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WWE Writer Allegedly Dishes Racist Smackdown

4/23/2008 8:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no doubt that using the n-word is stupid -- but allegedly using the n-word in front of a guy that's over six-feet-tall, weighs nearly 400 pounds and calls himself "The World's Strongest Man" is beyond idiotic. Enter WWE writer Michael Hayes.

TMZ has confirmed that Hayes, the head writer for WWE's "Smackdown," has been suspended for 60 days -- allegedly for using racist language in front of wrestler Mark Henry. Michael's haymaker was supposedly thrown while out drinking at a party during the weekend of Wrestlemania, where ProWrestling.net reports Hayes told Henry, "I'm more of a n----- than you are."

It's unknown whether or not Hayes was subsequently hit in the face with a metal chair.

A rep for the WWE released this statement: "Due to inappropriate behavior, Michael Hayes was suspended for 60 days with no pay. In order to return to work, Michael Hayes will be required to undergo further evaluation."

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Maybe Michael P.S. Hayes should remember where he came from before opening his mouth! Otherwise he could have ended up back on BAD STREET USA with the Fabulous Freebirds! Oh wait this isn't the 80's. Maybe Hayes forgot that before getting in Henry's face. Too big for his freebird britches?!

2340 days ago


ugo has AIDS.

2340 days ago


wtf is the big deal. first off Mark Henery called Hayes a Ni@@er first because of the suit he wore at the hall of fame cermony. then later in the evening when they had all been out. mark made a comment about Hayes being a CRACKER. and hayes said Mark "im a NI@@er than you are, remember the suit i had on eariler.." so its ok for mark to call him a ni@@er but Hayes cant repeat what mark said. and isnt CRACKER a racial slur also. once again its the black man useing the race card to get the white man in trouble. and wtf mark is 400 pounds if it really bothered him he should have done something about it at the time. not wait until the talent meeting a week later when hayes is on vacation to bring it up. look we all know that the blacks were used as slaves and so forth way back when, but quit using that as a fuc4ing crutch to get through life..

2340 days ago


Uhh, I just wish black people would get off their over sensitive high horse. It's all good when you're calling someone a cracker, but drop one n bomb and jessie jackson's up your ass, what a crock. Last I checked it wasn't anyone alive that put your ancestors in to slavery, so get over it, move on and quit holding on to the crutch that is racism. It's not that big of a deal.

2340 days ago


Blacks call one another the slang word all the time. I even say it to my black friends. We are allowed to say what we want anytime. We have freedom of speech. It's people like the M. Hayes bosses suspeding him for talking shi. That are taking America down. Soon we will be intolerant of our own right's and we will bestow illegals more rights than out own brothers and sisters.

2340 days ago


First, let me say that the "N" word is a hurtful word, but what makes it hurt is not the word itself, but the intent behind it. The words goes as far back as 1786 and was created especially to disparage black people. In 1968, blacks started a movement to try to reclaim the word to neutralize its power. In my estimation, it didn't work. Now, black people use the word out of ignorance of the cruelty and discrimination that gave birth to the word. NO ONE should use the word, but using it in place of "brother" or "man" amongst "familars" is a lot better than using it to intentionally disparage someone and since the word was created expressly to denegrate black people by WHITE people, it's more offensive if you say it. The question is, why do white people WANT to say it so bad? What's with the excuse that its okay to use it because SOME ignorant black folks use it? Do you aspire to be ignorant too?

2271 days ago


I think that if everyone wants the N bomb to go away...then it should start with the blacks. I mean they use it more then anyone...White people aint allowed to use it...So i say if you all want it to go away then stop callin each other the N word!

2340 days ago


It doesn't matter who said what first...racial slurs are horrid no matter what. It hurts and we all know it to be called names. People need to grow up and stop all the hatin:) I mean the american indians were here before anyone...You don't see them crying around 24/7 about stuff. Can't we all just stfu and be adults and agree on anything? Why does the color of our skin or the music we listen to or the clothes we where have to be a big deal? Last time i looked...we are all human and from the same damn planet. I think it's high time we start acting like it.

2340 days ago


LOL i meant wear...not where...omg! LOL i'm just tired...east coast people

2340 days ago


Well, this IS coming from a guy that used to wear a robe made out of a Confederate flag. I don't see why it's such a surprise.

2340 days ago


Hayes did what wee all think. To the jerkoff in posts 1 & 2, you're the exact type of person that's not needed. KUDOS TO DHOOKEMHORNS for your post.

2340 days ago


#18, you do have a point. American indians were here before any of us were and were crapped on just as bad as blacks (I am black by the way) and they don't complain nearly as much!

2340 days ago

Get better, kiddo    

Will you Americans just grow up. You get so upset by words, you have so many problems that need your attention, why waste them with 'oh no he said a bad thing'? So what? The war should concern you, your people dieing for a lie. Sticks and stones. Grow up and face the true problems of your world - if for nothing else, the children.

2340 days ago

Keep it movin    

look we all know that the blacks were used as slaves and so forth way back when, but quit using that as a fuc4ing crutch to get through life..

Posted at 11:17PM on Apr 23rd 2008 by DHOOKEMHORNS

Wow that was a really beautiful and well thought out post you have there. Only one problem sir, the "N" word is the most powerful word in the english language. I would highly recommend no one use it because of the emotion it evokes....from everyone. Think about it. And also try to keep your history education on this entertainment site to a minimum.

2340 days ago

Aaron Lester    

Michael Hayes is one of the most respected Wrestling Writers in our business. Maybe the most respected. The P.S. Hayes that I know is a big "kid"der. I can bet my house on it that he and Henry was joking around. Someone else took offense to it and he was suspended. I see why Smackdown has sucked since Wrestlemania. Besides as the Head Writer for Smackdown, Hayes has put Henry in some great spots. So I doubt this was done on purpose.

2340 days ago
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