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Kim K -- You Can See Her Ass From Space

6/13/2008 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case of emergency, Kim Kardashian's badonkadonk may be used as a flotation device.

With sis Kourtney safe on dry land, The Tush cooled off her biggest asset with a dip in Monaco on Thursday.

There ain't enough fabric in the world to properly cover that thing up!


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She must have a hell of a time buying pants that fit right! Agreed, she should have gotten a bottom where her crack doesn't show. I thought she got lipo or something recently? Didn't work well! But she can't help her God given figure, so more power to her for having the guts to show it off...although I wouldn't!

2321 days ago


Hmmmm....Pretty girl but you're seriously insecure about your own fat ass if you pretend to admire a fat girl. Truth be told...she's pretty from the waist up. We all know this. No need to discuss it further.

2321 days ago


I swear TMZ.. there are more important or even REAL celebrities u can write about. Yes Kim has a nice figure, but there are millions of women with the same figure, they just dont have the proper sex tape to make them an over night celebrity. If it hadnt been for her being friends with Paris, she would still be a nobody.. sad, but true.. and i must agree, her sister does look way better than her..

2321 days ago


I'll take her sister anytime

2321 days ago


Only in LA would this girl be considered chunky. I wish the whole superficial hideous city would break off in the next earthquake and sink into the ocean.

2321 days ago


You people are pathetic. That butt is an implant and everyone knows it or should, it's not that good of a job. Any woman that has to stoop that low is herself pathetic and stupid and the people who gush over her equally so.

2321 days ago


If we all had tiny little perfect identical rear ends then what would TMZ write about? My word people. I think she's a beautiful girl. So what if her ass is visable from space? So is Harvey Levin's bald head. Bash on that people.

2321 days ago


And a sweet ass it is, unlike that of the triple chinned, blond cow in the TMZ offices.

2321 days ago


It's disproportioned for her body like baby butts are. Everytime I see her I think of diapers.

2321 days ago


why is this woman famous again? i mean she makes a sex take where she gets pissed on and it " accidently" gets let out to the paps for viewing. does she sing? no! does she act? no! then whats all the big deal about her? just another fat ass doing anything for media attention - her deceased father must be proud of what she has become.

2321 days ago


Who cares about her. Who is that infront of her. She (in white) is hot as hell.

2321 days ago


Just gross!

2321 days ago


Playa ~ Is there any particular reason you had to make such a racist statement? Or, did you just want to show ALL of us how ignorant you are?! You don't like the "N" word and, I really, as I am sure other people do, take great offense to the word "cracka".

2321 days ago

jen jen    

rocco, chill. shes not allll that. granted, her a$$ IS fantastic and i would kill to have a butt like that, she is just a person who puts her pants on one leg at a time. just like me, you and everyone else.

2321 days ago


Everyone saying she's gross and ewwwww, and all the other stupid comments, are you 14 years old or what? Because that's about the age when I stopped making fun of other people for their differences. Everyone has a different shape, that's what makes us individuals, there's nothing gross about it. Your attitude on the other hand does deserve and ewwwwwwww.

2321 days ago
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