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Alec Smarts on "60 Min."

5/11/2008 9:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin vented on "60 Minutes" about the voice mail message to his daughter which TMZ first published. He also trashes Kim Basinger's lawyer.

In the segment, which airs tonight, Baldwin says, "You get so frustrated, and you realized, number one, and it's wrong. It's totally wrong ... that I was really speaking to someone else when I left that message. I was pissed. I had been putting up with this for six years."

As for calling his daughter a "thoughtless little pig," Baldwin thinks the real damage is that the voice mail went public.

Baldwin's venom was targeted at Basinger's lawyer, Judy Bogen. When asked about his comment that she resembled "a 300 pound homunculus with a face like a clinched fist," he said he was being "kind" and that it was not abusive given what she put him through.

Tonight, Bogan's law partner, Neal Hersh, blasted Baldwin, saying, "His personal attacks were socially and morally unacceptable, not to mention inaccurate. He defended his actions rather than take responsibility."

BTW, a homunculus is "a miniature adult that in the theory of preformation is held to inhabit the germ cell and to produce a mature individual merely by an increase in size."


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If there are any "thoughtless little pigs" it is Alec Baldwin." I realize he was pissed at his wife but he damaged his girl for the rest of her life. I had a father like Alec and I still remember everything he said to me growing up. I loved my father but I did not like him at all. Alec your daughter is just like you so deal with it. You taught her to be that way!

2320 days ago


Homunculus,I think if you want to use a big word it should be a good one,pusillanimous, it's a big word for being a P#ssy and nobody ever appreciates it.Let's all work on our vocabulary!!!!!!!!!!!!

2320 days ago


Wow.. TMZ bought a thesaurus!

2320 days ago


Alec is a hot head, without question. Yeah, publicity is a pain. Turns what the ordinary man can get away with, into a big deal if you're a celebrity. That's the sucky part.

2320 days ago


Who is this guy but just some old fat guy on TV.

2320 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Democrats NEVER accept responsibility for their own actions and ALWAYS put blame on someone else. Typical actions of a Hollywood Democrat.

2320 days ago


With his temper he would make a wonderful polictician. He couldn't meet and discuss issues with people that had different views than his own.
What an ugly jerk. I wish he would shut his mouth.

2320 days ago


I think he should stick with sweaty balls,but that's just me

2320 days ago


9. I may catch a lot of slack for making this comment, but having been the "new wife" for 10 years now, and dealing with the emotional garbage hubby's ex has foisted onto us as well as their son, I can see why Alec snapped. No one needs to put him down until they have lived thru Parental Alienation Syndrome. Until you have walked a mile in those particular shoes, you cannot honestly say what you would & would not do. It's a horribly selfish & mean thing to put a child thru in the first place.

Ireland is damned if she loves her dad (or displays her love), because Kim will make her feel guilty for doing so; and if she doesn't show her love for her dad, then he's hurt and that makes her feel badly, too. So, as you see, there are NO winners when dealing with PAS.

Posted at 9:51PM on May 11th 2008 by Jaydee665

Jaydee665 - I applaud you for the courage for stating the facts the way you did!!! BRAVO!!! (however, I did shortened your original post for the jest of it). I too am a second wife (my first marriage w/1 grown boy) - my husband's EXWITCH has not let her daughter come to her fathers house since we married 4 years ago! The only reason we didn't press the issue either is the youngest daughter was 12 at the time and very sad that mom and dad weren't going to get back together - and we too are hoping she will come around soon. My husband has tried numerous times to just meet him somewhere w/out me, to no avail.

Anyway - that's the way parental alienation is folks, either you have an EX with $$ blocking you - or you're the working poor with a SELFISH SELF CENTERED EX filled with venom for EX and fills the kids heads with fiscous lies!

p.s. When his son turned 18 the year we married, comes to visit often.

2320 days ago


Eddie - The fact that he thinks the worse thing about this is that it was made public shows just how narcissistic he is- he's putting his own pain onto his daughter???

That is NOT a FACT - The fact is, BECAUSE it was made PUBLIC made it worse for his daughter! He knows how to deal with public scrutiny NOT his daughter! I hardly doubt he didn't appologize to his daughter for his outburst.

Whoever leaked that tape to the press (KIM) is very viscious and thoughtless of the reprecrutions that was going to have on poor Ireland at school and in public!!! What a BEOTCH!!!!!

THE MEDIA that first released the tape ought to be ASHAMED too!!! For the added "unnecessary" pain they caused that little girl.

This is a private family matter - that probably patched up between father & daughter before the FRIGGEN TAPE hit the airways!!!

And no, i'm not a fan of either Actors - i'm just a fan of parental rights.

2320 days ago

Mary Worth    

I'm glad that Alec made it clear that he never said he'd leave the country if Bush was elected. That was Kim Basinger's doing. She gave the press the false quote.

Re: the tape. What immediately came to mind, was who gave the press the tape? Only Kim Basinger came to mind.

When Ireland matures, and can think for herself about parental wars and who's to blame, will she come up with MOTHER?

Alec seems to scare the Repugnant media! Finally, a liberal who has balls!

I'm an independent voter, but both parties disgust me. The corporate media seems to have them in their pocket.

Jaydee665. I want to thank you for your coherent and incisive views about the abuse of parental rights. And particularly stressing the point that unless one has been there, and experienced what a deeply frustrated parent has, one doesn't really know the truth.
I added that last part.

2320 days ago


Is Alec still with his Asian G/F? Doesn't she politically bat for the other side? Should be interesting if he gets into office.
If I were Ireland, when I reached 16 I would stick 2 fingers up to both parents.

2320 days ago


Arnie from Kalifornea and Maria bat on opposite teams and they've been married for quite some time.

There's proof right there that Democrats have a sense of humor!!!!!

2320 days ago

nelly forbush    

Can anyone say Narcissistic? This man thinks way too highly of himself to take any responsibility for anything he does. Even though I really do think Kin is a nut and I know his divorce sucks, I find it kind of poetic justice. It is his political outlook and beliefs that have enabled this kind of nonsense to take place in divorce hearings and the courts in general from the get go. So the chickens have come home to roost. All that said; He looks like crap, like a bloated, baggy eyed old gasbag!

2320 days ago


Democrats have a sense of humor!!!!!

I'm sorry, re-thought.... Democrats have a sense of humor with the exection of OBAMA'S wife!!! She is ONE miserable person!!!

You can almost see that TAIL of OBAMA'S tucked between his legs when SHE is prensent!!!

2320 days ago
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