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Violent Surfers Shred Paps Over McConaughey

6/22/2008 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of surfers just got gnarly on a group of paps -- all over photos of beach king Matthew McConaughey!

Around 12 photographers were on the beach in Malibu Saturday afternoon trying to get shots of Matty hitting the surf, when an all-out smackdown was laid on the pappers by turf-protecting surfers.

One pap was hit in the face and we're told suffered a broken nose, while another was thrown into some rocks and had his camera smashed. McConaughey was not involved in the ruckus.

Police tell us a battery report was filed by one photographer but no arrests have been made.

A rep for Matthew has yet to get back to us.


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Badass Malibu Surfer    

I was there. The paps were above mid tide line trespassing on private property. They were videoing and snapping pictures of kids and families. they were asked to leave, politely, several times over several DAYS. They were nothing but direspectful. All surf spots are sacred wherever you go. When I go travel and surf I always seek locals out and pay respect. NOW YOU KNOW PAPS....

2323 days ago


As a professional photographer, I will not - and should not - take a picture of anyone who hasn't given me permission. As often as not, that permission is in writing. Casual snapshots at the beach are one thing; this is quite another. I'm glad they got their asses kicked, although I don't think the surfers went quite far enough.

I will say this... If I were to witness some of the typical Pap behavior on city streets here in TN, it would easily meet the standard set by the state of TN for the use of lethal force.

2323 days ago

LA Raider    

Anyone who acts like a jackass in Malibu gets taken care of. Malibu is Locals Only unless you can surf with the best and show respect. Paps ruin the spirit, and it isn't like they can get a close up or anything. The way it looked to me, the boys were giving them a stern but peaceful escort to the parking lot until the papp grabbed the stick and threatened him. Would you pick up a branch and take on ten guys with it? It's armed assault. People live in SOCal their whole lives and never get in that kind of trouble because they show respect. Whether it is in Calabasas or Compton, it might serve your purpose to remember that. And stay off our beach.

2323 days ago


#48 = Weinerless paparazzi.

2323 days ago


The hypocrisy on display here is astounding

2323 days ago


Man, this is the best story TMZ has ever run! The surfers are doing what the legal system should be doing. Paps like to whine that celebrities have to expect to be bothered, I hope paps have to learn that to be a pap is to expect to get your ass kicked. Fair is fair, eh?

2323 days ago


Celebrities have absolutely no right to privacy. If you want me to read your stupid interview in people magazine when your promoting some stupid movie then I get to watch you grocery shop. That's the way it goes my friends, if your famous 24/7, not just when it's convenient for you. If you don't want to get hounded leave LA. I live in wilmington NC where they film one tree hill and even during the height of popularity never once saw ONE paparazzi following one of the one tree hill kids around. If you want privacy, get out of the game or move. otherwise its your fault.

PS Those dumb-ass surfers who "drink and party" are about to get sued. Rule number one don't mug for the camera before you beat some one up on it Idiots!

2323 days ago


"They were videoing and snapping pictures of kids and families. "

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why would the paparazzi be taking photos of random people on the beach? I doubt People or Star would buy those shots. No, in reality they were taking photos of one person: Matthew McConaughey, a Hollywood movie star going surfing on a public beach.

2323 days ago


Laws should be put in place so there are boundaries but until that happens (which it never will) this is what you are left with. The world revolves around product demand. If we didn't buy it these paps would be out of a job. You're all being a bunch of hypocrites.

2323 days ago

name withheld    

Due to the numerous pictures circulating around f a shirtless Mr. McConaughey, I have an increasing dislike for the man.

2323 days ago


I'm surprised one of these bastard paps hasn't already been killed. Honestly. I like seeing celebrity photos and footage, but I don't think it needs to be taken outside restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, schools, clubs, at the airport or on beaches. There's a time and place for this kind of thing -- such as red carpet events and other public appearances. Photographers shouldn't be able to take photos of celebrities for profit when they are not working, period. I hope more of the paps get their asses kicked. Maybe then all these f--ks who can't be bothered to get a real job will realize that they can't just buy a camera, stalk celebrities and call it a career.

2323 days ago


You gotta love it. They're nothing but stalkers with cameras and they got what they deserved! Notice no one is defending them? Hmmm....

2323 days ago


Badass Malibu Surfer

They were told for days but you didn't call the police? You're either lying or retarded.

2323 days ago


You know they go off and file reports like babies. The PAPS want the same laws they bend to stand firm for them. GROW up and take responsibility. Go Team Matt.

2323 days ago



2323 days ago
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