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Khloe Kopes with Freedom

7/19/2008 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian finally has talked about her emotionally draining 173 minute jail experience.

Right outside a trendy Woodland Hills restaurant, Miss K revealed how hard life is for the Kardashian clan.


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This nasty, trampy whore is a waste of human sperm. She and her family knew that the skank was going to be released right away and that's why she went in all smiles. Lee Bacca needs to retire right now, he is a sell out and has done nothing for the city of Los Angeles. Not once has he held one of these low life D-LIST WANNA BE FAMOUS LOSERS to the same standard as others who have broken the law. Lee Bacca says that the jails are overcrowded and that's why SKANK WHORE was let out after 173 minutes. Well Bacca, what about the other female inmates who are serveing time for DUI, the ones who are serveing 80 to 90 percent of their sentences. Lee Bacca is a fraud and is a sell out who caters to the wanna be famous losers that he never holds to the same standard as other residents. It's a sad case and it's long past time that that old weasel LEE BACCA find himself a rocking chair to paste his saggy old ass in to. LEE BACCA IS A FRAUD AND A CRIMINAL....

2265 days ago


All those Sheckles and not a drop of CLASS.

2265 days ago

Lenn K.    

Since Khloe is in the same family as Kim the attention seeking fat-ass with no real talent other than a bad sex tape and your father helped oj simpson get away with Murder.

2265 days ago


I did not wacth that fat bitch cry about her down time like i said in my other posts she should of stayed in jail at least to use the gym and try and get down to 145 pounds. I bet she is close to 170 pounds!!!!!! come on bitch quite crying

2265 days ago


Why is there any press coverage of this sorry excuse for a family? The only reason they are known at all is because of their father's active effort to help OJ Simpson get away with butchering two people. Unsurprisingly, his kids are a bunch of losers, who milk the celebrity "Just Us" system to get away with crimes as well.

2265 days ago


too fat, too ugly, too dumb. kick this skank to the gutter.

2265 days ago


If California has so much crime that the jails are constantly over crowded, why not build more jails? Any other state people pay for their crimes. They just don't in Cali. Maybe that's why there is so much crime, they know they will get out of jail in hours! Ridiculous!

2265 days ago


I feel sorry for Bruce.

2265 days ago


Anyone who wants to drink and drive should move to Southern California where the system walks you through. I would believe its exactly what braintrust Kuhloowhee thought .That she was above going to DUI Class and doing Community Service Like any other person tagged for the same selfish act. People who sober up, and realize what could have happened and actually want to try to undue some of the damage "do community service" Her Mother spoiled her, and her Father set a fantastic example of anything for the almight dollar by defending O.J. Simpson. What a family.

2265 days ago


She is such a pig

2265 days ago


To #28 janet, I for one do not feel sorry for Bruce Jenner. He made the choice to keep marrying and divorcing. He made the choice to marry Kris Kardashain and make 2 more kids with her. He could care less what goes on in the house. It is so obvious. He has a wife who is no better than a pimp and his step daughters have absolutely no respect for anyone. His 2 daughters are spoiled brats and the sons...don't even go there. Believe me, Robert Kardashian while still alive did his bit in making a mockery of family values. Bruce jenner is no better.

2265 days ago


What is really wrong in all of this is that in Los Angles showing contempt for or refusing to obey the court is not a serious crime.

Given the absence of any acceptable excuse the penalty for not doing your sentence should be the suspension of your driver’s license, surrender of your passport, and acknowledgment of an order not to leave the state until you have completed your new sentence. The threat of a really serious period of incarceration for a second offense, that means prison not jail.

Pulling their license and passport and restricting them to the state would ground the “super star” offenders and make them satisfy the court to get back their freedom.

Grounding the common person this way is no extra punishment.

2265 days ago

White Man    

Not even worth a comment....

2265 days ago

Trooper Tom    

These broads look like over weight over painted hookers

2264 days ago


So, next time she drives drunk and actually kills someone, she will get what....a day in jail?

California should build more womens prisons if this is their excuse for letting these people out of jail in less time then it takes to watch a movie.
DUI arrests almost seeem like an initiation of sorts for these Hollywood girls. Free publicity for the time. Paris started the fad and the rest of these idiots are continuing it.

2264 days ago
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