was showing how she felt about it looking right in to the camera.

2350 days ago


wow........I cant find any words to comment on that...........shock............

2350 days ago


Prisca needs to shut her fat, ugly trap and be a gracious GUEST! Kelly did not purposefully interupt. That is just the way she is, and that is why Regis chose her. Prisca truly looks like an old hag, and her hair!!!!????? Doesn't she know she looks like crap?

2350 days ago


It's obvious Priscilla didn't like Kelly to begin with and saw an opportunity to get the message across loud and clear. I can't believe Kelly just sat there and took it.

2350 days ago

chin chin    


2350 days ago

Casual Observer    

There is only one person more useless than Kelly Ripa. Appropriately, it's her husband Mark Consuelos. A match made in show biz heaven.

2350 days ago
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