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Shanna to Kim: Stay the Hell Away From Me!

7/24/2008 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler just issued the following statement in response to Kim K's "apology":

"I have for some time now avoided Kim Kardashian at all costs. I've avoided events, parties etc. in order to not see her.

"Quite some time ago I received emails from her mobile device of VERY inappropriate conduct between herself and my husband at the time, that were NOT at all "friendly" and very much "romantically" inclined. I spoke to Kim Kardashian, asking her to please stay away from my family as we are trying to heal after a very trying time, she agreed and but failed to do so.

"If I had known Ms. Kardashian was going to be at the BBQ in Malibu I wouldn't have gone. One day women will realize when you destroy families there will be angry and hurt ex-wives to deal with. I still have these emails and I won't release them as not to embarrass my ex and my family any further.

I find it sad that these types of events take center stage over the other positive things that I do in my work and life but I will not ever stop being brutally honest and staying true to myself. Not even for Hollywood."


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Shanna really needs to grow a set and get over it! What is she going to do? Hide in her room because she doesn't want to see Kim? Seriously, get over it. Plus, Hmmmm, let's see curvy hot Armenian or plain lanky white girl???

2289 days ago



2289 days ago


Let's see the sexy chocolate fine ass Reggie Bush and Travis freak show Barker...The choice is obvious and if Kim can't see it I will gladly handle that for her. And Shanna looks like a tight faced rag doll that someone ran over and ran through. SHe needs to quit being insecure because that adds to her ugliness.

2289 days ago


Reggie Bush is freakin hot why would anyone cheat on him for Travis Barker?

2289 days ago


All of you that are hating on Shanna, can go eat a sack of you know what. She is one bad ass **tch that if i were in a damn fight, I want her on my team. Im glad she checked Kim K and nasty ass. And some of you women on here know that if some tramp was getting in your marriage and messing with what's yours, you sure as hell would be fighting hard like Shanna. So what she's divorced, the woman is trying to get her family back together. Can some of you say that for yourself? Whomp you cant!!! You see Paris Hilton hasnt tried pulling that b.s again after Shanna smacked her. Im glad someone is about the business of checking these little skanks of hollywood.

2289 days ago


Why is shanna ALWAYS after the women who want travis? MAYBE TRAVIS IS THE PROBLEM. Stop getting so worked up over these women, its not like they forced themselves upon him. It takes 2 to tango, idiot.

2289 days ago


You can take the girl out of the 909 but you cant take the 909 out of the girl. Who dose Shanna think she is? Dose she really think that she can go around picking fights with celebs just because she is 1 of 1,000,000,000 girls who have slept with Travice Barker? Go get a job and find a new man skank...

2289 days ago


This Shanna is so annoying. Who invited her to this party anyway? Her husband is ugly. I hate that face tattoo he has on his neck. Imagine how he's gonna look when's he's 80. Anyway Kim is way better than either of them and has a boyfriend. Shanna should stay home because she's a loser.

2288 days ago


Shanna is delusional. Who the hell wants that ugly, scrawny, freak Travis! Shanna keeps acting like a crazy jealous hormonal female, she is to blame for her own unhappiness.

2285 days ago


uh...arent the two of you divorced? WTF are u doing fighting with someone over a man who doesnt want you? Maybe you should be home with the kids instead of out acting like one. Isnt that why Trav left that azz in the first place? Team Kim

2285 days ago


What is the deal with Kim K she is a Lard Ass idiot, spend some time on the super hot women in LA. There are thousands of them who you would actually want to date. The quake yesterday was Kim falling off he rascal scooter when bending over to pick up a donut.

2284 days ago


shanna is just trying to get publicity, her 15 minutes are up and she is trying anything she can, Go Away.

2284 days ago


Shanna you are a FOOL! Hello....stop going after the female's, regardless if they have had anything to do with Travis or not. The problem lies with your CHEATING ex or whatever he is to you (baby daddy, f... for the night) . YOUR an idiot! Grow up!

2282 days ago


Maybe none of you know what it is like being married to a musician. And I totally sympathize with Shanna. I am married to a drummer as well and girls of all ages throw themselves at him, it's wrong and just discusting and embarrassing how desperate these women are. ANY woman who needs to get involved with a married man, a recently seperated man, a man with new born children, ect. is NOT a woman in my eyes. All that says is she is desperate and cannot get attention and is insecure. I like both women, however, we all know that KK and her family are all drama queens because of their daddy and step father and people they know. They ffeel as though they are untouchable. So I side with Shanna, people need to give her a break. You try having 3 kids and tell me you wouldn't sleep when you had a chance! And she has done more than these girls WHEN SHE WAS AT THEIR AGE. She was Miss USA, and has plenty of cash due to OSCAR DaLaHOYA not wanting his daughter and paying a HUGE palamony to Shanna. So she wasn't after Trav's money. She had it, still does. Don't forget, he chose to make those babie's just as much as her. And they have been together for years. Don't knock her until you have been in her shoes.

2209 days ago
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