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Kenyon Martin and Trina's Crash Aftermath

7/26/2008 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pictures have surfaced of the fender bender in Belize that involved NBA baller Kenyon Martin and his GF rapper Trina.
Kenyon and Trina: Click to launch!
Kenyon and Trina escaped without injuries, but according to 7 News Belize, a 12-year-old girl and her 9-year-old brother were injured in the crash.

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2280 days ago


did they kidnap those kids?
were they babysitting?
are they pedo's?

2280 days ago

benjamin tony atkins    

funny to see a sister wearing a " wedding " type

dress hanging out with a baller that gets PAID.....

2280 days ago

just me    

Get your facts people! They are in Belize not as a couple but for a show! They were leaving the airport when another car side swiped them and forced them off the road. The children were in the car that sideswiped them.

2280 days ago


Ben you make no sense..Log Off!!

@proud2beblack-blk ppl complain about the lack of african american news on TMZ--and you say "who cares" haha you guys are confusing....

@just me-You just repeated statements already made by TMZ...and fyi they are a couple despite her bf's married status

2279 days ago

westley allan todd    

your stupid;

" they are a couple despite her boyfriend's married status "

talking about NOT
making ANY sense.

that's the problem
with you people;

you create a whole other
language, inclusive of titles,

" boyfriend's married status "
baby's daddy & mama........

2279 days ago



2279 days ago


Now that Jesse Jackson has been exposed as a Fraud and a regular and vulgar user of the N word----can we please now say what needs to be said about the Black Race and Culture as it has turned out today:

That we dont have to any longer "step down" to accommodate "their differences"...that we dont have to change our language to accept their butchery of it. That "acting white" is better than "acting black". That the value of Education, Hard Work and Parenting are the virtues to be respected and not; getting over, getting hand outs, bling bling, making babies, disrespecting women, acting the part of a fool, harming innocent people, banging, and grabbing your private parts. New rules---62% drop out rate, 71% teenage pregnancy rate, 52% of all murders committed are by Black people.

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2279 days ago


Isn't he married? I hope they are not in a relationship. This is terrible.

I won't even take the time to address the hate message. This racist rhetoric is pathetic. It is not even worth the time to type and I certainly did not take the time to read it and will not respond to it. This hateful lost soul couldn't wait to see a post about black people regardless of the topic, so they c an post their hate messages and we can read it.

2279 days ago


That racist prick needs to get a life and stick with the forum.....um did Jesse Jackson break a stick up ur butt why u riding him like that????? Do yourself a favour and get a friggin life dumb ass

1533 days ago


trina dont look injure cause she being a ganster and walking out and she must be mad at him and made him run into something or not and how did they have a rick

1330 days ago

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