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Prostate Cancer Victim

Pissed Off at 'Dr. Phil'

8/6/2008 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man who worked for the "Dr. Phil" show is suing CBS, claiming he was fired because of his prostate cancer.

Martin Barsnack claims the show hired him to do "production work" back in 2006 for $29.42 an hour. Barsnack claims in September of 2007 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He told his supervisor Loma Renee Tanz he would be taking a leave of absence to undergo treatment.

According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Barsnack alleges his surgery was delayed, but in November 2007 Tanz told him "Your job is here, take your time."

But Barsnack claims when he was ready to return to work last April, he was told "there was not any work for him."

Barsnack is suing for unspecified damages. We're awaiting a response to an email sent to Paramount.


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I worked for a company for 5 yrs when I had a seizure in their lobby, they tried to get rid of me and I had a lawyer threaten them. They kept me on, till they did some layoff's, I was the first to go, as this was a legal way to get rid of me without any ties to medical issues. If they want you gone they will find a way.

2236 days ago

Husky Girl    

Shame on Dr. Phil. My father suffered for many years with prostate cancer before it took his life. I can see where this man needed seven months off work. Dr. Phil should do a program on prostate cancer and encourage all men over the age of forty to get a PSA Test. This simply blood test could save many lives when the prostate cancer is caught early enough.

2236 days ago

just wondering    

u r right Huslky girl!!!!!!!!!!!! they r sayin if a man is over 75...don't bother with the test...I have to agree...they can be very intrusive and cause more harm than good...most men who live past 75 and up who have autopsies..almost all have a form of BPH or Prostrate cancer...r younger guys need the finger test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2236 days ago

my name is bindy not bindi    

ahh who cares??????

2236 days ago

just wondering    

..I think that is a case of " what goes around comes around!!" !!..u know wht I mean...all the stuff females go thru!

2236 days ago

thats right    

prostate? pissed off? lmao!

2236 days ago


Mitzi, I don't care how intelligent you claim to be, it is not cool to make statements that are not even true! It just shows how ignorant you must be!

2236 days ago


It's illegal to fire someone who's on disability with a legitimate medical condition. This guy might have been off work longer than the FMLA's 12 weeks but if your doctor has you on disability, your job can't fire you. I was on disability and when my doctor felt I was ready to come back to work, my boss told me, "We don't have any work for you right now but call us back in 3 months". I was young and still sick. I was scared I was going to lose my apartment and I needed health insurance so I didn't sue them, I just got another job. But I wasn't actually well enough to work full-time so I ended up losing that job for being sick all the time. Again, I didn't sue, I got yet another job. I look back and think I should have sued both places for doing that to me when I was so sick but hopefully karma will get them.

2235 days ago


Have you heard , Jobs are hard to come by

There's no such thing as a "JOB " for life

those days are gone . Be blessed you've

a job and when you walk into that company

work hard and be productive , because you

never know , one day "that company will FIRE


Hear is example .........A lady went to work daily

did her job , one day the boss , came to her and

had a meeting with her and said " You've till

5pm to get your stuff out of here . Because he

given her the "pink slip , verbally .

A man went to work , he recieved his "pink slip "

in his Email . If it wasn't for him to look at his

email , he would NEVER known he was Fired.

If you want more examples just read the newspaper

news daily and or , watch CNBC , with Carmen ,

the financial advisor . Each day You will hear something.

About jobs and finances .

Moral of this story is ........make sure your finances are paid in full .

And pray you've a job daily. Survival Times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2235 days ago

ha ha ha    


Sounds like some Blair Hornstine crap to me. It seems to be a thin line between wanting to work and wanting to screw businesses over. If you need the job but can't work the hours it requires, dont have the job! I think its rude to apply for a job knowing full well that you are going to be out sick and then wanting to sue them for firing you because you are out sick. Flip the roles, say you hired someone that seemed perfectly fine, worked 7 days and then can't come to work but 1 or 2 days a week because they are sick. work starts piling up and everyone else that has to pick up the slack of the sickly person start to lose their sympathy real fast. Until you are healthy, don't apply for any. be a greeter at walmart or something.

2235 days ago


I have a friend who worked for Wal Mart and is elderly and he was in and out of the hospital with heart condition. This last time he had no leave left and told WM that the doctor said he would be out til Sept. He was a greeter. Now that may not be much to a lot of you young people that read TMZ but the elderly people don't want charity. At any rate W.M. fired him. It isn't like this guy will be able to find another job. There are a lot of people like this out in the real world no matter what their age is. Everyday I worry about my family and friends that they don't get sick and lose their jobs.

2235 days ago


A lot.....2 words!

2235 days ago


to 'Yourouttagas" and "7 months off work":
Where'd you people learn to count and read? First of all, the guy worked for OVER 14 months before taking his leave. Secondly, he started his leave in November, not September. Thirdly, the guy was off 5 months, not 7, and for two different problems! Lastly, the cancer surgery was delayed BECAUSE of the menieres disease so how could he work until the surgery? Get the facts before making a judgement. Not everyone is out for a quick screw and big bucks.

2235 days ago


Something doesn't seem right about this. It says he is suing CBS.....but Dr. Phil is on NBC. Even Oprah is on ABC. Why is he suing CBS.

And you CAN be let go from your job after your FMLA, personal time, vacation time, and sick leave run out. I know first hand. I completely understood in my case. I was the only one doing my job, and I was off work more than I was there. My pride in my job and the inability to do my work - plus an EXCELLENT severance package - is what kept me from fighting it. People need to keep that in mind and stop being so freaking selfish.

I can't remember how FMLA reads, but usually you are advised that IF there is a position available when you are able to return to work you will be given the job (if you are qualified). It doesn't say your specific job will be held open indefinitely. The work needs to get done, people.

2235 days ago


Why would menieres disease cause a delay in surgery for prostate cancer? Menieres is an inner ear problem. The prostate is way south of the inner ear.

Again, bottom line, you have a job which involves work that needs to be completed in a timely manner. If you are not there for extended periods of time, someone else needs to be overburdened to keep current with your job and theirs. This is not fair.

To the young person whose doctor said they were able to go back to work but they claim they were still sick ...... you should have pursued it further with your doctor or obtained a second opinion.You went back to work, continued to be sick and missing time, so you were let go. Next job, same situation. Sounds like you needed time to get well before you tried to work a full-time job again.

2235 days ago
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