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Billy Blanks' Wife Kickboxes Him to the Curb

4/23/2008 8:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gayle Blanks has filed for legal separation from her husband, Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks. The reason for the separation? Tae Bo is no longer relevant ... just kidding, it's "irreconcilable differences."
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The fit couple, who have been married since 1974, met in a karate class. They have two kids -- one of whom, Billy Jr., tried to invent something called "Cardioke."


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I think that this is very sad! Billy has done a lot of great things and people shouldn't try to kick somebody when they are down....who would want their business put in the news? Both Billy and Gayle are great people. They both have a loving and giving heart. They have done a lot of things to help and love millions of people around the world, including all of their work that they do for our troops!!!! Nobody should make a judgement or opinion about what goes on in peoples private life! It is to bad that their disgrunteld family members take this time to take a stab at Billy and Gayle. They sound like the typical jealous family members that they you should give them everything that you have worked for. Shame on them for being upset that Billy and Gayle gave millions to their church, to help many many other people. I know for a fact that that money built a youth center for disadvantaged children. But when you deal with greedy family members, it just is never enough!!!!! Sad!

2375 days ago


These posts are ridiculous. I cant believe why people judge people how they look especially when a separation has nhothing to do with it. what is on the outside of a person should not be judged but what is on the inside. My understanding from watching the videos his wife is sick with fibromyalgia and this is a very serious illness. I have many friends with this and it is very debilitating illness. so STOP posting about his wife and look deep into yourself and decide what kind of a person you are for making comments like this. How would you like it if something happened to you to where you weren't able to work out and were sick in bed and your body changed from the way it use to look.....would you want people making cruel and mean comments about you??????? How would you feel????? Hopefully, it would make you feel horrible for making such rude comments......if not, well, you have just shown what kind of horrible mean person you really are!!!!!!

2375 days ago


they been married since 1974?? daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang why bother getting a divorce...

2375 days ago


Gayle has suffered with a very serious neurological disorder for years. She takes a lot of medication to stay healthy. Back in the mid 90's she would workout and teach classes to the risk of her health. She liked to stay fit and be a part of the center. When Billy was still a down to earth working guy they had a Karate school and taught fitness on the side. they have been together since their teen years. She has ALWAYS been by his side. When they first came to California they scrambled for money just to eat. As she grew more ill her health prevented her from being a part of the on scene gym classes. Their daughter Shelly assumed the role. Billy has been chasing skirts since Gayle was a perfect 10. He is just a rat.
He chews people up and then spits them out when he's done. the ONLY person who places number one in Billy's life is Billy.

2375 days ago


I have to say I know Billy Blank's brother and sister personally and they are really good people who would never want anything more than love from their brother. They are not selfish and/or greedy people and I never heard them once bad mouth their brother.

2375 days ago

no surprise    

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...then I guess you know what great "christians" the Jr. and his wife are. Something about Jr. gives me the creeps Big Time. Phony, Phony, Phony...especially...the smile on Billy Jr.'s wife's face. She makes me wanna puke. The truth ALWAYS prevails....AMEN.

2375 days ago

steve blanks    

Hi everyone out there. I am the Brother of Billy Blanks and the Brother in law of Gayle Blanks. All of the negative comments that people are saying about My Brother and Sister in law are not needed and uncalled for. Whatever problem that they are going through is between them. After almost 34 years of marriage I am sure that, maybe, whatever is going on between them can be worked out. Billy and Gayle's family here in Erie, Pa and California is very supportive of them both.We don't want anything negative to happen to them. I will admit that no family is perfect and that we do have are problems and differences, but not to the place where we want to be very negative to Gayle and Billy. I reality I can only speak for myself. I love them both and I hope everything goes well for them both, and with Billy Jr and Shelly. May THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU ALL. Thanks Steve Blanks, Erie , Pa

2375 days ago


Working for both BIlly and Gayle, I can tell you that this sort or embarrassment is long over due. This man carried his bible with him everywhere, and was all to quick to tell everybody what they are doing wrong and what they need to do to make themselves better. His employee made close to nothing (unless, of course you were a regular at the church he went to) and his wife was not exactly the sweetest woman you ever met. Keep in mind, half of his staff was realted to him! He at one time didn't even have the decency to attend the company Christmas Party, Enough about that. Billy always made a point to say 'every morning I wake up and tell my wife You Are Going to Have a Great Day'... HA

2375 days ago


Hello CINDY ANDERSON or should I say..."by no surprise" I know Billy and Sharon but I also know who you are. Don't you have better things to do then use the BLANKS name to get attention like everybody else? This is not a situation to make light of. GET A LIFE!

2375 days ago

gotta getta life    

Amazing how many of you feel superior in some way. I have followed this man for years and would never presume to know as much as some of you so-called authorities do. I never had a clue that he was cheating and as far as us working for free, we are honored to participate in these videos. Perhaps if you do something that involves your own mind, body and spirit you will not feel the need to judge.

2375 days ago


2 all of u making these callus and utterly ridiculous comments regarding Mr.Blanks and his family: Find a short pier, take a long walk. And that's being nice. 2 whom else it may concern: all those dishing the dirt ( and u know who u are) about family bizness: Shame on u 2. Get a life..........

