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Anne Heche Crazy Broke

5/14/2008 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anne Heche got a break from the judge in her custody war today after appearing in court, claiming she doesn't have a pot to pee in ... even less than her deader-beat ex-husband.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge has suspended Heche's obligation to pay child support for July. Heche has been forking over $14,798 in monthly support.

In her declaration, Heche noted that her TV show, "Men In Trees," had gotten the ax. She says since January, "I have been unemployed and had no income....except for one very short term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000."

Heche says she has a grand total of $34,840.93 in her accounts. She claims she can't continue paying for Homer's private school tuition, her Canadian mortgage, L.A. rent, auto and other expenses. She says she's $364,000 in the hole.

BTW, Anne was spotted at the Malibu Beach Inn over the weekend. She blew $30 on appetizers, not including tip.


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Hey Lame MZ if your going to quote the BIBLE you had better believe in JESUS and the supernatural powers that GOD has.JESUS is the BIBLE.The word of God teaches about JESUS and what he did for us so we could go to heaven when we die.Put the Bible into reality for you,the whole BIBLE.Accept CHRIST as your SAVIOR.

2320 days ago


Everyone seems to be missing the bigger point: $15,000 per MONTH for child support for ONE child????? I know people who are getting $300 per month, per child, for a child support payment! Why should her husband be getting $15 GRAND per MONTH????? THAT to me, is the mind-blower! No-one should have to pay that much to anyone, whether it be the husband paying the ex-wife or the wife paying the ex-husband... And as to her $30 appetizers -- does anyone actually believe that if she skipped eating a $30 appetizer she could magically have enough to pay $15,000 that month in child support??? The two things don't go together at all!! I remember someone telling a friend they shouldn't have a nice car before they have a house that could be owned -- a $50,000 car does NOT buy a $700,000 house, so their logic was as flawed as some readers here re: the stupid appetizer! If I bypass a $30 item this month, does that mean I'll have a spare $15,000 later that same month all because I skipped over a $30 appetizer? I think not...

2320 days ago

go outside sometimes    

If I see one more post by kelli I am gonna puke

2320 days ago


Grab your barf bag bob, I back and I hope you choke, you bastard!!

2320 days ago


#50? Who are you? barf bag?

2320 days ago


42? Sorry if FlBiker and I exchanged pics along time ago and moved on from here. Enjoy while you can, be well and happy.

2320 days ago


Dont knock a girl for eating! A girls gotta eat and she can stand the poundage!!!

2320 days ago



2320 days ago


I agree that it is a ridiculous amount of money for child support for one child. Nothing is stopping the daddy from gainful employment and he gets to live a luxurious lifestyle that leaves his successful working wife with almost nothing. It would be fitting since she no longer has a regular series, if she gained custody and save a fortune in the process.

2320 days ago


Hey kelli are you and fibiker an item now?

Do I hear bells or blues?

2320 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

OK, so this woman is clearly unstable, but why in the world would she be expected to pay that loser any money? He is a capable man. He can get a job. Who would think she would have that kind of money? She isn't exactly a superstar! And TMZ, you continue to annoy me. I used to be a fan,now you just look desperate!

2320 days ago

Truth Hurts    

Mentally ill shouldn't breed, but aside from that, should of just hired a nanny and a housekeeper instead of paying for a man to do as little as possible.

2320 days ago


and he can't get a job...WHY??? he looks perfectly fit to work. whatever his trade is...get a damn job...lazy ass, have some pride, support your kid for god's sake.

2319 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    


2319 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Why is Mrs. Bushmann on here so late and so much YELLING at everyone to get off their computers? Why is she on her computer commenting on these posts? Why does she care? Who is she?

2319 days ago
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