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Shia LaBeouf

Busted on DUI

7/27/2008 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf, in trouble again and this time it's really serious. TMZ has learned he's been arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Law enforcement sources tell us LaBeouf was involved in a car accident at about 3:00 AM at the corner of La Brea and Fountain in Hollywood. We're told Shia made a left turn in front of another car and the two collided, causing Shia's car to roll.

Paramedics were called to the scene and both parties were taken to a local hospital, but no major injuries were sustained.

LaBeouf was placed under arrest on suspicion of felony DUI after we're told he exhibited "outward signs" of intoxication at the scene.

UPDATE: We now have more info. A law enforcement source tells TMZ deputies are at the hospital right now, checking on the injuries of the victim and Shia. If the victim's injuries are serious, Shia will be booked on suspicion of felony DUI. If the injuries are minor, Shia will be cited and released on misdemeanor DUI.

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No Avatar


What a loser!!!!

2287 days ago


What is up with all of these Hollywood Douches?
They make enough to hire a fookin driver(that is sober of course..LOL)

2287 days ago


Ummmm.....I have no idea who this is.

2287 days ago


That is so sad. How cruel to call someone a "loser." No.1 in responses. I hope he gets help before it is too late... Please, Shia.

2287 days ago

westley allan todd    

so he finally puckered his lips up to a

breathalyser for public display in hollywood.......

2287 days ago


This guy is a crazy gay freak who can't act. Like a lot of closeted gays he keeps getting into "accidents" and strange incidents which are some sadomasochistic way they have of punishing themselves. Like a serial killer who sends messages to the police because secretly he wants to get caught.

Just put him in the Sammy Glick movie already -- the role he's born for -- and be done with it.

2287 days ago

name withheld    

He's so stupid.

2287 days ago


this is sad...he is a wonderful young actor who seemed to have his head on pretty straight. I had hoped he'd be one (of a few)...who didn't fall into the ususal traps of oung celebrities.

2287 days ago


sorry, that last part is supposed to read...the usual traps of young celebrities today.

2287 days ago


Oh God...not him, too!!! What's up with these celebrities? They have enough money...get a a cab. It's common sense. I hope he takes full responsibility for his actions.

2287 days ago


what is up with all the disney stars becoming such troubled young adults! Is it Disney or just hollywood itself? I remember shia as luis stevens on even stevens, loved him to death back then, poor shia, he is young and young people drink which is the norm so i dont think its an issue of needing help yet, but shia needs to learn just because he is a celebrity he is not above the law and needs to either roll with a non drinking buddy hire a driver or stay the hell home end of story.

2287 days ago

Illinois person    

So what else is new is Hollywood? Usual headline story just another spoiled actor with too much money on their hands. He'll just get community service no Paris jail time. Not sure why #3 slams #1 for calling him a looser? You mean fresh from his DUI he is an example setter? Those "hoping" he gets help is not what LaBeouf was hoping for which, as it now seems, that he (Labeouf) would "hope" he doesn't get caught but too bad that didn't work out either. No, I don't think I'll be feeling sorry for another rich, spoiled brat or hoping for anything for them good or bad 'cause I'm quite sure they're not spending their day too worried about me. I will say thanks to the officer who risked his/her life to take the spoiled one off of the streets at least for that night anyway. Now it's up to the court system to go all ga-ga and just set him free. Ps, isn't this now the 2nd time he's been in trouble w/the law? Wasn't there that Walgreens matter in Chicago? I'd much rather look up to a low-paying officer of the law then another Hollywood brat.

2287 days ago


Shia is this best you can do? Here are some ways to shock Hollywood. 1) Commit a murder 2) Produce a sex video 3) Produce a drug video 4) Give a ride to a transvestite prostitute 5) Do all of the above. But Shia, if you want to really shock me, become a Christian and go to church.

2287 days ago


oh wow!!
seems so many people are just dying to bash him,,
Everyone makes mistakes,,, hopefully this mistake will the last time he drinks and drives,, it could of ended so badly ,,
I don't think calling him gay and a douche will help,, and also it just shows jealousy that you have for him

2287 days ago

Illinois person    

To #13, I don't think it's so much that people are dying to bash him as it simply seems people are tired of the same old Hollywood/DUI story. Besides, why should anyone feel great or give an att-a-boy to someone who just got popped for DUI?
This is not a great career achievement either. Yes everyone makes mistakes, but if you choose to live your life in the public eye - then court of pubic opinion is going to be there too when it all goes wrong. Beyond this "bashing", I doubt his name would ever have been mentioned in any comments should his DUI not have happened, right?

2287 days ago
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