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Shanna Calls Kim Out for Her White Love

7/24/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna MoaklerShanna Moakler is firing back at Kim K's claim she doesn't date white guys, telling

"Come on Kim, let the truth be told! You have dated numerous white guys. Your quote saying that you are not into white guys is a sham -- not a SHIM [a she and a him] like you! How about you just be honest Kim and say, "Shanna, I'm sorry for f'n with your man!" It's that simple... then you can deal with the aftermath from Reggie, you know -- your man that you cheated on!"

Your move, Kim.


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Bash a Pap    

Two nobodies fighting over nothing. How boring.

2248 days ago


HUH??? I could have sworn that this chick and her man got a divorce...doesn't that mean he is fair game?

2248 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

So what...Is she in high school?

2248 days ago


Seriously? At least 4 stories about a lame tiff between 2 major D-list stars, one of which most people haven't even heard of?

2248 days ago


Oh Please Shanna, just go away! Desperate, looney, stalker chick. You're divorced, its been a couple years. Get OVER IT! How old are you like 3???

2248 days ago

(amber dawn)    

SHANNA your man dont want you. Why dont you spend some more of your pathetic life on asking Travis questions instead of directing them towards someone who is better than both of you. Oh and name some white guys Kim has dated smart azz skank.

2248 days ago


Drama, Drama, Drama!!!!

2248 days ago

Dawn Day    

She needs to get over herself and that tatted out kid she calls a husband.

I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. He's just plain ugly!!!

2248 days ago


How old are these two whores....................both of them need to STFU and move on! Get a life, both of you!

Kim K will do anyone of any color!

Amber Dawn, you might want to do a little research before you start spewing insults. Kim K has dated a few "white boys". Google it dear!

2248 days ago


OMG seriously this is absurd. Kim's response was at least mature. Shanna is just a childish retard. What is/was she on anyway? I only know her for being some freak who actually thinks Travis Barker is somehow appealing and not a freak of nature. Im sure Kim wasnt after that thing, whatever he is. This chick needs to go away. She's still hanging onto texts from a couple years ago? Thats kinda creepy.

2248 days ago


Wow! this is fun...definately making my work day a bit more interesting. Does anyone else think Travis looks like Amy Winehouse?? They are equally as fugly. I like both Kim & Shanna, don't know either one, watched & watch both their shows, whatever... I think if any of you really did not care about these two gals, you wouldn't take the time to read and comment. Say what you will... just don't log on, clearly you all live for gossip!

2248 days ago


Mood swings much? If Kim and Travis DID get together, then what does it matter? Shanna seems desperate to cling to him, they were on, off, on again, off again for HOW LONG?

2248 days ago


are shanna and travis even together? seriously i thought they got a divorce.. im confused.. why is shanna playing stupid highschool games.. I dont like Kim but.. this is pathetic.. really shanna.. get a life.. better yet.. get your own reality show and cry about it..

2248 days ago


Oh please, Shanna has more class, talent, and natural beauty than Kim could ever hope for. People forget that Kim is nothing more than a brainless, fat party girl. I'm not even sure why people talk about her anymore.

2248 days ago


Some of you need to read the facts before you post stupid comments! Kim tried (or did) hook up with Travis while him and Shanna were still together!! And, Kim was with Ray J than too!! She's a skank!! Like she would pass up the opportunity to be with Travis Barker??? No way she's a attention whore! She knows damn well if she hooked up with Travis the media would be all over it!! And Kim is a racist for saying that she doesn't hook up with white guys!! Whats wrong with white guys Kim???!!! I also think that she had a botch ass implant job!! Because her ass is just way to big!! Or it's probably because she doesn't exercise it because so many people have told her that her ass is nice!! Has she seen a picture of it yet??? It's disgusting!! Go get an ass reduction!! Your nasty!! GO Shanna!! Kick all those home wreckers asses!! Thats all I got to say-- so to you fat asses out there that think Kim looks good- wake up!! It's never attractive to be carrying around a trunk full of cottage cheese!!

2248 days ago
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