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Claby Sighting in North Carolina!

8/11/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Behold Parker Foster Aiken -- the spawn of Clay Aiken and his formerly inseminated galpal Jaymes Foster.

29-year-old Aiken, his 50-year-old baby mama and their two-day-old baby left a North Carolina hospital yesterday. The duo plans to raise the child together. Imagine that parent teacher conference!


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It's odd that his galpal has a man's name albeit spelled stupidly.....

2267 days ago


No matter how a child is conceived OR if one or both of the parents is gay, the real measure is how the child is raised. It seems that this child was wanted by both parents and will grow up being loved. I do hope the media and the paps leaves them be.

2267 days ago


This whole deal is so creepy on so many levels....thats all I have to say.

2267 days ago


Please go to China Aiken your music is makin my head achen. He sucks both the c__meat sandwich and musically.
Maybe in China you wont seem gay since all the men are about 80 to 100 pounds with little or no wierners.

2267 days ago


Hey Klay-maniacs,
That pic looks like he's delivering a pizza!..........which is kinda how he delivered "the goods." Ain't nothing wrong with a little one-armed exercising.......course your aim's gotta be good to make the baby batter get into the little glass vial. Anyone wanna take bets on how long before Klay, his "soulmate" and the little spawn are featured on the next Barbara Walters Special? Maybe they'll sell the exclusive rights to the Spawn's pictures to People magazine for $13.99? I am all about spreading the love and not being a hater.........BUT all of you Klay-maniacs gotta get a life or an MRI of your head. Those of us who choose to lampoon Klay do so mainly to keep the balance of sanity on an even keel! Without us folks will be spending money on his CD's, concert appearences, Klay Ache-in merchandise, all while worshiping his existance This kinda like how Charles Manson got started. Next thing you know all of them Klay-maniacs will deny he's gay.

2267 days ago

name withheld    

I can't believe he has the audacity to hold his newborn baby with one hand. How utterly careless. He should be hung upside down and caned, and splashed across every tabloid with the fact that he is an irresponsible parent. Does he assume that he is capable of one handing such a precious life?

2267 days ago


Congratulations Clay & Jaymes on your beautiful baby boy . The child will be very blessed indeed to have two parents that want and love him . To all the posters making vile comments , something must have gone wrong in your lives to make such disgusting comments. Who the hell are you to appoint yourselves judge and jury just by PERCEPTION of how a person looks as to what kind of a parent they will be. I have seen Clay just how dedicated Clay is to making a difference in a child's life. What are any of you doing to make this world a better place. You certainly are not adding a thing to it by your rude comments.

2267 days ago


This is more than's like Michael Jackson creepy.

2267 days ago


Hate to burst your bubble #37. He isn't gay.

2267 days ago


Nothing weird here. Both talented, successful and educated. Best friends. She's a record producer. Clay has a teaching degree from UNC. Save your bashing for the Hollywood losers.

2267 days ago


A word of advice to future papparzzi. Avoid the big black guy. Jerome takes his job very seriously and will squash you like a bug if you get too close to Clay or his family. Why won't you pirahnas leave people alone who just want to lead a life away the the Hollywood madness?

2267 days ago


O.K. I think Clay has answered "the question". Isn't it obvious to all?

2267 days ago


You can tell Clay is gay by the way he dresses.

2267 days ago

Dr Kate    

Maddy, why do you think they shot the video from across the street?

He's holding the baby in a perfectly safe fashion, cradled snugly in one arm while keeping the other free. This is a good way to hold a newborn, protecting his head, which is very delicate right now, and supporting his neck.

2267 days ago


clay is good with children. im sure he has a good grip on his son. he is in motion there maybe he just dug out his keys or something? god everyone is so critical and insensitve. it was his business if he wanted a child. that is a right everyone has. leave clay and his family alone. best wishes to him and his new family..............

2267 days ago
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