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Scott Storch -- Broke and a Joke

6/11/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The huge McDouche that is Scott Storch got a whole lot McDouche-ier -- as it turns out he's such a deadbeat dad that a Miami Judge wants him in the slammer. And it doesn't stop there.
Scott Storch: Click to view!
As if owing $46,000 in child support isn't bad enough, Storch is over $500,000 in the hole because of unpaid property taxes on his $10.5 million Miami home. To make matters worse, Storch's other baby mama says he owes $5,000 in school tuition to his 16-year-old son (Storch is 34) -- and claims they were just evicted from their Florida home.

A Miami judge has issued a pick-up order for Storch, which authorizes cops to put him in the pokey until he can be taken to court.


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I just read that this guys net worth is about 70 MILLION Dollars! That's some serious cash....

2334 days ago


This guy will pay off his dumbass back taxes and his deadbeat ex AND put his kid through college thousands of times over. This is no big deal to him.....he's got so much loot.

2334 days ago


This Mo-fo def didn't go broke from overtipping!!! He was a regular at a rest I worked at in South Florida... can we say 15%... what the hell I tip 25% and I am a single mom!!!

2334 days ago


Boys, Boys, Boys... learn something here... With being a very large business owner myself with millions of dollars in sales per month.... but what those in the non-business world have to understand but obviously don't from what I've seen in the comments... (and I am NOT defending Scott Storch as many are correct.. he is a douche bag who simply over ran his LOANED MONEY... yes, of course if you don't get it.. banks are actually the ones that are screwed when he files bankruptcy because I don't get this whole - he has millions of dollars thing etc.. he DOES NOT... he is a business owner/entr like many of us.. and he was financed by banks/business partners etc.. Please understand boys and girls.. yes, my business makes millions of dollars per month which you'd see on paper.. but what people that don't get it or are not educated enough don't realize is that I owe lots of money on my business loans, my tons of employees, overhead costs, machinery, tools, taxes/insurance, liability etc.. yes, I was able to get a very very expensive house, cars, etc.. but do I own them outright? Absolutely not.. but am I a smart business man and in a few years will I? You bet? Will Scott? NO he will not, he is crumbling before your eyes........... it's like a Doctor who people think make so much money, when in reality they don't make squat until they are about 45 yrs old.. and after that age? to me.. who gives a crap - yes people, they owe about $200,000 for schooling, they do a 8 yr residency program for certain specialities, and they pay out of their ass for liability / malpractice insurance.. a guy that never went to college but does great in sales and doesn't owe college tuition would be 20 years ahead of a Doctor and make more even after that.. yes, this is true - live it, learn it. Scott never outrightly owned all his assests - sure it looked good on paper.. but as you can see, his little - look at me toys, his business going under is catching up.. bye bye Scott... sorry, but you aren't worth what they say.. Please TMZ - post peoples net worth, not their gross worth as it would make many more people understand. Thanks.

2333 days ago



2333 days ago


#32 Dug you sound u sund dumb... he owns his studio therefore there is No studio overhead. hes been in the game for yeaaars equipment is paid for and unlike u has residual income = always & forever $$$$ he sounds like he needs a new manager.

2333 days ago



you are correct;

truth be told, MOST assets
are owned by a LENDER.

that's the american way.

credibility in this country is based upon
one's ability ( perception ) to repay a loan.

2333 days ago

Women R Hizoes    

What makes him a douche bag? Is it because he's white and makes rap beats? That's kinda racist.

As far as his ex getting evicted, if he's 34, it sounds like she must be a grown woman. So how is that his problem? If he owes 5000 in back child support, I'd be curious to see if the mother has put up just as much cash.

2333 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Boy, I thought I was the only one that didn't know who the hell this person was. Kinda scared me there for a second.

2333 days ago



2333 days ago


how don't you people know who scott storch is...he only produced some of the biggest names in the music industry.

2333 days ago


Obamanation, you perfectly illustrate the mentality of an Obama voter: HINT: that's not a compliment.

2333 days ago


Those of you who don't know who Scott Storch is might obviously be octogenarians. Google Scott Storch and you will see that he is (or was) music producer. He gained fame producing for the likes of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Mariah Carey, Raven Symone, Jadakiss, Daddy Yankee, Eminem, Christina Aguilera, and more. So I would say yes, this he is a celebrity and newsworthy.

I'm not surprised though. I think Scott got a very big head after he gained fame. After hearing Christina Aguilera's song F.U.S.S. (F*ck you Scott Storch) I knew instantly the song referred to him and if he truly was making unnecessary demands of those who worked with him previously and wanted to work with him again he would very quickly lose clients. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you get too big for your britches.

Also, good for that Florida judge! If he has a child and then begins to support them then he should continue to do so. However, as for one of the moms reportedly evicted, that's her own damn fault. If you have a child living with you it is your responsibility to make sure you keep a roof over your child's head! That makes me sick. I am a mother of one and I will never allow my daughter's home to be jepordized , which is why I work as hard as I do.

2333 days ago


I am utterly amazed at what some women will crawl in bed with. With his looks he should be lucky he has to pay child support.

2333 days ago



2333 days ago
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