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Judge Kicks Fiddy to the Curb

6/20/2008 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent will have to stay well away from baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins -- and if he wants to see his son Marquise, the pickup's going to be curbside.

Tompkins got a temporary restraining order against Fiddy, which, we're told, will require him to forfeit any guns and other firearms -- and any pickup and drop off of Marquise must be "at curbside." He's also not allowed to be on any premises where Shaniqua is, but there's no distance specified.

Shaniqua's lawyer Paul Catsandonis says that they will be arguing for a permanent restraining order against the rapper next month.

UPDATE 3:01 ET: Fiddy's lawyer Brett Kimmel issued the following statement to TMZ: "Outside of courtrooms and lawyer's offices, Mr. Jackson hasn't seen nor spoken with Ms. Tompkins in a year and a half and he has no interest in doing so now. The petition is little more than a tactic and a vindictive response to the petition Mr. Jackson filed seeking an order holding Ms. Tompkins in contempt of court for refusing to permit him to be with his son."


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this girl needs to get a life and more importantly get a JOB

2316 days ago

joseph paul franklin    

time to just so
NO to the FIRST !

2316 days ago


Why would he want to be around her anyway? She seems to like drama.

2316 days ago


That was expected...once someone tells a judge he/she fears for his/her life the judge always has to take it seriously whether or not the accusation is true or not. Shaniqua knows that as well, that is why she asked for a restraining order....this is her way of hurting 50, plus she knows she will still be getting her child support each month (which she uses for her personal expenses) trifling!

2316 days ago


Bitch wants him to stay away, be she sure as hell wants his money.

2316 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Fiddy should contact Diddy.. and the 2 should just their music careers.. Fiddy is a turd.

2316 days ago


Bet she wasn't asking for a restraining or when it was time to file for child support...

2316 days ago


He should have gotten a restraining order against her after tmz showed her in the street freaking out on him. She sure didn't act like she was afraid of him, looked more like he should fear her.

2316 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

I bet 50 wishes he were condom now! This chicken head is FOUL! She knows 50 wouldn't touch her with a 50 foot pole and she goes and gets a restraining order. She's probably trying to get more money because her lazy behind knows in a few years her gravy train will run out.

Hay Shaniqua Dairy Queen is hiring......I'm just saying!

2316 days ago


She is a classic case of gold digger. Sounds to me like she's been taking lessons from K-fed. She should write a book called "How I stayed off welfare by getting knocked up". Oh, wait a minute writing a book seems like work, like that'll ever happen.

2316 days ago


Is anyone looking at her and her "people" for setting that fire that put her son in danger and completely destroyed the last battle between these two nuts? If this is an instance of foul play, this seems the most likely scenario, and she seems like someone who wants revenge and the chance to bring down the man who scorned her...

2316 days ago

Dee Bee    

Fifty's a douche. I dont get his fame, his rhymes are weak.

2316 days ago

Joe Mama    

why is the distance in the restraining order not specified?

2316 days ago


50, you're such a pu$$y.

This jerk has a LOT of money. The whole thing about him wanting her to move out of "his" house a while back just left a really sour taste in my mouth. This is his SON'S MOTHER. How he feels about her personally should not be an issue - she is caring for and raising his son. He should respect her for the love and care she is giving that child. To a child, their mother (and father) is so important, and it's extremely damaging emotionally to have your parents talking bad about each other or hurting each other. It's hurtful to a child and it's something that stays with them for the rest of their life. When his son is 30, 40, 60 years old, he will look back on his childhood and instead of loving memories, he'll recall feelings of fear and insecurity.

So, stop being so selfish 50 ~ Put your child first. The home he lives in is HIS home too - not just his mom's home. A REAL MAN would make sure his son and his son's mother were well cared for. That means having a nice and SAFE home to live in. Especially when you have so much money that it wouldn't even dent your wallet. Shameful.

2316 days ago


fiddy is the ugliest mother @*$%!^ in music !! he's been shot so many times , wish someone would get it 1cent needs to disappear if it wasnt for these back woods hillbilly kids buying his records he would be no where/no one.

2316 days ago
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