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Chaka Khan:

Ribbed for Your Pleasure

6/16/2008 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

I feel for you, Chaka Khan -- and your steel-belted radial Michelin chic.

The 55-year-old R&B diva performed in Sydney this weekend, looking tired!


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All American Girl    


2282 days ago


Oh, my!

2282 days ago


Does she not have a mirror, or friends, or any pride? This is the worst site I have EVER seen. This is not a hater, and has nothing to do with her talents, just can't believe my eyes. I would love to hear her thoughts on WHY she would wear such an outfil, seriously WHY??????

2282 days ago

Big Bear    

I have not seen anything like her since I went to Sea World last year. Good music wrapped in a 350 pound package. Stay away from any oceans baby!!! Would not want the whalers to harpoon you!!!

2282 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Ok that is way too over the top. But thing is some people are comfortable in their bodies no matter the size. I think the world is now too critical of the music world. Back in the day (and not that long ago) you heard music on the radio, if you bought an album you might see a cover shot of the singer or band. NOW you have to have the looks and the talent to become a big money maker. We should go back to the talent and not focus on the bodies.... just close your eyes and listen ....

2282 days ago


No, this isn't what I would choose to wear, but I give the woman a lot of credit for having the self-confidence to go out there and show the world how much she loves what she's got.

2282 days ago


why is she dressed like an armadillo?

2282 days ago


Her ass makes the outfit look enormous.

2282 days ago


I sincerely hope she fired the stylist that did that to her.

2282 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

the south will rise again , just look at dat sista.. she be da' bomb... i think she is a big beautful sista and i would love a piece of that booty.... mooooo i love you... come to my cabin and i'll show you sumthin chaka.. i may work the farm and like my womans big and hot... let's get jiggy with it

2282 days ago

Rocco and David    

I thought it was Kim K .. until I saw the face.. LOL.... my bad, Kimmy

2282 days ago


This Fat B*tch needs to GO.... I use to work at the MAYFLOWER hotel in DC and she stayed there. This fat thing needed the elevators to be held, could not have anyone in lobby and had like a group of 15 bodyguards, so dumb. i swear you would have thought George W was at the hotel. she make her self feel so much more important then she really is. why do people even listin to her anymore EWW.

god she just needs to go.

2282 days ago

Keep it Honest    

"I'm every woman, it's all in me." Now I know what that song meant. There is a healthy balance of being comfortable with your body and letting it get out of control. No educated health professional will tell you that this is an ok weight (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and/or Alzheimer’s risk). But let's be in positive denial about it, and claim that size 20 is the new size 10, 250 Lbs is the new 150 Lbs., don't care what people think; as long as you're happy you are not doing anything wrong.

2282 days ago

Ms. X    

Chaka was a "Stone Fox" back in the days of Rufus. Age is a bitch. Still one of the best voices in the game!

2282 days ago


let's be realistic: with a butt that size NOTHING is going to look flattering...

2282 days ago
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