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Aniston to Paparazzi:

I'm Not Your Friend, Buddy!

5/3/2008 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston got accosted at a Florida Marlins game tonight by an overzealous photog who got a little too close for comfort. Hands off Mayer's woman!

Aniston was filming a scene at the game with Owen Wilson for their upcoming movie "Marley & Me." CBS4 in Miami tells that after they were done filming, a photog got too close to Aniston and wouldn't back off. Cops warned him several times to keep his distance, but he wouldn't listen -- so officers moved in.

He was taken out of the stadium and eventually released. No charges were filed.


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At least she stays out of trouble.I did't care for her at first until I saw a couple of her movies.She grows on you!!

2361 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Something smells fishy. IF she was shooting a scene, why wasn't there security personell to keep the actors safe??

And if not, why can't she hire a bodyguard to protect her against the sleazy paps?

Next time, Jen, kick him in his jewels! He'll back off. LOL

2361 days ago


She looks cute, sexy and like she is enjoying herself. If the cops ask him to stay back maybe he should have listened.
She's a little heavier than she use to be and it looks really good on her. This movie looks like it is going to be really
good. I read that The Management is very, very funny. There are good paps and bad just like in every other job.

2361 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Jennifer is an average looking girl totally into her looks and desperate for a relationship since she botched up her marriage.
She will be a lonely, bitter old woman.

2361 days ago

Christopher Sean    

Leave this angel alone. To me, she has always been a Greek Goddess. She has always looked her best at the size she was when she began playing on Friends. Then she lost too much weight for years. If she gains, I think she looks great. You people need to get a life.

2361 days ago


seems like she only wants attention when she wants people to feel sorry for her regarding Brad..(by the way, how many more years will you be milking that one?) or when she has a new man...(by the way, that is pathetic) she is just so yawn...she needs to fall off of the radar like the rest of her "Friends"

2361 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Um, tmz, what happened to your theory that celebs seek attention by going to the hot spots to be seen? Jen was working and you guys are shoving cameras in her face. Good for Jen ... she needs attention from this site like Harvey needs a woman.

2361 days ago


lol. There must be some reason she can't find a man

2361 days ago

Just sayin'    

Never understood the appeal of this woman. I liked her on Friends but that is it. She's not a vesicle actress. No matter what movie she is in I keep expecting her to say "Hi Ross"! Different dialogue. Same person. NOW EVRONE GET PISSED OFF AT ME !!! ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! lol! I don't give a crap!

2361 days ago


I think she is a very pretty woman and I like her shows. She looks pretty happy to me. Go Jen.

2361 days ago

Lenn K.    

It always kill me when a pap is stalking the hell out of you has the nerve to try and talk like you're best friends. Get the hell away, freak!!

2361 days ago


No, I don't think she ate a bagel or donut-- I think she got quite a few cheek filler injections and am curious if anyone else agreed. Have actually always thought JA had one on the best bodies in Hollywood and still do. It's just interesting to see the celebrities change their faces (fillers, cheek implants, etc) as they age.

2361 days ago

Goerge Bush    

Agree with # 22................WHO CARES.....a no-name NO TALENT b-RATED play actress

2361 days ago


We out here in the average everyday so called normal life have to work hard for out measley earnings and then when we get older and sick have to fight desperately and wait and wait for disability that we paid into anyway. I went through thyroid cancer and lost my vocal chord and it seems i'm minus half my life now with all the aches and pains. I'd love to be a movie star with my only problem some camera chasing me to get a picture and tell me he was my friend....god...... if only I had so minor problems. YOU ALL GET PAID FOR IT>>>>SO SHUT UP AND SMILE AT THE CAMERA AND SAY CHEEEEESSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

2361 days ago


Aniston looks very different then how she normally appears in photographs. Her eyes are what I notice. Since Brad moved on to Angelina, Aniston is loosing her edge fast. What made Aniston famous (A List Category) was her marriage to Brad Pitt. Had she never married Pitt, should would have faded out of sight quickly after Friends ended (just like the rest of the cast). Aniston didn't want to have babies so Brad found someone (beautiful, smart, caring and generous with her time and money) to bare his children! Pitt traded in his high maintenace Mercede's for a smooth riding Rolls Royce.

2361 days ago
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