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Obama Goes on Gun Control

6/28/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaBarack Obama is gearing up for the fight of his life -- by hitting the gym!

The candidate for change was spotted at a DC sports club on Friday morning in a baseball cap, t-shirt and running pants, working his triceps and hoisting 65 lb dumbbells, according to the National Journal. Barack also got his cardio on while reading the paper and listening to his iPod on the treadmill. Arnold ain't the only bodybuilder in the political ring!

As if the three-car motorcade and Secret Service agents didn't give his identity away, Barack had to be looked up in the gym's system because he forgot his membership card.

Running for President ain't what it used to be!


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Ooooo Noooo!    

Anyone from Chicago will tell you he's just another hack pol in bed with all the wrong people. Check it out: When he had the chance to endorse and work for the election of a reformer for the Cook County Board, (Forest Claypool) Obama endorced the machine tool's son Todd Stroger, who is now under FBI investigation for corruption. Obama is no reformer. It's all smoke screen.

2315 days ago

mickey lou    

CHANGE? What Change? He is just a politician like the rest of them. Flip Flopper too! Just ask Rev. Wright!

2315 days ago


Barack Obama is going to be one of the greatest Presidents ever, after eight years. Right up there with Washington, Lincoln, and FDR.

2315 days ago


He is just so wonderful, he can do no wrong! Even his visit to the gym is a monumental event.

2315 days ago


# 11 or should i say tard(LOL),

2315 days ago


When everyone has something bad to say about you, then you have arrived. I'm voting for Barack Obama.

2315 days ago

Just my opinion    

Well I am not voting for him.

McCain for President

2315 days ago

driving miss daisy    

we do not need this moron in the white house, there was a picture going around for awhile that he would not even stand or place his hand over his heart for the Nationa Anthem! yeah we need a ass like that to be Commander in Cheif of our armed forces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time for a change?? for the country to go even farther in the toilet

2315 days ago


I would have a hard time voting for someone who was a member of such a racist and america-hating church, for 20 years no less, like obama was. He doesn't fool me.

2315 days ago

Yeah,I'm sure he was doing 65 lb dumbell curls. LOL. Who makes this sh*t up anyway?

2315 days ago


Wake up America. Stop with the fear of what you don't understand. Stop embracing chain emails spouting hatred, ignorance and intolerance. WAKE UP AMERICA. We are a people divided by race, class, sex, religion and so many other preconceived notions our so-called friends and families have pushed on us our whole lives and we are weaker as a nation.

For once stop and think for yourself and don't follow along blindly because of your upbringing. I don't care who you vote for but show some common sense and basic intelligence rather then blindly reciting fear and propaganda and using it as the basis for reasoning.

2315 days ago


I wonder how the dumb bells liked his flip flops?

I still don't know how Obama feels about gun control. He changes his opinion more frequently than he changes his stance on the Fourth Amendment.

Yes, FISA, I'm talking about you!

2315 days ago


Obama says you are a racist if you don't vote for him. That's good enough for me!!!

2315 days ago


This guy has screwed everything up. He has no business challenging Hillary Clinton for the office that was rightly hers, which she would have waltzed into in a landslide election and presided over eights successful years of righting the ship of state of the United States. And the reason he has SQUEAKED past her is two-fold: ONE: the element of surprise (like all skilled interlopers employ), and, TWO: such a deep well of anger toward the worst president in history, our current president, just one of the mani-fold residual catastrophes that Bush has left for us to deal with as his legacy of failure, arrogance, mendacity and foolishness. But make no mistake: Obama is not a uniter. He is an angry man and he will be greeted with anger by the Congress and by the people. He is a member of an angry and disenfranchised minority group and as such is not a legitimate leader of this country.

2315 days ago

richard angelo    

it's beyond imaginable what WILL take place in this
country in the more likely event he gets assassinated....

2315 days ago
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