2374 days ago

Have you ever asked yourself?    

Well. I always knew what kind of man you were Billy since... You know what I am talking about. So much pain and humiliation. I will never forget how you behaved with me but I forgive you. Actually you know what? Today I am telling you THANK YOU! You actually gave me the strengh to reach out the best of my Life ! Life gave me this challenge to become who I am and where I am today. I did my way.... as if anything cause I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Law of attractions right?
I still hope those challenges make you a better person. I really do.

2374 days ago


Assuming that the majority of stories on this thread are heartfelt and genuine, I would like to say I'm sorry for any pain or betrayal you felt in the presence of this person. However, there seems to be a lack of separation in some of the ideas. As far as I know, the Tae Bo workout is quite effective, no matter what new gimmick Billy develops (bands, amped bar, t3 weights, etc). But this is the workout, as someone sort of pointed out. Not the man.

I never knew Billy, obviously, never even been to California. But I think that credit should be given where credit is due. The man's ability to create workout's (perhaps with help from others, or maybe just to be a figurehead for the work outs) is decent. He is obviously very physically fit, which is admirable. But I think that physical health is different from emotional health, is different from spiritual health, is different from mental health. All things in perspective. He's obviously (or seemingly) physically healthy, but if he cheats he is a very unhappy person on the inside. I'm not being an apologist, this is just how underdeveloped people are. He is not an evil man. He is just someone who has what seems like a severe emotional pathology. Because of this some people say he thinks he's God. But so what? Let him. It's his life. However, I would encourage you to separate yourselves and anyone you know away from his person.

However, in closing, if the work outs work... who cares about the man? Physical fitness is physical's not like being next to him is going to make bicep curls any more or less effective than being across the world from him. Additionally, the range of "exercises" that still yield results is exhaustive so... it's not like he or his developers or anyone can keep coming up with "new exercises."

Just some thoughts on the issue that's all. Leave him be, but don't let your personal betrayal by him, or your personal hurt impinge on something that is good: his workouts. It's all too easy to let our personal feelings downplay something good that someone created, even if they developed a pathology from it. His words may be shallow, but his words are not his workouts right? It's not his campy attitude that makes the workout anyway.

P.S. - For all people on this forum, I think it would be better to just let people have their own opinions on the man than to strike out at them. Even if they tell you your stories are wrong, you have nothing to prove to them. You shared your story, they chose not to believe it. That's ok. You have no responsibility to them. There is no reason people should be waging an I-am-right-you-are-wrong style war on this forum about him. Share your experiences, who cares what other people think.

2301 days ago

Nadene Belle    

Gayle Blanks is my sister. My brother-in-law is a good person and so is my sister. Unfortunately their most private life is now the center of media attention. No one, can or should, speculate as to their personal lives. Quite frankly it is none of your business. People think that because a person is a public figure they can say anything about that person without consequences. Words hurt. Marriage takes work, every day. Everyone know that it isn't easy. Things happen. It is none of my business as to the reason. Our families, both the Blanks and Godfrey, will be there for Gayle and Billy whatever happens. That is what families do. As to the rest of the world, please give them privacy. If your thoughts are anything other than positive towards my family please keep them to yourself. They are not needed or appreciated.
Nadene and Candi Belle

2372 days ago

Bearer of the Truth    

For the record:
- I worked out with Billy for more than 12 years.
- The TB workout is one of the best I’ve ever done.
- I contributed to Billy’s success by being in the first 4 sets of TB videos.
- I’m glad he made mountains of money.
- I’ve never written anything on-line, but the defenders of Billy don’t know squat or are too embarrassed to tell the truth.

However, unlike some of the people who submitted comments, I watched TB grow from nothing to a phenomenon. I loved the workout but, regardless of the well crafted public persona, I had nothing but disdain for how Billy stepped on others to get to the top. Number 12’s comments are right on the money. The defenders of Billy are the same one’s that idolized him, either because they were religious fanatics themselves or TB groupies, i.e., No. 16. ‘taeboflower’. I could write allot about a man whose insatiable greed was surpassed only by his limitless egomania. It’s one thing to burn those that work for you, but the way he treated his immediate family (who helped him build his business for years) – was tough to stomach. (BTW, his brothers and sister, who ran the gym for years when he was out making (lame) martial art movies and teaching TB in Europe, laying pipe all over the place, to this day have NEVER said a negative thing about Billy. They are truly wonderful people. No 21. ‘Kathy’ doesn’t know anything.) Bottom line, Billy was an arrogant, pompous, greedy, bible thumping hypocrite (known to give Christian sermons at the end of his classes), who did a GREAT workout. He was a religious fake, a user and abuser, cloaked in a veil of self righteousness. Based on what I saw for 12 years, conversations with others at the gym, and those who made the infomercials (including myself), I’m surprised there aren’t hundreds of comments on the truth about Billy.

For those that say Billy did allot for others, I agree; except Billy NEVER did anything that didn’t benefit him directly. When it came to self-aggrandizement, he would make P.T. Barnum blush (PT was known to say: “The masses are asses.”) In the end, Billy’s false façade came down, the way it always must because you can’t run a scam forever. And that’s the TRUTH !

2372 days ago
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