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Mama Spears to Judge

Brit's Just Clueless

6/18/2008 10:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit's Just CluelessBritney Spears' mom is fighting her daughter's battles again -- telling a judge Britney should be excused from a driving without a license charge because the popwreck is ... uh ... easily confused.

In a declaration filed today, Lynne Spears claims that Brit didn't know she needed a valid California license -- because she was legit in Louisiana. FYI -- CA law requires that people who move to the state get a CA drivers license within ten days of the move. Since the popwreck also has temporary residences in Florida and New York, Lynne claims her daughter had no idea she needed to jump through Cali's hoops too.

Of course, the legal drama stems from an incident last year where she nailed a car in a parking lot and drove off.

But get this -- even though she's recently been searching for a new bachelorette pad in L.A., Mama Lynne says Britney still intends to return to Louisiana.

They'll be back in court August 11.


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Freddie Moore and the Nu Kats Live at the Goldenwest Ballroom Satyrday night!

2132 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney should be in Louisiana by now and she will learn a quick lesson. Britney Spears will not have the law in her back pocket like she does in California. DWI there and she will see the inside of the jail. Britney may be special in California but she is just another person in Cajun Country.

2132 days ago


Jamie Lynn, are you ready to be a mommy? Check out your sister's gut, thunder thighs and sagging butt.

2132 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

YIPPEEEE! Great news for California! She can go back to K-wood and
hunt gators, gig frogs, and grease hogs like they used to do on
gator 'n tater family meal nights!

2131 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

No way will it ever happen! There simply isn't enough of a
sustainable pap presence in La. for her to survive there! She would
simply melt away into nothing without her daily does of pap idolatry.
Plus, JLS and Brit would probably battle to the death over what little
coverage there would be. Whittlin' knives and willow sticks at 5

2131 days ago


Most of us would think that a valid drivers license in 1 state was sufficient in another. Who knew you had to get a new license in every state? Most of us renew our license every 4 years and give it no thought whatsoever for 4 more years.

2131 days ago


I have lived in the South for 55 years, and I have never heard anyone say "ding dang, ya'll" except TMZ. Harvey Levin must be a closet redneck.

2131 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I think most people know that when you move, you only have a short grace period before you have to get a license for whatever state you move too, especially California! Just more excuses from ignorant people. And maybe when she got it she learned that driving away from an accident without even a note is illegal! It's a common courtesy at minimum and she failed to show even that. I have no sympathy for those who show no sympathy for others!

2131 days ago


The only stupid people who say " ding dang y'all!" seem to be the stupid writers on this site. I've never heard Britney say it. You guys just must like making up stupid things and typing them over and over.

2131 days ago


I am a native from the south and have never heard anyone say that.

2131 days ago


Mama needs to stop making excuses for her daughter and make her own up to her mistakes. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The judge won't buy that BS. Stick to the insanity defense.

2131 days ago

Janet L    

Isn't that special. What about you and me if we get caught?

2131 days ago


In most states, if you reside there 7 months or more out of the year, you are considered a resident and need to comply with the laws: i.e. valid license car registration, taxation etc. Clearly, BS primary residence is CA at this point.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

2131 days ago


Are you kiding me Brit will be fine in the south everyone in her home town knows her name and loves her.

2131 days ago


i hope she just stays there in Loosyanna and never comes back to Cali.

2131 days ago
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