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Phoebe: The Price Is So Wrong

6/23/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A-list nobody Phoebe Price may have finally found a way to make herself memorable -- taking a picture of her loose, pasty, anatomically incorrect backside!

Phoebe, age unknown, took time out of her busy schedule of standing outside The Ivy begging anyone to take her photo -- to flash her congealed body, while doing something resembling a cartwheel on the beach this weekend. She's not ready for her closeup.


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WTF is looks like Ms. Price should audition for the Golden Girls, next generation...

2314 days ago


If anyone actually buys this your a total idiot...SO PHOTOSHOPPED!!! Damn Harvey must you always pick at the women ?! WTF...

2314 days ago


This is definately a faked shoot.

This happened to someone else and they showed how a photog manipulated it and sold it to a magazine.

What we're looking at isn't cellulite, its skin 'sacs'. Women under 50 generally get the clumps of jiggling/sagging skin look if they've lost a serious amount of weight in a very short amount of time.

Why is she ultra thin in her upper body, slender and toned in her lower part of her leg, but she has hanging skin near her butt?

You're telling me she lost over 50 pounds of weight JUST in her butt?

Its obvious this was a bad photoshop. Even though the girl is a complete Dimwit. You know, that whole Chanel thing was posted on June 1st, did she ever sue or get an apology? eh. Who cares? heheh.

2314 days ago


WHY TMZ!!! WHY!!!!!???? I was having lunch and ran into this!!!! blahhhhhhhh yuk!!! oh wait, is that a real photo or is it photoshopped 'cause no one can be that flabby.

2314 days ago


If anyone really believes that this isn't a doctored need help. TMZ, get a life!

2314 days ago


Maybe she had gastro and never had plastic surgery to get rid of the excess skin - that's what it looks like. Otherwise she must be 75.

2314 days ago

nikkis mom    

And we are to feel sorry for the PAPS who were beaten up! Prove this is PHOEBE PRICE AND NOT PHOTO-SHOPPED. I want a paps to follow Harvey Levin and show that little parasite in a bathing suit. AFTER ALL - HARVEY IS FAMOUS. TMZ IS GETTING LOWER THAN PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2314 days ago


tmz wtf. classless morons is an understatement. you pathetic moronic youngins are going to age someday. with this
aging process , if your lucky, you will glean some COMMON SENSE. you and your coworkers at this flea site,
exhibit a poor upbringing. blame the parents. also, the editors, if tmz has any, are lacking in something that is
desperately needed. tis a shame is all. you, YOU, are made to look like a horse's ass. not the subject of your

2314 days ago


I enlarged the photo to check the pixelation. The photo is clearly doctored.

Tasteless TMZ should be sued. Even had it not been doctored, TMZ's immaturity abounds to want to display the worst of everybody (celebrity or not). The dumbing down of America is in proceeding unabated at TMZ.

2314 days ago


OK.....Just because someone is rail thin doesn't mean they don't have loose skin. IN FACT....they have LOADS of it. They starve themselves to LOOK like they are "waifs" so the only thing on their bones is basically skin and "body parts"....veins, etc. No real "muscle" to speak of.....therefore....they look like this when gravity is workin on them. It's not really "cellulite" so to's just untone legs, PLUS alot of skin. At one point in time, she probably had muscular legs....when the muscle is gone, the loose skin is left.....AND, if someone says they have "not one bit of cellulite" , I'll show you a BIG FAT LIAR !!!!

2314 days ago


WTF? That can't be real, those are the legs of a one hundred year old person. Ugh!

2314 days ago


Defaming people like this when they are just trying to relax is why a PAPS is GONNA get POPPED.

2314 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I guess TMZ is having fun with photoshop 'cause there is no way that's an un-doctored photo.

2314 days ago

Insert comical name here    

BS on this one...nobody has a body whos top half and bottom half are so far different. Photo shop.

2314 days ago


that doesnt even look real look at the backside of her left leg come on now no cellulite looks that bad skin is hanging off unless you were mangled is some kind of accident , they obviously blurred her legs i have software on my computer that can do that puhleeeze

2314 days ago
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