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Dane Cook

Shih Tzu Happens

7/8/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708_cookdog_ex1-1A jury is about to decide if Dane Cook lets his dog s**t where he lives.

Cook's landlord is in court trying to evict him because his chihuahua mix -- named Beast -- had been pooping with abandon in the common areas of the building.

Dane still lives in the West Hollywood apartment. Sources say he was warned three times to pick up after Beast, but the dog still allegedly uses the common area as his own craperia. We're told the landlord has video of the B.M.

The landlord's lawyer tells us the only problem they have with Dane is the dog. We're hearing that it was Dane who pushed for this jury trial -- not the building.

Dane is in court right now, ready for what could be the first "not my poop" defense.

We're in court. Stay tuned.


No Avatar


Our tax dollars at work!!!!

2268 days ago

That explains things!    

Daaammmnnnnn Dean! you hate scooping dog $hit. You got a few bucks man! PAY an agency/neighbor/friend to walk Fido twice each day guy! Have some respect for yourself and your neighbors!

You creep around and let your dog crap in other people's space???? If you were my neighbor....I dunno....I'd hate to think of what I'd do about the problem you're creating. I'll tell you this much'd be smelling like $hit.

2268 days ago


Yeah Dane, what gives with common sense? If you truly love your dog than you'd respect others like the rest of us dog owners do and clean up after it.

What a wuss you are, is this what they taught you in Arlington Ma? I doubt it because others from there I have met dont have a prima donna attitude like yours.

For a funny guy you aint so funny.

2268 days ago


This guy is an ASSH*LE. He thinks he's cute or something. Look in the fricken mirror, cook. You're not attractive,cant act, and definitely NOT funny. Youn need to find another line of work, Way behind the camera, loser.

2268 days ago


if you want to own a dog then it's your duty to pick up the doodie.

2268 days ago


Dane - you're an adult now. Buy your own place. It's embarrassing!! Do you have roommates too? You are a multi-millionaire!! Real Estate is a solid investment!!

2268 days ago

Chris Taul    

I can imagine Cook in court right now: "Your honor and members of the jury, I ask you to please strike this crap from my record."

2268 days ago

atlanta male    


2268 days ago


Pick up your dog's $h*t!!! I clean up after my dogs, so I expect everyone else to do the same. It's not only common sense, but common courtesy. Neither of which Dane Cook has, obviously. Jury trial? Ridiculous.

2268 days ago


Dane Cook is a retard. The end.

2268 days ago

Grossed Out    

Okay that is just lazy, pathetic, so unsanitary and rude to others in the building. As a dog owner, if you aren't going to take responsibility for cleaning up after your pet, you shouldn't own one! The judge should make him and his dog live in crap for a month to see how he likes it.

2268 days ago

David Connor    

Looks like I'm not the only one who won't take Dane Cook's crap!

2268 days ago


Oh come on. Mutliple HBO specials and ShowTime Specials. Movies and comedy shows - this guys has to have millions by now. Buy a f(#%*(Ting house already. Or better yet, hired an assistant, dog walker, whatever, then you won't be in the news or would be getting sued by the LANDLORD. Grow up.

2268 days ago

agent smith    

Nice Dean...u douchebag. Everyone has to step in your dog's sh*t. So maybe it is all right to p*ss on his apt door or crap on his car, lol. I say it again...DOUCHEBAG.

2268 days ago




Stop acting like you are a live in an apartment, you are not above anyone...even if you lived in a mansion...if you walk your dog and it takes a dump you pick it up.

You are such a loser man...and you aren't even funny...maybe that's why you are so unsuccessful. I suggest finding a new career that pays better so you can get out of that apartment and buy a house (or even rent one) to have your dog crap all over the backyard and you can let the gardener do it for you. Lame a$$ lame a$$!!!

2268 days ago
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