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Jacklyn Zeman

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/13/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Since 1977, Jacklyn Zeman has been stitching up patients playing Nurse Bobbi Spencer on "General Hospital" -- but has she been going under the knife too?

Jacklyn Zeman
Here's 30-year-old Jackie back in 1983 (left) -- and the 55-year-old new and improved (?) Spalding version at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday (right).

What's her little secret?!


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The lips give it away every time!

2291 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Good docs would have left her looking human. Her face is so hollow she's starting to look like a Picasso.

Go Sox

2291 days ago


Very, very sad. If she had left her sweet face alone, she would look so much better now. Her docs should be ashamed.

2291 days ago

it takes a molester    

What color is she..............................well there you go.

2291 days ago


Plastic surgery almost always makes people look older. I thought for sure Jacklyn was at least 65. Sad.

2291 days ago


#102, look at what you're suggesting - MORE plastic surgery. That's how this type of thing (cat woman) happens. They get work done, realize it wasn't what they expected and then get another procedure to reverse the damage of the first. But, it never really helps; it only adds to it and makes it look worse. It's kind of like when you make a copy of an original versus making a copy of a copy. The more copies you make off of other copies, the crappier quality you get. It's really the same principle.

2291 days ago


She would have looked better if she had just aged naturally.

2291 days ago


Where's the option for "bad docs?" She would look better if she just aged gracefully.

2291 days ago


This first picture is even after her nose job. She was lying about cosmetic surgery even back then Yeah right, deviated septum. Most people do have their septum corrected during a nose job. But septoplasty alone does not change the shape and length of the nose. when I had my septum corrected, my nose may have been a little straighter, but the sharp and size was exactly the same.

2291 days ago


This is the 2nd time this week when you have needed to catagorize these captions differently.
It should have been good docs or bad docs.
I cant believe they show this woman on tv. She is deformed looking, who wants to look at that Yuk!
She looks like the cat woman. Scary looking. Poor husband I pity the person that wakes up to that..Yikes

2291 days ago


That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!

2291 days ago


Good docs? You have to be kidding!! She looks so much worse, and who would think those fake lips look good?
Jacklyn,,,,honey....go back to how you looked, you look like a freak now.

2291 days ago

kay in SA    

Are we sure this is even the same person? I think someone mixed up the pictures

2291 days ago


I watch General Hospital here and there and was shocked at what she's done to herself. There was a shot of her and her soap daughter, Karly talking and it looked like the actress playing Karly was just staring at her lips! I think I would be too, they don't look natural at all, and her face doesn't move in the slightest. She was already a beautiful woman before she did this, so I'm not sure why people think they need to go and do such stuff. If she had her lips deflated back I think she'd look fine though. The same with Cher and all the others who have unnatural lips. Or maybe none of them can go back to normal lips once they do this stuff? If I had that done and looked like that I would go back to the doctor and have them fix it!

2291 days ago


I think she would be prettier with wrinkles because this plastic surgery has made her looking like plastic.

2291 days ago
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