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50 and Baby Mama In Street Fight Before Fire

5/30/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We got hold of a wild video of 50 Cent and the mother of his son, Shaniqua Tompkins, arguing in the streets of NYC Monday afternoon. The two are screaming and cursing at each other in public ... things get so heated Fiddy had to be held back!

This fight was triggered just after Fiddy and his ex were at a deposition -- the lawyer's office had just been trashed.

The former couple has been in a bitter battle after Fiddy tried to throw Tompkins out of the house he owns. The court sided with 50 in April, and Shaniqua was given until the end of the school year to pack up.


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c breezy    

get a clue,

how about YOU get a clue. this broad has ALL the motives. and she'll be homeless by the end of the school year because a JUDGE ruled the bitch had to pack up and leave. I'm sure she hasn't made any attempt to get a job or an apt. No, she's had 4 other people living in the house, MOOCHING off of her 'babydaddy' This was her way of saying F U 50! Hopefully, her ass gets thrown in jail for arson, and the son is placed with a stable non crazy family member. God help this child!

2307 days ago


TNB at it's finest.

2307 days ago


50 has the baby mama from hell. He needs to start doing condom PSA's because he is the poster boy for the consequences of unprotected sex. Well at least he only has 8 years left of dealing with this woman.

2307 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Hey L.A. mom STFU..

You dont even know what you are talking about. You think you do which is funny..Lets see how your kids turn out..haha 90% of the rich kids at universities around the country do drugs, sell drugs binge dirnk,, have have tons of sex etc etc..But they act like angels in front of parents like you..You need to get a clue..What a moron!!

2307 days ago



2307 days ago

La Mom    

L.A. Mom ~ what makes you think I'm rich? Haaaahahah! Stereotype much? I see black kids in my city acting a fool every day and their parents are just as bad! And that's a first hand account my friend, no stereotype there. I pity the children, I put the blame where it goes - the PARENTS. I couldn't care less who this Shaniqua woman is, she makes no difference to me. That's her problem, and Fiddys too for creating the mess their in. But the kid is an innocent. I see grade school children every day who can rap like the best of them, but can't even pass a basic spelling test. Neither can their parents! And if you can't see that LA Mom, YOU are in denial, not me. So STFU? Uhm, that would be a a big fat NO. I won’t :)))). Tough if you don't like it. Get a thicker skin.

2307 days ago


Wow...That house was ruined big time....I hate to speculate, either of them could have done it, her because she is pissed she has to leave- him because she didn't leave yet...maybe neither of them, maybe it was that man of hers....who knows. What I do know that shame on the child endangerment...that is no joke and I hope that kid is not traumatized even more....

That public fight was a bad look for both, not just him.

I have a hard time believing he would just destroy his home like that, especially since she was being forced out anyway.

Isn't this the same woman who got greedy and ended up in front of the wrong judge and got her child support payments decreased?

I'm just saying...

2307 days ago


Isn't this the house that mama was recently told she had to vacate? The one 50 "promised" her? Anyway, they are both trifling and low class regardless of the bank account.

2307 days ago



2307 days ago


The saddest part in all of this is that their son has to witness his parents acting like fools. However it does seem like Fifty has been more mature then the mother (surpisingly), out of all that they have been going thru this is the first I've seen of him losing it. Not a fan of his but from everything that has been in the media, the mother seems to be the one with the problem. I've even heard her claim that she was the one who nursed him back to health when he was shot, and it seems like now she believes that she should be paid forever for it. Can you imagine what the child must be feeling?

2307 days ago

La Mom    

Anyway, they are both trifling and low class regardless of the bank account. ----

They certainly are. As Fat Albert and the Gang would say "NO CLASS".

2307 days ago



2307 days ago


Another woman who is trying to use a child as a tool to get herself free room and board. Should be ashamed

2307 days ago

John V    

Cmon People, u know she did it, when u give a women a inch, they take the WHILE NINE YARDS! He gave her a house and paid for child support, she wanted to get greedy and the judge saw it and basically told her to screw. Ummmm i hope no1 in their right mind thinks 50 did it, cuz im going with his Ex, she burned the house down, i asked Ms Cleo earlier she said it was his Ex also =o)~

2307 days ago


Hope they find out she or whoever she set up to do this and put her behind bars. Now she's homeless, oh well.

2307 days ago
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