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Rev. Diddy Sends Freeman His Praise

8/4/2008 7:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

P. Diddy isn't one to get chatty with photogs -- but he finally opened up today after we asked him about Morgan Freeman's terrible car accident.

He wasn't so open about the shooting at Jermaine Dupri's party this weekend.


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who is p. diddy, puffy, sean or whatever he is called all of a sudden?

2274 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

Someone needs to ASSASINATE this NO-TALENT, WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE!!! He sent the black race back hundreds of years by hiring a black man to hold his umbrella. He spends hundreds of thousands of dollars writing his name on the butts of half naked women at his parties, then tries to claim how "political" he is! He made a fortune off of his so-called best friend's death. He rips off songs from already famous actual musicians (the Police, David Bowie, Led Zepplin) and takes credit for them. He constantly makes his name stupider and expects everyone to care like its as newsworthy as world peace! He can't even rap with the beat. Even if he had talent I would hate him because he obviously doesn't care about anyone but himself and is a waste of space and air. MORGAN FREEMAN is an awesome, talented actor whose movies have meant something to me; I wish him the best. Who the F cares what Puffy Head has to say about him???

2274 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

OK - I didn't even listen to this cuz I could care less what Fluffly has to say about someone with REAL TALENT like Morgan Freeman. I am wondering why ANYONE would care about what this guy has to say about anything? Why is TMZ even bothering posting this? Why does this guy have a career? Who is stupid enough to buy his albums and put more money in his pocket? Next time there are shots fired around him, please let them actually enter him!

2274 days ago

Why am I even bothering?    

Why is TMZ calling him Reverend? What has he done for anyone? That is blasphemous, and I am not even religious!

2274 days ago


While I would not wish assassination on anyone, I do think this is the most intelligent quote ever to come out of Puff's mouth. Morgan Freeman is indeed a great man, actor, humanitarian. I am one of the many praying for his complete recovery.

As for Puff, he at least can recognize greatness. Sad that he can't emulate it.

2274 days ago

brazen weep    

Does Pufffy have Down Syndrome?

2274 days ago


I wonder if he's run out the door scared from any nightclubs recently.

2274 days ago

blues fan    

Couldn't care less about P Diddy, Puff Daddy, or whatever his name is now.....but Morgan Freeman is an incredibly talented actor; I was sorry to hear about his accident and hope he makes a complete and speedy recovery.

2273 days ago

john wayne gacy    

this walking erection has cornered the

market as a pathological narcissist....

2273 days ago

I, Slay The Dragon    

Duddy is a straight SHYSTER, who couldn't BUY an original thought.
Puff-daddy??? Even THAT, was lifted from LOVEDADDY. GOD sees EVERYTHING.

2273 days ago


The only person is a bigger jackass is that burnt toast looking flava flav, when I look at a turd now I think of him. PD may why could it not have been you instead of B E?

2273 days ago


Diddy is about as legitimate a Rev. as Jackson, Sharpton and Wright. Nothing but racists, whiners, druggies who think throwing R.E.V. in front of their name somehow makes them special.

Diddy, Snoop, Jay-Z, Lucidcrous, 50 cent, Suge, etc.etc.etc. are total losers who got rich because of the ignoranace in their own communities. What a joke!

2273 days ago


Damn, just when I thought he would never speak again. He should keep his mouth shut all the time. He is such an idiot!

2272 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey...#2 & #3...bottle that raw passion into the arts...feelin yur vibe...getting back to what-ever he calls himself today...plze who care's what you think ??? sending positive...healing... vibes to mr. freeman

2267 days ago

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