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Brinkley Can Cook Peter in Open Court

6/20/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just ruled that the world will be able to hear more about Peter Cook's lil' Peter than he'd like.

Cook -- the estranged hubby of Christie Brinkley -- wanted their divorce battle to be closed to the media, but a judge ruled that the press could sit in the courtroom. Brinkley, for her part, is alleging that Petey liked Internet porn and tried to get her to go to swingers' clubs.

This is going to get goooood -- the case will start July 2. The pair split almost two years ago when it came out that Cook had an affair with an 18-year-old assistant.


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look obamha us going to be president. we should quit arresting these gangsters and make peace. Anyone that took third grade knows the president does foreign policy and congress does the budget. They will be running the country. start kissing their ass

2283 days ago

just wondering    

Yet another nasty divorce where the kids best interest r neglected ! PATHETIC!

2283 days ago


first comment i 0WN DA N00BZ

2283 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Dang! If Christy had gone to that swingers club there would have been a line of guys waiting to bang her!

2283 days ago


gooooooood for WHO ass holes? certianly, not for their kids, how horrible for them. shame on both of these people.

2283 days ago


Will the kids be sitting in the court room too? WTF is wrong with these California judges? Why do they always side with the female (Denise Richards) ignoring what is best for the children.

Cook should fight for and win custody of the kids. It's obvious Christie is a selfish b!tch who only thinks of herself.

2283 days ago


Was not a California judge. Divorce proceedings are in Central Islip Supreme Court on Long Island.
Now, take a deep breath.

2283 days ago

Megan E. Boris    

Christie Brinkley kind of looks like Matt Damon with sunglasses on in that picture on the left. However, regardless of that likeness, all these divorce messes are so sad. Why should the break up of a family be news fodder

2283 days ago

just wondering    

I'm sure the kids will be tucked away in summer camps and the trashing of their parents made by each other they won't hear about until 1st day back at school. Both parents should have pleaded with the judge that it be a closed court room. Shame on u Christie and shame on Cook for being such a selfish bastard to do this to his wife and kids!

2283 days ago


#7- pathetic,

Your sign off name says a lot about you.

How do you know Christie is a selfish bitch, have you lived with her??????????

Yeah right, let Cook have the kid's, so that he can expose them to his perverted porn problem.

And don't even start with Denise Richards, she is a saint compared to her drug addicted Ex Charlie Sheen.
(Even his own Dad has talked about hs drug problem's).

That is just what this world needs MORE F'd up people like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give custody of kid's to drug addict's and porn stroker's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2283 days ago


All about money. He wants it all. She wants to out the super freak.

2283 days ago


Good for her. The details will be spread around anyway via rumors - her kids might as well know the whole, uncensored truth as opposed to a bunch of rumours and gossip.

I laugh - the father wanted it sealed 'to protect his kids'. Please. If he loved and cared about his kids in the first place, he would have NEVER got himself into this situation. He is a hypocrite and a dirty scoundrel. His kids deserve a better father than that, and luckily they have a mother who is not ashamed to teach her kids the truth about why she and their father are splitting up.

2283 days ago


just goes to show ya...behind every 'hot' girl/model/actress...theres always a guy sick of fu$king her lol.

these accusations are soo funny...ohhhh look internet porn/swing clubs soo taboo! wowzers! lol

2283 days ago


#11 - Why do you spell what should be KIDS as "KID's" - weird

drug problem's?.... lol

2283 days ago


I think the ruling is a good thing...sad that the children will know that their Dad is a perv, hopefully that won't change their relationship in the future-If Peter Cook cared so much about his kids, he wouldn't have been spending so much time with an 18 year old girl. Who, by the way, had a Stepdad tell Peter to stay away from her. Peter Cook just keeps on losing big time...loser. Christie has always been a private, classy person. This does not change that.

2283 days ago
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