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Bynum Officially

Divorces Hubby

6/20/2008 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TV preacher Juanita Bynum is now officially divorced from the man who beat her up last year.

Bynum and Thomas Weeks ended their nearly six-year marriage Friday, after a tense hearing in divorce court. The proceedings were stopped at one point when Bynum admitted the two had sex after their separation.

Bynum filed for divorce last September, just one month after Weeks smacked her down in an Atlanta hotel parking lot. Weeks pled guilty to assault and is serving three years' probation.

In their settlement, Weeks has been ordered to immediately return several household items -- including artwork and silverware -- to Bynum, and she's agreed to pay $40k of Weeks' attorney fees. He also gets to keep his 2004 Land Rover. Neither side gets alimony.

The two were married in an over the top ceremony in 2002, and have toured the country lecturing on love and relationships. Bynum is the leader of a huge ministry and has sold thousands of motivational books and tapes. Bishop Weeks, co-wrote "Teach Me How to Love: The Beginnings" with Bynum.

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lady preacher    

People! People! People! First of all Juanita Bynum IS NOT A FALSE PROPHETESS. Secondly you'd better watch your mouth calling God's anointed a bitch. Although she might not see your comments GOD DOES. Now, in all fairness to those who have been "affected" by her mistakes, go on and get yourself a life in Christ and let us see how well you do. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and let those who DON'T EVEN GO TO CHURCH get to work! You can't use Juanita as an excuse not to live righteously. SHE'S NOT GOD HIMSELF, she is a servant of God. Yes she fowled up big time and yes as a Christian woman preacher and prophetess myself I WANT TO JUST SCREAM ABOUT IT ALL. Her marrying out of the will of God has cost some of the church family money as well as reputation. Sleeping with Week's again after he beat her was nasty! Yes, she does need to bench herself for a while--just as she told us in her sermon "Umpire Of My Soul" because a lot of her actions were brutish. I wish God would put into my hands for ministry and living the kind of money and freedom that she messed over--a million dollar wedding! Honey she could've paid for a home cash with that! But the church of God will always bounce back no matter what.

2283 days ago


Bynum is NOT God's annointed. She is a motor-mouth liar and, hence, a false prophet. She is not a Proverbs 31 woman. She'd better clean up her phony, thieving, and obnoxious act. I would hate to be in her shoes on Judgment Day. She is going to have a lot to answer for ....

2283 days ago

Quadena Brown    

I will only say those with certain gifts are still not exempt from the trails. As noted, in the bible, those even close will have more trails and battles because they have a duty and. Becuase of understanding and wisdom they know this. ( see the book of psalm and proverds). Now because this world is how the enemy wlaks and goes through the different realms, we are all going to have a battle or antoher. But, But God tests us and brings us back. We cant deny who we are we prove it everyday. Not going to get to much in this. But I say to all my brothers and Sisters to be open and humble to one another...we need eachother. Be careful with the words you cast toward eachother. The enemy wants us not to acknowledge , he thinks your weak and unblieving ...wants choas and to most importanly kill us. Trust he is doing things. Because I am very sprititually and not religious I know God and his angels and .... are fighting and saving us. Noone is bettter than the rest and we all live in the flesh. So I pray for her also . Because even in in the mist of the worst areas the lorad is working on her and Mr. Weeks. Some of us understand the power of wors ( manipluation and Suggetions among others are at play here.) Some will not see the false pretense, but like you came to this website I know he is working on you. Anyway....- peace love and blessing.- Dena

2282 days ago


Many have their own opinion of what has taken place with both this man and woman of God. To the body of Christ remember, the unchurched, unlearned, unintelligent are only writing what's expected of them by their father, the accuser of the brethren, Satan himself. But know this; there shall be a day of reckoning for all mankind, the day when all shall give account for their actions. To those of you, who have impressed your freedom of opinion through sarcastic statements, be careful of those opinions and judgments for the Almighty God knows all and sees all. Know this also, whatever they have done you have no heaven or hell to put them in.

It's a scary thing to fall into the hands of a living God. Yes, He's alive and He's shrewd without hesitation. The next time you write a blog of such low intelligence, watch who's viewing it over your shoulder. He sees all and knows all even your fictitious signatures. Body of Christ, pray for the man and woman of God, pray Salvation and Deliverance for their accusers, and let the Lord God defend them Himself.
"Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I shall repay." - Woe

2280 days ago
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