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Cheeseheads Hire Egghead to Put Out Favre Fire

8/5/2008 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brett FavreDesperate to clean up the never ending debacle over Brett Favre's never ending career, the Green Bay Packers found a guy who knows all about covering his boss' ass -- Dubya's former White House spokesman, Ari Fleischer!

According to FOX Sports, the Packers signed Ari Fleischer to a one-month contract as a "consultant."

Why the team feels they need to pay a guy to tell them to let Brett Favre do whatever the hell he wants is unclear.

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A MONTH??? Hopefully, it won't take that long to figure this out...

2269 days ago


I live in Wisconsin, and I am SICK of Favre's ass. Every year for the past gawd knows how many, he's been threatening to retire, then he doesn't, then he threatens again, then he doesn't. THIS year, he retires, and then tries to change his MIND?? He is a bigger attention whore than all the celebutards put together.

Eff off, Favre. Go home already.

2269 days ago


Don't ya know they need someone who is a pro at covering up/lying to the public to cover the big man's butt!

2269 days ago

john wayne gacy    

ari fleischer is the REAL life michael clayton;

the ONLY true difference, is the mask.


2269 days ago


I don't recall it ever being Brett that threatened to retire.. I recall the media hounding it to death and hounding him about it. SO that is what got him thinking about it in the first place....
I love Brett Favre, he is the greatest quarterback in NFL HISTORY...he has broken every single record ever held by a quarterback (unfortunately including interceptions)...but he has broken every record...and is the best of the best...so ya know what, if the best of the best wants to play again, LET HIM!

2269 days ago


I can't believe how poorly Packer's management has handled this. THere is no shortage of egos on either side, but isn't the idea to put the best players on the field? And if he isn't, then why don't they just cut him and take their chances if they have to face him on an opposing team? Don't forget, this is a guy who volunteered to restructure his contract more than once to bring in free agents - one of whom was instrumental in winning a Super Bowl (remember #92?). The problem here is that Ted wants it to be 'his' team, not Brett's. Apparantly winning games is secondary to having your 'guy' out there. you don't rebuild after a 13-3 season around a QB who has played an entire 1/2 a game over the last 3 years - unless your ego is bigger than your brain....

2269 days ago


You spelled FAVRE wrong in the headline! Fix it please!!!

2269 days ago


Bitchykins why don't you and the other 1% of the Wisconsin haters eff off. I too am from Wisconsin and I would bet the palace that once your precious A-Rod lay's an egg (like he did Sunday night) all the haters including you will be singing another tune. And when that happens the 99% of the other Wisconsin population that are supporters of what is BEST for the Packer Team as a whole will be laughing in your face.

2269 days ago


I don't get it??????

This man wants to stay so relevant .... I hope they loose. He is way pass the mark. How old is he??? he needs to sit his azz down somewhere.. and enjoy that money. Before he catches a bad hit.

Give another player a chance to play....



2269 days ago

Please go away lohan!    

What the hell dude are you so clueless without football it has come to this. Move on with your life, I like Brett too but this is kinda sad.

2269 days ago


Ummmm...doesn't A-Rod play baseball? You're cross-pollenating your sports, dude.

I'm a Red Sox fan.

2269 days ago


God...will he ever GO AWAY! time to get over it...he is done...over...time to head to mississippi and stay there! He has been nothing but a waste of time and energy. Adding all this stress to training camp...he is so selfish!

2269 days ago

Sick of hearing about him    

Who care where he goes or does. The news should get on with more important events. I am tired of hearing about him.
As far as I am concerned he retired, now get over it and stay retired.

2269 days ago

john wayne gacy    


the red sox nation should begin start the
mourning process right NOW after
manny-being-manny departed for l.a.;

as the sox WON'T even
make the playoffs this year.

white sox, devil rays, yankees and the
eventual world series appearing angels.......

2269 days ago


Brett Favre makes the Packers exciting to watch.

2269 days ago
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