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Design on a Dime Host

Gets XXXtreme Makeover

7/3/2008 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has finally uncovered the connection between the HGTV show "Design on a Dime" and hardcore pornography -- a host who really enjoys interiors.

While the network continues to regularly air episodes featuring former host Lee Snijders, we've learned the guy who helped homeowners for more than six years is still giving advice to couples -- but purely of the girl-on-girl variety nowadays.

Snijders used the cash he raked in from "DoaD" and his stint as a Disney Imagineer to start his own porn company with porn star girlfriend Jett Angel. You can even catch Lee in several of the reality-style skin flicks manning the camera (or so we've heard).

Calls to HGTV were not returned.


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porn lovers to the rescuuuuuue! ....whatever.

2271 days ago

1986 Connection    

Sadly, Lee's brilliant talent as a designer was not appreciated enough within the industry. People have the right to make money as long as it does not hurt others. He is successful at whatever he sets his talents to. Go Lee !!!!

2271 days ago


Can you say "you're fired"

2271 days ago


Post #8 and #14 wondered why people were upset about this and said that Hugh Hefner does the same thing. Granted, what Lee is doing isn't illegal but it's still gross. Hugh Hefner is synomous with girlie magazines and things of this ilk but Lee is or was a respected designer. This just seems so yuchy! Interesting that the article mentioned a girlfriend. In the Las Vegas Review Journal last year, a mention was made that Lee was having his batchelor party in Las Vegas but then nothing was ever said as to whether he got married. I always loved him on Design on a Dime but now he makes my skin crawl. While there's nothing wrong with this, there's nothing wrong with someone picking their nose but it's still disgusting.

2271 days ago

Future Sister In Law    

This is my future brother in law...he is great at design and my sister is a great what they are grown adults and can do whatever they want...let it do as they if you like, don't if don't...

2271 days ago


GOD! I always liked that guy! NOT ANYMORE ! What a PERVE! What a loooser! What a freak! His reputation will never be the same....good luck getting a real job after your weenie goes limp and wake up to real life!!

2271 days ago


That is so disgusting. I use to like him, not anymore. Can someone please explain something to me-why do guys like to watch girls getting it on?? It's so disgusting. But yet us girls couldn't even fathom to watch 2 guys getting it on. I could never understand that.

2271 days ago


lol you prudes need more porn in your lives

2271 days ago

OC Surfer    

What an absolute numbnut! If he was smart, he should have kept his involvement in porn on the DL.

Now after his less than 5 minutes of fame and his repetition and career washed down the drain, he'd wish he was back on the air on HGTV.

2271 days ago

A real fan of the art....    

You are all FOOLS. Sadly the design industry that you see on TV is just a bunch of actors reading their lines. Lee was a true designer with a TRUE GIFT. I don't know him personally but admired his work. He is hard working and does this with his girlfriend. Everyone can judge all they want but before his girlfriend shot porn she was also and still is an amazing photographer. What it comes down to is Lee will prosper in whatever field he is in. Lee didn't change, the design industry did. I am not a fan of porn myself but really don't care. Filming porn isn't about "getting off" and ooooooing and ahhhhhing. It takes an eye, then there is contrast, lighting, sound, so on and so on. It takes as much as work as shooting a regular film. Granted he is choosing an outlet of creativity that most don't agree with but who cares what we all think. He made a goal and in a short amount of time has become successful at it. NOT because of naked women because he knew how to create and visualize an image and knew how to make it attractive to the public. Take off your blindfolds everyone. Lee is laughing all the way to the bank because ignorance from closed minded prudes like you make it possible. I admire the guy. Like I said, the industry changed, not that hard working guy......

2271 days ago


What is Sniders and Angel combo name gonna be? Lee Jett or Jett Lee? Hmmm Can I get A DVD?

2271 days ago


Lee Snijders ROCKS!!!

I always loved him on Design on a Dime, he is an incredibly talented graphic artist! And now I love him even more!! If you check out his images on his MySpace page, you will see that they are very similar to the Suicide Girls concept--gothie rock girls...tough with tattoos and piercings and bondage gear. Woo hoo!

You go, Lee!!! Awesome, dude!

2270 days ago


This is soooo funny. The holier than thou fanatics over at HGTV cant stop talking about this. They are outraged! These are the same hypocrites that can't wait for the cut-throat reality on that design star show. They can't get enough of that cookie cutter drama on a decorating show. Welcome to the real world folks. We have sex out here, even interior designers. I hope he makes good money. And I hope they still air his episodes of Design on A Dime, I can't wait to watch them now. LOL. Good for you Lee.

2269 days ago

Future Sister In Law    

I can't agree more with #27. Have you seen the web page? designed by them? if is awsome. The photography, video, layout everything,,,,They are both talented individuals which I know very well since they are family. They are free spirited individuals that go after what they want in life and succeed at everything they everyone that is writing "Gross" not have sex etc..? poor you...and as for Lee being a pervert, hello ,,,,he is filming this with his girlfriend and it is a job for both of them....a job...which I know they will be successful in and as # 27 said laugh all the way to the bank because this is what we all wanted for them was to launch and go for their dreams...which is more than some of us have the courage to do....Rock on Goth Girls! Love you both...K

2269 days ago


Lee leaving HGTV wasn't his idea. The network fired him, Kristan Cunningham and Brice Cooper to make way for a revamp of "Design On A Dime". Of course, he tells everybody that his contract simply ran out to save face. But facts are facts.

In any case, I'm shocked & disgusted that this talented guy would waste his life away to shoot a bunch of damn low-rent pornos!!! WHAT A WASTE!!! Both me and my mom "were" fans of his. Not anymore!!! Out of all the things he could do with his life, he chooses...porno???!!!

So sad...

FYI: Kristan now works for "Rachel Ray," and Brice is doing a show for Speed Channel called "On The Edge".

2268 days ago
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