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WWE Writer Allegedly Dishes Racist Smackdown

4/23/2008 8:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no doubt that using the n-word is stupid -- but allegedly using the n-word in front of a guy that's over six-feet-tall, weighs nearly 400 pounds and calls himself "The World's Strongest Man" is beyond idiotic. Enter WWE writer Michael Hayes.

TMZ has confirmed that Hayes, the head writer for WWE's "Smackdown," has been suspended for 60 days -- allegedly for using racist language in front of wrestler Mark Henry. Michael's haymaker was supposedly thrown while out drinking at a party during the weekend of Wrestlemania, where ProWrestling.net reports Hayes told Henry, "I'm more of a n----- than you are."

It's unknown whether or not Hayes was subsequently hit in the face with a metal chair.

A rep for the WWE released this statement: "Due to inappropriate behavior, Michael Hayes was suspended for 60 days with no pay. In order to return to work, Michael Hayes will be required to undergo further evaluation."

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I think it is funny how black people of today always go back to the past to justify themselves. If not for the horrible past, that none of them actually went through themselves, then they would still be over in africa getting eaten by lions.

2372 days ago


Michael Hayes is an idiot. The wrestling business has always been racist. And I don't care what anybody says, white people will never be black so they should stop saying what black people should and should not say and do, and quit saying things like 'black people say it.' SOME say it. Not ALL.

2372 days ago


Hayes is a drunk and has been for ages. He should be evaluated for alcoholism while he is off. He has always had a crazy temper and, frankly, he him being away from Smackdown will be a good thing since the show stinks right now. Hayes is outdated and not with the times and WWE should use this time to get another writer onboard. Remember when Hayes had his ponytail cut off by Waltman on a flight? Hayes was passed out drunk as usual and Sean Waltman cut it off then later pinned it up on the wall in the arena. HAHA. Hayes should be fired just for being such an ass.

Mark Henry could crush Hayes like a bug if he wanted but apparently he realized Hayes wasn't worth the effort.

2372 days ago

Hoelck HATER    

Wile I agree that WWE should have done something against Hayes for his inappropriate language, I also fee that the wrestler who sued the same language toward Hayes earlier in the evening (reportidly MVP)should ALSO be disciplined. Maybe not to the same degree, but he should not get away scott free. If the word is so horrible, NO ONE should be using it and it is a HORRIBLE double standard that someone can take exception to the word being used yet still use it themselves. When someone starts using that sort of language in a laid back social situation it sort of opens up it's acceptance in that setting.

Again, I am not trying to defend Hayes, but for someone to use "that word" in a close social setting and another person to use the same word in the same setting and only one of them to get in trouble is B.S. One COULD argue that Hayes would be the LESSER of the two because he reportidly din NOT call Henry that word, Hayes reportedly called HIMSELF that word... AFTER someone else called HIM that word.

In a semi related note... Someone a month or so ago got in trouble for using the term "Shuckin & Jivin" because it is "A RACIST TERM", the first place I ever heard that term (and place I heard it the most) was The American Dream Dusty Rhodes and it was not being used in a racial manner. Eventually we won't be able to say ANYTHING without offending someone.

2372 days ago


As a black person who watched wrestling all my life (less so much after my teenage years but never the less I have flipped past it) I have to say the WWE has always been racist and probably for good reason. Look at their demographics, mostly white, you could add more adjectives like southern or less affluent or working class but I don't want to often anyone. Those people don't want a black champion they want to see black people in silly roles or as the big black evil enforcer. Thats the business, so you have to expect that those in the management might has a smidgin of racist in their thinking. I am not offended when I hear something like this; the words are not important its the actions that go with the words that are more important. Jumping at someone every time they drop the N-bomb is unproductive; focus on real racist issues in society like Pat Buchanan and people like that who say that clinton and Obama are the same candidate but if she doesn't win they will vote for Mccain. Or worse the people who directly say I am not voting for a black person (or a half black person) Thats really sad.

Still Mark Henry is a big MF he is the last person's s-list I would want to be on.

2372 days ago


according to what I have read it seems that everyone here is talking in tongues
don't believe everything unless you hear it from the horses mouth
but then and again to each his own
I am sure their is more to the story
wonder who is backstabbing who?

2372 days ago

PS on AWA    

Ironic that right now I'm watching AWA Championship Wrestling on ESPN Classic and they are showing a tag team match from Super Clash 3 from 1988. The match: Samoan Swat Team defending the World Class tag team belts against Steven Cox AND MICHAEL P.S. HAYES.

2371 days ago

Terry 'Bamm-Bamm' Gordy    

It's unfortunate that Michael said what he did. I agree that he needs to be disciplined but it was just drunk talk. I hope people will keep in mind that Michael and the Freebirds have made numerous contributions to professional wrestling and were tremendously influential. I personally will not judge him or remember him based on this one incident. Mark Henry, on the other hand, has made zero contributions to professional wrestling. The WWE has tried for over a decade to make him a star, but it's a waste of time and money. He cannot wrestle, cannot talk, and has no charisma. He is a wasted spot on the WWE roster.

2371 days ago

Farris Thomas II    

Pettiness, pure and simple. Grow up people....get a life!!!! Michael was calling himself a "n".......not Mark Henry!
I am a Black man. Have always been a Hayes fan, and nothing has changed. I still am and will always be.

2371 days ago


Total B.S to suspend the guy, I am a black male and like someone said above we (not me however) say it to each other all the time, and on the same note WE have to check ourselves as well. I see it on TV and I here it in music, black folks saying the racial slur "cracker" like it isn't racist. Black people before we get offended about someone from the opposite race calling us a slur think about this, does it generate a reaction? Will it make you act out of character? Does it make you want to fight? If so then yes you are the very thing you were called, because we all respond to our names right? And a real racist doesn't care about the size or reputation of a person, it's the reaction that proves their point. Think about it...

2371 days ago


The wrestling business was built on hicks, rednecks, and white trash. Now that they've been promoted to writers in the company, of course they're gonna treat blacks and hispanics badly. I mean the WWE had a gimmick years back where a Mexican wreslting stable...the "Mexicools" came out to the ring riding on lawnmowers for christ sake. How offensive is that?

2369 days ago

Max 2000    

I would have gone Chris Benoit on his ass.

2366 days ago


thank you TMZ for allowing people to see that WWE has racist people employed. i think what michael hayes said even joking around, was disgusting! even in these comments that you (TMZ) allow to post- read some of these comments- there are a few racist comments and jokes about it. don't you screen these comments??? if this country continues with the racist ways-- this country will end up in a civil war! trust me, it's only a matter of time--and this time we-(the so called minorities) will win. why? because we are all united!-thank you.

2365 days ago


I've read all the comments & wow interesting.I'm a AMERICAN & think people need to relax.I'm a Native American,or a Indian,or a Native American Indian, I get confused on what to call myself so I just say a AMERICAN.I'm only 1/2 or a half breed, I get flack from Indians, because I'm a half breed, & the Whites for the same.I have Blacks in my family too. I've heard all say some type of racial slur I take no offense to any.I do take offense to anything bad about our country.I THINK IF A RACIAL SLUR OFFENDS YOU FINE ,YOU SHOULD NOT SAY ANY EITHER .

2360 days ago
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