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Shot Fired

Diddy Runs for Cover

8/2/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several huge stars were sent running for their lives when a gunshot was fired at Jermaine Dupri's afterparty in an Atlanta nightclub just a few hours ago, this according to a source inside the club.

P. Diddy: Click to view!
TMZ has obtained exclusive photos of Diddy's bodyguards rushing the mogul out of Club Dream after allegedly fired a round inside the club. Diddy didn't even have time to put his champagne down before his hired muscle ran him out the back door.

Usher, Gabrielle Union and Larenz Tate also made a bee line for the exits after the bang. So far, law enforcement sources are only reporting one minor injury related to the incident. No word if any suspects are in custody.


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First ?
And I wonder if he needed his undies cleaned after that ?

2270 days ago


someone needs to learn how to aim, could have taken the whole lot of them out at once....

2270 days ago

Tiger Tale    

This is news? Gunfire at a rap party?

2270 days ago

Tiger Tale    

What kind of party would it be without some gun play?

I can't wait for the inagural ball...

2270 days ago

Matt Damon    


2270 days ago

obama osama    

Must be a party full of white people.


2270 days ago


Well, well, well. I hate to stereotype here but, where there's anything related to rap, there's always a potential for stuff like this too happen. There's a lot of dirty money being thrown at these ex-cons, gang members and circus freaks to play with a microphone and scratch out some beats while rhyming about violence, sex, drugs, drinking and how big and bad they are compared to everyone else. I'll bet at least 85 percent of them belong in jail. Keep on buying it up you sheep so they can continue to erode a decent society. Way to go. Entrepenuers with jungle logic.

2270 days ago


Diddy shoot me? Diddy get away?.Diddy have an invitation? Diddy make me P my pants? How Diddy get in here? What color are they? diddy say black? nuff said

2270 days ago


Little short guys don't have to worry as much. The shots tend to go right over their heads.

2270 days ago

Rip Off Chris    

So disapointing that the shooter missed all those losers!! Go back and take some shooting lessons will ya!Geeeez!

2270 days ago

Mr Right    

===== GOOD!!
Let them all kill each society a favor.

2270 days ago


Who the hell would want to go anywhere Diddy is? That guy is just a magnet for trouble

2270 days ago


You know it's funny how u all talk about killem all when somethin like this happens. I don't hear all that nonsense when a child is buried alive, a child is raped and tortured, rich parents have had their heads blown off by thier children, women are hidden raped and tortured for years, children go to school and commit a massacre on fellow students and teachers. all by white people. Then the comments sound like this, OMG the poor souls! Go Figure.

2270 days ago

my, my, my    

In addition, the just posted a list of teachers who had sex with students. They are all white women. Check it out.

2270 days ago


# 16 Geez How bout the white guy who shot the kids yesterday while they were swimming? They need to drown him. Now you feel better. Now that I have said it, anytime you have blacks drinking,guns and knives,there is going to be trouble. I had a black friend who told me that if all black reunions were held in a kitchen around knives, there would be less blacks. Now ,was he racist? think not. He told it like it is. He carried a small pistol in his back pocket cause he said he didn't trust blacks. he didn't say whites, he said blacks.

2270 days ago
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