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Candy Spelling:

What a Slot!

6/4/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling isn't gonna just sit there with her zillion dollars in Bev Hills. She's just hit the jackpot -- again.

As TMZ Vegas spies tell us over the weekend, Candy Dandy was playing the high limit slots (up to $1,000 a pull) at the Bellagio Hotel when she cleaned the clock of a one-armed bandit to the tune of $180,000. To put this in perspective, $180 grand to her is like $8 bucks in our world.

So you think lightning only strikes once? Exactly one year ago in Vegas, Candy -- whose fortune is estimated at $600 mil -- won $200,000 at -- yes, the Bellagio. And yes, on the slots. She was actually up $350,000 at one point but couldn't walk away.

But wait, there's more. Days after her 2007 jackpot, she held a charity raffle and won a car.

Meanwhile, Tori is scrounging on hot dogs that could put her fetus at risk.


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This Hard Candy needs to be caned and pulled like taffy.

2341 days ago


Tori and her hubby better get real jobs then!

2341 days ago


I know someone who's a casino host to 'special celebrity' High-Rollers' but....

I heard she and another lady friend (another wife of a big time hollywood person) are big time WHALES in vegas. They actually do 2-5 million dollar marker$$$.

Charles Barkley is small time compared to these women.

btw, in response to #4....$25 slots? that's small time - LOL, it's more like $500 slot machines or even higher. I'm sure, they gamble in the designated (roped off) High-Roller area.

2340 days ago

Me in DC    

She has the money to throw away, just wish she could throw it my way! Anyway, congratulations on your winnings!

HOT DOGS WILL NOT HARM A FETUS! GOOD LORD! TORI IS IN HER THIRD TRIMESTER, SHE CAN EAT WHAT SHE WANTS! The people who come up with this stuff about food harming your fetus (food that has been eaten by millions of pregnant women for thousands of years) need to get a life of their own and stop trying to scare people or ruin their lives! People like TMZ who report this junk news. Funny, I never seem to hear about hot dogs being bad for you while you are pregnant on the REAL news broadcasts!

2340 days ago


the funny thing is I find her hotter than Tori anyday.

2340 days ago


I think that tori is a wonderful love-needing person who needs a hug and a kiss and an it's gonna be alright from her mom and brother. She has always wanted acceptance and she married her first husband hoping for that but it turned out to be even less worth their acceptance than she thought. She is human. she makes mistakes and she deserves to find and have happiness. Money could never buy happiness....It buys things....i have been happiest playing a card game in the tent with my family and spending nothing. Candy's real problem is that she tried to give her daughter a better life than she had but inside she struggled with her own childhood and the things she didn't get. Love is something that can't be bought or sold and is only felt from within. Hopefully, candy and tori find that their love maternal and otherwise is stronger than any dollar bill....

2300 days ago


What an old bag!!!! And a bit**!!!!!

2256 days ago

Edward Gomez    

I worked as body guard for the Spellings for 5 years. Had many long hours taking to Mr. Spelling about his thoughts on everything from family and friends and his work. I know that Tori did not kill her father. Spent X-mas with them and I know a lot about the spellings. Mr. Spelling was a kind gentle person. He was very warm hearted and loved his family very much. I spent hundreds of hours carrying Randy and spend many hours with Tori. I miss Mr. spelling and I am sorry that his brother died. he talked a lot about him. Mrs. Spelling should I write the book about those years and what I saw, heard and the things Mr. Spelling told me. Also please let me know how to reach Randy. I taked to him untill he fell asleep. Then I took him to the nanny.
Please e-mail me at I still have the cig. lighter that you gave me for X-mas.

1588 days ago


Go Candy life is short spend your money and win more. Good for her!

606 days ago
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