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'Til We Tan Again: Tchau, Euro Greasy!

7/28/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Portuguese soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo is done sweating it up on the streets of L.A.

Photogs spotted the incapacitated, tanned and well-oiled Ronaldo going through security yesterday at LAX.

It was greasy while it lasted.

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I'll rag on him for something else, LOL. He needs crutches that don't make him look like a polio victim!

2280 days ago


WTH? The eurotrash somes to an American blog to insult Americans? Hint: You're not exactly being stunning representatives of your respective countries....

2280 days ago


Marques...Yes, Christiano Ronaldo is an amazing futball talent. His touch is incredible as is his speed and agility. There's no disputing those facts. He is, however a puss! I've seen him take so many dives and whine so much it's not even funny. And as for buying players goes...you don't think Sir Alex and Man. U got him for free do you???!

2280 days ago


I'm American and I think he's sex on a stick. (two now, actually)

2280 days ago


You guys are pathetic, Americans are so ignorant. You think the world revolves around you guys. WAKE UP! Your economy is plunging by the minute. The Euro (for you uneducated American this is the currency used in the majority of countries in Europe) is higher in value than the American dollar. To be exact I believe it is $1.70 American for $1.00 Euro.

Then you speak about hygiene, last time I checked trailer park trash is not considered clean. Then there is culture, when was the last time you ever heard anyone say "America is enriched with culture".

Just to sum it all up, remember, the best food, best clothes, best art, best cars and some of the best athletes all come from Europe.

2280 days ago


#12 - it's "tchau" in the Portuguese language which happens to be his native tongue and which I'm sure someone has already pointed out but I"m too lazy to read all 3 pages of comments. Tchau....

2280 days ago

TMZ Staff Are All Deuche Bags!!!    

OK What Queer Of TMZ IS All Wet On Their Butt-Hole About This Idiot Soccer Player. Enough Stories About Him Already Soccer Sucks To Begin With.

2280 days ago


Oily bohunk

2280 days ago


Okay I'm Portuguese and first of all it's "tchau" is used in Brazil and in Portugal they say "adeus"

2280 days ago


Take a good look at this photo and compare to the photo TMZ had on line a few weeks ago while he was laying out at the pool. The guy beside him at the airport is the same guy that was laying out beside him at the pool in a speedo. MUST be his GAY lover!

2280 days ago


He's Sexy

2280 days ago

jackie stasi    

I am a huge soccer fan and can tell you that Ronaldo is the most talented player out there today and is respected as such around the world. We look like a bunch of ethnocentric dopes when we insult people so ignorantly. ALSO I had the pleasure of meeting Cristiano Ronaldo at the ESPYs and he is neither greasy nor rude. He could not have been nicer. He allowed my husband and I to approach him to chat not once but twice and let us take a picture with him. You guys just feel snubbed by his lack of responsiveness. Maybe if you actually engaged him in conversation as opposed to just yelling “euro greasy” at him you may have solicited something other than silence!! Keep in mind he plays for and lives part of the year in England – home of the nastiest tabloids so I’m sure he’s a bit gun shy talking to anyone with a camera shoved in his face when he’s trying to have dinner. By the way – the only reason he was in LA was for a commercial deal and to attend the ESPY’s – nice to know our country welcomes internationally acclaimed athletes like this! Bad form TMZ – totally embarrassing.

2280 days ago


Justin - baseball is more difficult to play than soccer? you're kidding me right? Cristiano Ronaldo has mroe talent in his left foot than the best baseball players have in anything. Sorry but the skills required for playing soccer and being the best at it are almost inconceivable in comparison to being the best at baseball.

2280 days ago


Cristiano Ronaldo is amazing but Lionel Messi is a better player. That's just fact. Though being second best still means you're a god.

2280 days ago

samantha justine    

first of all.... all the bad comments here are from a bunch of ugly guys.... LOL... Cristiano is hot and sexy... and #40 that is not his gay lover...it's his sister's husband. clearly most people in America only assume stuff to hide their ignorance about other people and everything that does not involve their country. self-absorbed Americans!!! And TMZ has been using the "brazilian portuguese" language to talk to him, when he speaks "european portuguese". he is the hottest item ever, all guys are just hatin because his sleepin with all your American girls!!! LOL hate all you want while he bangs all your chicks....

2280 days ago
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